Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Signs That You Are An Amway Zombie?

Sometimes it happens to the nicest of people and it oftens happens slowly and subtly. These are the signs that you are becoming indocrinated and you are likely annoying your friends and loved ones at this point. It may not be apparent right away but the change occurs and eventuall becomes noticable to those who know you. I hope this helps:

*You're driven to recruit everyone you know. You may even resort to deception or outright lies to get people to meetings. Before you know it, your family and friends avoid you like the plague. You end up spending time at malls and other public placse scouting for recruits. You almost become phony in talking to people and feigning interest in other people and their interests.

You're encouraged to develop an unreasonable, irrational zeal for the products. Even so far as to justify the quality of toilet paper or to call the products prestigious. You may even argue the quality of energy drinks or about phytonutrients, something you may not even know about.

A whole bunch of demands, promises, subtle threats of failure if you don't try hard enough are made in the promotional material and motivational seminars. i.e. If you quit, you are a loser destined to die broke and unhappy. Or you let someone steal your dream. These ridiculous claims are how your upline keeps you hooked.

Because the system is touted as the way you're going to make yourself fantastically rich, you're under pressure to drop any conflicting or competing interests such as your bowling league or golf club. Nothing else in life has importance except for the quest of financial freedom. All activities in your life must enhance your Amway business and have an affect on your financial future. No ther activities matter to you unless it affects your financial future. Even family and friends may be shunned in your quest for the holy financial grail.

Your upline soon becomes your most trusted friend. Your thoughts and feelings are shaped in part by the cds, meetings and functions. People who you may have trusted all your life suddenly becomes secondary in your life because of your undying loyalty to your upline.

Do you recognize these behaviors? Hopefully you aren't displaying these behaviors

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Job Is Hours For Dollars But Amway Is Hours For Losses?

One of the ways that upline diamonds would put down jobs was to toss in the phrase that a job was simply trading hours for dollars. As if it were demeaning to have a job where you got paid for your time. I believe it's all relative. Being that many IBos are young and maybe working in more entry level types of jobs, then yeah, your hours wage might not be that great. If you earn say $10 an hour, then you might be struggling financially and it may take time before your skills and knowledge increase to a point where your experience is worth more money. What if you had a job paying $1000 an hour and earned $160,000 a month? Is that a lousy deal trading hours for dollars? I think not! Let's not forget that full time jobs also typically give you paid vacation, sick leave and medical/dental benefits, and possibly a pension and/or access to a 401K.

Conversely, having a business can be good or bad also. If you have an Amway business earnning less than $100 a month and you spend $200 on functions, standing orders and other training and motivational materials, then you are losing money. You would be better off working for free. That is still a better alternative than working a business where you are losing money. I think most people agree that a platinum group typically has a 100 or more IBOs. Thus a platinum is in the top 1% of all IBOs. I have heard that the platinum level is where you start to break even or make a little profit, depending on your level of tool consumption. If platinums are barely making a profit, then the other 99+% of IBOs are likely losing money. How much is that worth per hour?

I think uplines cleverly trick IBOs into thinking that a job is bad. Trading hours for dollars, afterall, sounds like some kind of indentured servant of sorts. But in the end, what matters is your bottom line. If you are an IBO with little or no downline, and/or not much in terms of sales to non IBOs/customers, then you are losing money each and every month if you are attending functions and buying standing orders. Your 10-12 hours a week of Amway work is costing you money! But if you spend 10-12 hours a week, even at minimum wage, then you might be making about 300 to 350 a month gross income. After taxes, you make about 250 to 300. At least trading hours for dollars gets you a guaranteed net gain at the end of the month.

Uplines trick you into a "business mentality" where you think that working for a net loss is just a part of business. IBOs should realize that a business promoted as low risk and no overhead should be one where you can profir right away. Instead, IBos are taught to delay gratification, or to reinvest any profit back into their business in the form of tools and functions, which results in a net loss. If that's the case I would choose trading hours for dollars.

Remember, trading hours for dollars is not a bad deal if you are making enough dollars per hour. And even those who make less, are better off that those who "run a business" but end up with a net loss. It's all relative and hopefully, this message will help new or prospective IBOs who are being enticed to join the Amway business opportunity. Good luck to those with jobs and those with businesses. You can be successful either way. Remember that!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why Do People Quit Amway?

