Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Amway - The Real Cost of Tools?

To my knowledge, there is no unbiased evidence that the tools used by IBOs actually work. Sure, Amway apologists will argue that everyone who "succeeds" uses the tools, but these same apologists will disregard the tens or hundreds of thousands who also use the tools but do not succeed. But what many do not notice is the hidden costs of the tools. I'm not talking strictly money. The tools costs an IBO valuable time as well.

Attending seminars, meetings, listening to standing orders, checking voicemail all takes up valuable time from an IBO's life. Factor in the cost and most IBOs who use tools end up with less time and money. Ironically, many IBOs may have joined Amway to gain more time and money. That time and money is supposed to come in the form of "passive income", something that very very few IBOs enjoy. I suspect that even big tenured diamonds may not have all the time and money as they like to portray. If they did, wouldn't more of them have walked away from the business to go and enjoy life?

I challenge IBOs to sit down and analyze the financial cost as well as the time commitments they sacrifice to build the business and ask yourselves if it is truly worth the cost? If you are perfectly honest with yourselves, I think you may find that your time and money is not well spent. But you as a business owner must look at the big picture and come up with your own conclusion. It is my opinion that nearly all IBOs will find that the real cost of the tools far exceeds what little benefits you may enjoy from the tools.

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