When I was a prospect for the Amway business, my sponsor told me that the diamond was in the top one tenth of one percent in income. Now it may or may not have been true but the audience certainly figured the diamond was wealthy. He (The diamond) arrived at the open meeting in a nice suit and a Mercedes Benz. He spoke about common sense things that people could relate to. That Americans are commonly carrying credit card debt and that inflation and insurance and other things took a bite out of your income. He spoke about waking up when you felt like it, flushing the job and your boss. He spoke about doing what you want when you want.

It sounded great. He explained that with 10-12 hours per week of work, you can do all of this in 2-5 years. With so much to gain, you would think everyone would do this and become "free".

In debating with Amway apologists, they often claim that most IBOs "do nothing". I don't believe that. First of all, I would challenge anyone to explain how they would know if someone did a little, or did nothing. Maybe the new IBO spoke to family and friends about the business and got laughed out of the room and ending up discouraged and quit. Maybe some truly do nothing. Maybe some try very hard only to get negligible results. But to claim that most IBOs do nothing is nothing more than a convenient excuse for Amwayers to justify the miserable results their IBOs end up with.

In my case, I did work hard. I sponsored a dozen people personally. I had some downline who sponsored and we moved volume. But as I moved up pin levels, I was encouraged to buy more tools and do more work. My reward for all that work? I just about broke even or took losses. That isn't factoring in my time and other expenses such as gas money. When I reached the 4000 PV level, I was at break even. My sponsor told me to just keep going and the money would be there. I calculated what my bottom line would be at platinum and I still could not see a profit on the horizon. I eventually decided that the Amway business simply wasn't profitable so I left. Not to mention at the time, uplines lied and said nobody made profits on tools.

So why do people quit Amway? In my experience and from years of contact with current and former IBOs, it is my conclusion that most IBOs at least give Amway a try before they quit. There is so muc negative about Amway on the net and in society that people can get discouraged and even those who work hard are likely to end up as I did. Yes, it's possible to make some money in Amway, but the tools scam will usually negate any profit an IBO might earn. I believe that people quit Amway having tried and gotten discouraged, or having tried, gotten results only to have a net loss. It's not the fault of the IBO. The Amway and the motivational groups such as WWDB or Network 21 are simply set up that way.

Friday, January 27, 2012

You Gotta Believe!

In the past, and I believe still today, some leaders in motivational groups talk about faith and belief. Speak it into existence. Some of this is the talk amongst IBOs who believe they are going diamond. Never mind that statistically, your chance of winning the lottery might be better than going diamond in Amway. In fact, I believe there have been more powerball lottery winners than new Amway diamonds in the US and Canada in recent years. But an honest question for IBOs, prospects, and Amway supporters. Do you truly believe that this business works and that you will succeed? What evidence do you see that supports this belief? My old LOS, WWDB, has fewer diamonds now than 15 years ago. Some diamonds quit WWDB!

If you truly believe, would you feel confident walking into a bank and meeting a loan officer. Tell the loan officer that all you do is sponsor 6 who sponsor 4 who sponsor 2 and you will be a new platinum (silver). Then all you need is 6 of these groups and the money will roll in forever while you sit on a beach in the Bahamas sipping exotic drinks while money rolls in by the barrelfull. And then ask the loan offier for a business loan. If you think this suggestion is crazy, maybe you don't truly believe in the business. Surely a loan officer would have some financial acumen and would be able to determine the viability of the business prior to approving a loan.

Would you feel comfortable talking to your doctor about joining Amway because a diamond makes much more income with less effort? How about a business professor at your local university? Surely someone with an established expertise in business would see the value of an Amway business and join your efforts? Or would the professor laugh you out of his office? Do you truly believe in what you do? If so, do you use the curiosity approach or are you straight up with prospects and invite them to an Amway meeting? If it's the latter and not the former, maybe your belief isn't that strong?

How hard do you work at building your business? If you truly believe that going diamond is the answer to all of life's challenges and problems, why aren't you building it and working on it as if your very life depended on it? Maybe your belief isn't what you think it is? Are you adding people to your downline every week or month? If not, maybe your belief isn't what you think it is?

If you have some doubts about what you are doing, then it is probably because you see IBOs coming and going. Maybe you see monthly losses in your business. Maybe you see people quitting the business regularly. Maybe you see the same old leaders on stage giving the same rah rah speeches. Maybe you see the logic and the common sense in most of the articles posted on this blog. My blog isn't here to make anyone quit Amway. My blog is to provide information to information seekers and to assist people in making informed decisions if they seek information prior to joining Amway and a motivational group such as WWDB or BWW.

Do you truly believe in what you're doing? Joecool truly believes in what he blogs about.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dead or Broke By Age 65 - An Amway Myth Debunked?

Below, I have posted a recent article indicating that about 1/4 of Americans are working beyond the age of 65. That certainly debunks the IBO myth that 98% of people are dead or broke by age 65. It should be noted that the older folks still working make very good money. More food for thought should be how you as an IBO will benefit from the Amway business if you are not making money or if you are losing money due to continuous purchases of "educational" materials.


A Quarter of Americans Still Work After Age 65
Comment By Emily Brandon

Posted: July 14, 2009

Retirement is a thing of the past for a quarter of Americans over age 65. Just over 25 percent of those between ages 65 and 74 were still working in 2008, according to the latest Census Bureau numbers. And amazingly 9 percent of Americans still go to work between ages 75 and 84. After age 85, the number still working trickles down to 3 percent or about 122,000 people who continue to hammer away at their keyboard or punch in with their time clock.

Most people over age 65 still in the workforce are professionals (20 percent) or hold management positions (19 percent). A large portion of seniors also work in the service industry (18 percent) and sales (15 percent) or have office jobs (12 percent). But a few retirees also manage to do sometimes strenuous jobs such as production and transportation (12 percent) or construction and maintenance (5 percent).

Many of the seniors who continue to work full time have earnings at the top of the pay scale. About 20 percent of those age 65 and over make over $75,000 annually and just over half (53 percent) earn between $25,000 and $75,000 from work. Slightly over a quarter of those working full time in retirement make less than $25,000 annually.

Seems this is just a myth perpetuated by AMO leaders. Possibly to scare people into thinking they should consider Amway as a solution.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Amway Financial Freedom?

When I was an IBO, I often saw my upline diamond driving around town dressed in a business suit. I used to wonder why he keeps working if he can "walk away" and collect residual income? My sponsor told me that the diamond only works because he cares about his downline and wants to help them. So there are two possible scenarios, the diamond is working to help his downline out of a genuine concern for them, or possibly he is working because he has to! The only difference now is that the diamond works the nite and/or graveyard shift, because many IBOs are building the business after the complete their day jobs. This is probably why diamonds sleep until the "crack of noon", because they are working all night!

Now Amway has stated that the average diamond earns about $147,000 a year. That is a decent income, but after yaxes and paying for basic expenses such as medical and dental insurance, the average diamond probably lives a very middle class lifestyle. Keep in mind that a large portion of a diamond's income comes in the form of an annual bonus, thus a diamond's monthly income may be quite small. Yes, diamonds may have other sources of income such as speaking engagements and income from standing orders and functions. But this income depends on the diamond's continued appearances and efforts.

So is it likely that a diamond is "free"? I would have to conclude that a diamond is not free, and may actually have to spend more time maintaining his group than if the diamond simply had a 9-5 job. For one thing, a diamond needs to maintain a personal group to keep qualifying for bonuses. With a poor retention rate in Amway, I am fairly sure that a diamond spends much time recruiting personally sponsored IBOs to maintain this group. Additionally, a diamond must help his six or more groups of downline platinums to maintain their businesses or face the possibility of falling out of qualification. My former diamond dropped down to the emerald level but has since re-qualified at diamond. A diamond must also dedicate time to reward up and coming movers and shakers, to keep them motivated. I got to spend time with my upline diamond when I was considered a promising up and coming pin.

In order to continue to receive tools income, a diamond must also travel to numerous functions and speaking engagements. Although the tools income allegedly doubles a diamond's income, it also adds a lot of expenses, especially if the diamond and his family travel first class to show off the diamond lifestyle, and stays in 5 star hotels. It is probably why diamonds need free transportation to and from the airport and why they stay with friends when traveling as much as possible.

After breaking down projected income and considering projected expenses, I can only conclude that a diamond probably lives a middle to upper middle class lifestyle, and probably works as much as a man with a 9-5 job, except that a diamond works nites and weekends. A good portrait of this is shown in Ruth Carter's book (Amway Motivational Organizations: Behind The Smoke and Mirrors). In the book, the diamond had a net income of over $300,000, but lived in debt, could barely pay his mortgage, and was always on the run from one function to the next. It is very expensive and time consuming to travel from city to city showing off your freedom and diamond lifestyle.

Is this the freedom you are seeking?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Upline Really Wants Me To Succeed?

One of the biggest loads of guano that upline diamonds often tell their groups is that they really want success for their downline IBOs. The obvious to me is that your upline diamond doesn't give a rat's ass about your success as long as you are buying tools and attendin functions. Your dedication is money in the bank for the upline diamonds. They will tell you that you are a warrior or a fighter to make you feel good, but behimd the scenes they could care less.

Now I believe your sponsor probably does care about you succeeding, but technically, your sponsor is supposed to train and motivate you free of cost, which is why your sponsor can benefit if you purchase or move enough volume. The problem with this is that your sponsor is also very likely to be immersed in the tools system which takes away income from his/her business to feed the upline diamond.

If you take a close notice, you will see that the advice given from stage at functions o big meetings are so generic that it usually does not apply to you as a person and if so generic, then you can get that same advice on an MP3 or a cd. Yet, the diamonds expect IBOs to attend major functions every three months. I suppose to supplement their Amway income. These diamonds are not mentors. They don't analyze individual businesses and your personal skills. How can they guide you in this type of business without knowing these details? They can't.

Think about it. Your upline wants your success or do they want your money? Practically anytime you receive "help", it costs you. Open meetings, attitude sessions, functions. Every one of these has a cost of time and money with no direct cause and effect of people succeeding and receiving the mythical residual income. If your upline says this, ask how they can assure that it happens, aside from a dedication to functions and cds?

Food for thought. If you actually went diamond, your leaders would get less tool money. Do they really want your success or are they just saying it?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Amway IBOs Miss The Obvious?

It is my feeling that most IBOs and prospects are likely nice people, motivated to want more out of life, and willing to do some work. Sadly for most, their experience in Amway is making nothing or losing money, likely because of the tools and functions that are promoted by the upline. I applaud IBOs and prospects for being willing to do something to make more money for their families, but all too many IBOs and prospects simply miss the obvious red flags and get sucked into a system where they cannot win.
I was an IBO at one time. I had ambitions and dreams, many of which I accomplished after leaving Amway.

Let me explain. If you buy some lottery tickets, you do so hoping to win but you know realistically that your chances of of winning the big jackpot or some significant prize is slim to none. While Amway isn't a game of chance, your chance of success is very slim. We know that many IBOs sign up and do nothing. We know that many IBOs may try but end up quitting very soon after starting. We know that few IBOs ever last more than a few years. Knowing that, you can assess that long term sustainable success in Amway is difficult at best.

But it's obvious to those in the know when you see the "plan". If you see one person become a platinum with 78 downline (in the common 6-4-2 plna), and you know that many do nothing or do a little and quit, then you know that you need to have maybe 200 IBOs go thru your business to become a platinum, and who knows how hard it will be to maintain that level. My former sponsor was a platinum but never hit Q12 and often fell below 7500 PV. Last I heard, he was 2500 PV after nearly 20 years in the business. Factoring in tools and business expenses, I believe the net losses of my former sponsor is staggering. And my former sponsor was able to personally sponsor over 100 downline.

The next obvious thing that IBOs and prospects miss is the functions. If you've been around or attended functions, you'll likely see an audience of thousands with one or a couple of speakers. That will probably never change. ANd if you can assess that situation, you can see that only 1 in thousands will ever reach thet coveted diamond level.

While Amway apologists claim that many people sign up to get products and to make a few dollars a month, I think that is total BS. Have any of you ever seen a presentation where your option was a buyers club membership
or where you make a $100 a month? I saw yachts and mansions and talk about the diamond being financially free (a myth). To those who see thru the deception, the reality is obvious. It's just a matter of whether you see it or not.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just The Facts About Amway IBOs?

So many people get duped into thinking that they will somehow get wealthy by becoming an Amway IBO. Many recruiters will tell stories about how they were once broke, but signed up, endured challenges and now they are diamonds enjoying untold wealth and luxuries. People get caught up in "dreams" and are often encouraged to ignore the facts. People running businesses should pay close attention to the facts because it tells you much about your business and your likelihood of success. But what are some facts about the Amway business that many people don't know about? I have outlined a few important ones for those who harbor dreams of going diamond.

1. The average diamond, according to Amway, earns less than $150,000 a year. Yes, some of this may be supplemented with money from the sale of tools, but after taxes and business expenses such as travel to and from the many functions that a diamond attends would leave a diamond living an ordinary middle class lifestyle, not one with mansions and sports cars as portrayed in many functions or meetings. Yes, a Q12 diamond would have more earnings, but a Q12 diamond is the exception, and not the rule.

2. Most IBOs are NEVER able to sponsor a single downline. Pretty hard to develop six (6) downline platinums when most people cannot sponsor anyone.

3. Most Amway products are purchased by IBOs and not sold to customers. Name a real business that sustains itself by having it's own workers or salesforce purchase most of the goods. MLM is probably the only business where this occurs. Understandably, it explains why 99%+ Amwayers lose money.

4. For most IBOs, the cost of functions, standing orders and other support materials represent the reason why most business building IBOs lose money and it also represents a significant profit for some of the diamonds who sell the materials.

5. Not working hard is not necessarily the reason for someone's failure. But conversely, working hard does not equate success in Amway. I would guess that out of those who work hard, it is still a fraction of 1% of hard working IBOs that even attain a significant profit. Doing nothing won't get you anywhere, but in this business, working hard often gets you nowhere as well. It is my informed opinion that the cost of the support materials is the direct reason why so many IBOs lose money, even out of those who work very hard.

I could go on and on, but these are a handful of facts that IBOs and information seekers should be aware of. I welcome differing thoughts and opinions.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Amway IBOs, They Don't Work Hard Enough?

I believe there's a gigantic myth that people who ultimately fail in Amway simply didn't work hard enough and ended up quitting too early. Based on personal experience and observatioons of others, I truly that that to be true. Now I agree that many IBOs do nothing, but generally, these folks don't complain and their losses are generally limited to the sign up fee or kit. Most do not seek refunds and chalk up the loss as a learning experience.

I myself, put in some months of very dedicated work towards building a business. I had a decent sized group and was headed for platinum. But the fact of the matter is that even though my group was growing, I wasn't making a net profit. I seriously doubt that any of my downline made a net profit, primarily because of the business and tools expenses. I drove the miles, I showed the plan and I attended all the meetings and functions. I did what I was advised by my upline. My net profit at 4000 PV was little to nothing with a net loss when all the business expenses were factored i such as gas money, etc.

My upline also did a lot of work, and he put in the hours, drove the miles and attended everything. He told me his net profit was not any of my business. (If you hear that, it's a huge red flag). I suspect my upline and sponsor also broke even or lost money despite working very hard and doing what they were advised to. I later read the assessment made by the Wisconsin attorney general Bruce Craig, who examined the tax returns of platinums in his state and they averaged a net annual loss of $900. While the study is a bit dated, the business has not really changed except that there are more expenses and tools associated with the business today, then back when the study occured.

I also question the validity of Amway defenders who claim that people did not work hard enough or did not run their business properly. I seriously doubt that anyone has done a comprehenseive study of people who actually made an effort to build an Amway business, to determine why they may not have the success they desired. However, I can make my own conclusions. Many IBOs are taught to buy from themselves with little sales. They're taught to buy tools, even when they aren't making progress in the business. People who are struggling in Amway are often told that they need to sponsor more people, show more plans. (A struggling business opens new stores to improve business?).

In my opinion, hard work and success in Amway have little relationship. Sure, there is work needed. But working hard doesn't assure you of anything. You need to be able to develop a following. Just working hard has nothing to do with long term sustainable success. There are plenty of examples of hard workers who lost money. What I believe happens, is that IBOs get excited, get started and contact people and show plans. But Amway has the reputation of "pyramid" or "scam" and people quickly get discouraged and stop building the business. Those who try to sell AMway goods find that a month's supply of multi vitamins ($80) double x is a tough sell, or $50 cases of bottled water. They also get discouraged and quit.

Only those who can somehow recruit and replace those quit end up having a chance to grow their group large enough to sell them tools, which then makes selling Amway less important. But I don't buy for a minute that people simply do not succeed in Amway primarily because they don't work hard or smart enough. I challenge anyone to prove that a lack of work is the reason for Amway failure. The system is designed for only a few to succeed. Examine the 6-4-2, there is 1 platinum and 78 downline, and that's assuming everyone "did some work".

IBOs fail in vast quantities, but not because they don't do any work.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Amway Business Is Built On Inconvenience And Other Nuances?

Looking back at my IBO days, I can now laugh at some of the weird stuff we did and believe it or not, I have reason to believe that my old LOS, WWDB still teaches some of this and some other major groups also teach it. I believe some of these practices were the reason why some people refer to the Amway business as cult or having cult like qualities. If you recognize some of these practices, you might be in an unethical group and you should ask your upline the tough questions and possibly reconsider or reprioritize your involvement in the business.

Late meetings. Our upline was into late meetings, many occuring after midnight. I suppose it was a show of loyalty and dedication to the upline and the system. In reality, it made most people angry at their jobs because they had to wake up early to go to work. For me it made me mad at our upline because the meetings taught us nothing of substance and it just made us tired. Our upline used to talk about time being important but it was never important enough to make him show up on time for his own late night meetings. Another cult like factor - sleep deprivation. Our upline described this practice as Amway being a business of incovenience, designed to weed out the weak and undedicated.

Submission to upline was one of the things we were told. Our group was told that upline would never purposely lead us astray so we should trust them and never try anything without checking upline. Afterall, upline had experience and probably had all the answers. Some of this checking upline included asking permission to get married, buy a car or a home, or even something as small as purchasing a camera. The upline said maybe someone upline might have advice on how to get a good deal on a camera so no harm in checking upline before making a purchase. It is my guess that upline didn't want your disposable income being spent on anything other than standing orders and functions.

Secrets. Anytime we asked about how much income uplines may have been earning, we were either told it's none of our business or shown a photocopy of a 5 year old bonus check that someone upline may have received. Our proof that the business worked was upline showing off pictures of sports cars and mansions. Of course we now find that some WWDB diamonds had homes foreclosed, and one prominent triple diamond had some dealings in bankruptcy court. Looking back, I suspect that many diamonds have mortgages, which would be nor problem except that these leaders scoffed at the sutpidity of having a loan. That diamonds pay cash for everything, including homes. My former sponsor still lives in a run down rented home beause he won't purchase a home unless he's got the cash. My former sponsor is a physician so I find his position on buying a home preposterous. His oldest child, a son probably grew up deprived of his parents because of dedication to the system and the functions.

Losing money is success. Many times, our group was told that losing money was a sign of success. It was success because we were investing in our futures. That the business really is not about money but about friendships. I suppose upline taught this because everyone was losing money so it was nice to hear that success was around the corner, and that we were all nicer people and on our way to success if we just attended more functions and bought more standing orders. People who sold off some of their personal property were edified if they did so to attend a function. Obviously these folks were not advised to run their business within their means. Upline even said that going into debt was okay, but only if the debt was to invest in the business or to buy extra function tickets.

While some of these practices seem bizarre, I believe it is because the upline advice was self serving and meant to channel their downline's dollars into tool purchases. It is the only conclusion I can make.

Friday, January 13, 2012

IBOFB In Denial About Amway?

Recent comment from the Unhappy Franchisee Blog:

■DoAsISay on January 12th, 2012 8:01 pm

Thanks for the reply Joecool. I realize from previous posts that IBOFB is in denial about Amway and its credibility as a company. I also can conclude that he may also have some mental issues from the brainwashing he has received over the years of being around ambots. It really is a shame that this sort of business practice can go on so long without being shut down. I have read where the MLM businesses have been sued for being deemed illegal and the only ones to survive though it all were the ones who had millions of dollars or more and highly paid attorney’s fighting against it. The reason these so called leaders teach you not to go on the internet to research Amway yourself is so you don’t find out that you will soon be brainwashed into thinking, talking, acting and eating like all of them and not even realize it. My upline suggested that we eat the food from our business and that’s it. He said to eat 2-3 bars a day and drink 2 drinks from the business. First of all, I only drink water from a faucet which cost me next to nothing. Second, I don’t think it is very healthy to just eat bars with no real food entering your body. Your body needs the nutrients from real fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and grains. Something that isn’t going to be supplied by only eating bars. The last thing I want to say about there sub-par products is that whoever pays $45+ for a case of “perfect” water needs some serious help. There is nothing special about that water expect the people who drink it. IBOFB, you want to know how to make more money than you did/do selling Amway? Take your empty perfect water bottles and fill them up with water from a water source, examples could be: faucet, a local stream, or even the next time it rains. This next part is tricky. Tear the label off your bottles and replace with your brand and give it a clever name like “healing water”. I know that wasn’t that clever that’s why your going to make the millions. Sell your water at $40/case because you got to be lower than the competition if you want to sell your product because you and I both know that people are price sensitive and will “usually” buy the cheaper yet comparable product over the other. You are set for life! You now “never have to worry about a dollar bill again”. O yeah, one more thing, that is all just “my opinion”. One thing I learned from the business is that if you put “in my opinion” before or after any statement you make, it’s ok to lie or stretch the truth.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back To The Future - Amway and WWDB?

I am still following the blog of a current WWDB IBO. The things he writes about indicates that the exact same teaching exists now, that existed back in the 1990's when I was an IBO. This is despite the fact that Amway implmented an accreditation of the AMOs (tool selleers) and despite claims from Amway and WWDB appologists who claim that things have changed for the better. Below is a list of excerpts from the blog that make it evident to me that WWDB and Amway are basically the same now as they were 13-14 years ago:


On another note, I highly doubt someone like John Maxwell would put his integrity and reputation at risk by associating with World Wide Dreambuilders, you know considering he’s the worlds greatest teacher on Leadership. But what does John know eh?

I look at the motivational and teaching conferences that World Wide Group puts on and I get excited when tickets go on sale. I get excited because I love the association and atmosphere of the whole event.

Either way I see training, conferences, motivation the same if it’s my day time job, or my part time business. I know I get more value out of WWDB events as they help move our business forward and help motivate us for the next three months. We need motivation, every one does, so what’s so wrong with that? Many people make some good money with motivational speaking and I’ll gladly pay for that if it gets me moving.

Looking forward to the future we are pumped to hit Double Eagle Ruby late next year at which time I’ll be stepping away from my job so that I never have to work for another man’s dream and give my 1st best to them. I know that we will work hard at this so that my kids will always have me at home when they need me and not have to wait for me to come home from work. I look forward to the days that we can take our kids out to the ski hill during the week day and not the weekend when it’s jam packed.

One thing I really love about being on the board or plugging guests into other plans is the atmosphere people have. I absolutely love walking into someones house where they have a dreamboard or goals written all over the place. These are people that are moving on. I’ve posted this before where if you want to achieve your dreams and goals then WRITE IT DOWN.

Our free time is slowly dwindling as our employers demand more and more of this time at the least amount they can pay us. Its sad what our society has become.
This is part of the reason why my wife and I build this business. I no longer want to be on call or be tied to my blackberry for work.
We will be attending Moving Up right before Family Reunion which we are pumped for. Moving Up is a leadership incentive for achieving Double Eagle or 7500 PV.

So we will be renting here in Edmonton for the next 2-3 years and then move out to Kelowna where we have been wanting to raise our family. As we move out there we will rent for a few more years, get an idea of where we want to build or buy a place and build it in cash. Mock me, say it won’t happen, say I’m crazy, but I will do it. The more you say I cannot do it, the more it will just fuel my fire to do it. So bring it on

This weekend we started planning for my wife’s freedom day. What is “Freedom Day” ? Freedom Day is the day that she gets the choice of working or not. Sure she could continue to work, have some other man control when she can have lunch, when she has to show up to work, how late to stay… OR, she can choose not go to work anymore and decide to wake up when she wants and pretty much do whatever she wants with her day.

A healthy business always has its ups and downs and World Wide Dreambuilders is on the rise again. Mark my words there will be people from our area and other areas going into Diamond Qualification. The people on the outside who are no longer building this business have no idea.

I think the biggest thing I took away from last night was to not let anyone steal your dream. What does that mean? Means no matter what kind of dream or goal you have set for your life don’t let someone tell you that you can’t. ‘Can’t’ is a negative/broke person’s word. ‘Can’t’ is for the weak minded people that just use excuses for their failures and they try to bring you down by telling you that you cannot do something.

Another thing more related to our business is that every business has negative stuff about it, someone is always willing to write something about anything. Check out one of the largest companies in the world, Wallmart, and do a quick search on Google about how many law suits they’ve had. All successful companies have this and Amway Global isn’t the first OR the last.

It was due to the fact my attitude and mentality has shifted from being a career focused person to an entrepreneur focused person building a business that will eventually let me walk away from my job so I can focus on other things such as my family and wife.

These guys have stepped away from their full time jobs because of this business we are in and my wife and I will also be doing the same in a very short time with hard work, determination and persistency and consistency! There is no option of failure and no option of turning back… there is only… FREEDOM!

How many times have you heard someone say “I Love My Job”? Probably a lot. You know what though, this is the biggest lie. Why? Well do you love your job more than spending time with your family? Do you love your job more than spending time with your wife? Do you love your job more than travelling to different places around the world? If you said yes, you need to get your head checked.

Wouldn’t you rather work your tail off for 2-3 years so that you can have the rest of your life to yourself so you do not have to trade time for money? Think about it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Maximize Your Earnings In Amway?

How to maximize your earnings in Amway? Simple, get your downline to attend more functions. Functions that you run and profit from! If your downline attends the same function twice, you earn twice as much! Even better, get your downline to make it his own idea! Our friend Shaun has been taken hook line and sinker.


Wait wait wait, did you say Dream Nights as in plural? More than one? That can’t be, how can you possibly go to more than one Dream Night? My upline must be forcing me or cohering me into attending more than one and after all it’s just the same thing each night. Just who does World Wide Group think they are having these multiple Dream Nights, two in Edmonton and one in Calgary, and others across Canada. But wait, there’s more! A Dream Night in Saskatoon?? What? Growth in another province? It must be all those Edmonton people driving 6 1/4 hours, 525 KM’s just to make that dream night happen earlier this week. So does that mean people are attending 4 different dream nights? When does it end? Will the excitement ever stop? I better contact Amway, World Wide Group, The Police, FTC, Alert the presses cause this is just madness.

No it’s not, it’s called growth and I have a confession to make, I attended or will be attending two Dream Nights this week. Yup, it’s true. Out of our own free will without any cohesion, guilt, pressure, etc… we attended last night and will be attending tonight. Both nights, different venue’s and different speakers, in fact because of growth they’ve had to move one of the nights to the Shaw Conference Centre. If there wasn’t growth in this area that would seem like overkill or a waste of money to put it up there don’t you think? To be honest I don’t know how many people are attending each event as I’m not function hosting and who’s going to more than one, quite frankly I don’t care. I care about my wife and our business only.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Testimonial - Amway Saves Or Destroys Marriages?


■DoAsISay on January 8th, 2012 9:31 pm
I finally decided to search the web after being out of Amway now since February 2011. I was hesitant to do so because I had been told not to so many times by my uplines that there is negative on the internet even about Mother Teresa. That was the “line” that they used to trick me into not doing my research. I am a college graduate with a bachelors degree in accounting and I was taught to always research a company to learn more about them if you are going to be involved with them. Anyways, I am glad that I did because I now realize that I am not the only one who disagrees with Amway and their approaches to “the business”.

A little more background about my situation which I’m sure is not unique to many others who have been in Amway. My girlfriend and I were introduced to this business by a friend of my girlfriend and her husband. From the presentation that was shown to me I thought that it sounded VERY easy to do. I was told that I only needed 3 friends out of my 200 contacts in my phone to want to save money and make money at the same time. That was the first lie that I later found out. First of all, we didnt save any money. We threw away over $7000 and saw under $300 return. How exactly am I saving money? Secondly, IF, IF you get (trick) 3 friends to signed up, you have alot more work to do than that. Try 50 people and by the time u get 50 people involved, 48 of those will have quit once they finally realize that you took advantage of them and weren’t straight forward with them.

So Time went on and I hung around and observed the behaviors of people in Amway and how they talked. I said to myself, I want to be nothing like these people. They all sounded the same to me and it was just a little weird. Finally I realize that they have all been brainwashed how to think, how to spend their money, who they spend their time with, and how they spend their time. Amway with the help of the “EDUCATION” has completely taken control of the lives of many, many naive, weak minded, gullible, ignorant, or too trusting (you fill in the blank) individuals who worship their upline like they are God. Sure I thought it was cool that I knew a millionaire and got to hang out at his house and all, but Im not going to empty my bank account for anyone! How about this line…”You don’t make money FROM your friends when they get involved, Your making money WITH your friends”. WHAT?!? Last time I checked anyone you sponsor in the business, you collect their business volume from the stuff they buy and get a kickback from those purchases. I believe that’s called making money FROM your friends. They have another sneaky tactic that they use to conceal the truth. “You’re not making money from your friends, Amway is paying you for driving volume to their website. Ok, Yeah that’s still making money from your friends. Im not an idiot and your blender of words and phrases don’t have any effect on me.

Back to November 2010, I got married to my girlfriend I was in the business with and shortly after she became an Ambot as I’ve heard people refer to it. In February 2011, i had enough of it and decided to cut my loses and get out. My wife didn’t share the same thoughts and feelings though because she had been soaking in every last drop of the expensive “Education” we were receiving. Up until the point of me getting out of the business since I had known her, we NEVER had an argument. We were inseparable and much in love. That all changed as time progressed. We started disagreeing and this horrible person came out of her as I never seen before. She physically hit me on 3 occasions and we would fight, mostly her, as I like to be calm and collective. I rather reason things out by gathering the facts and explaining my perspective. Her reasoning went out the door with her mind because everything out of her mouth was something about the business.

I spent many nights home alone waiting for her to get back from those stupid waste of time meetings. Eventually in October I had enough. We got in another fight and she asked me to leave, so I did! Now supposedly when a woman says leave, that means dont leave in translation, but I took it at face value and left. We are currently separated and in the process of filing for a dissolution. I never thought Amway could destroy a marriage like that, but I’ve read so many sad stories where has done just that. Like I said, I’m sure my story isn’t a unique one, but I just wanted to share in hopes that I can TRULY HELP people steer clear of this plague. Not only will it empty your bank account, waste time you could be living your life and enjoying the company of family and true friends, it will destroy your relationships with the ones you love. These people that were in our business call themselves Christians, yet they can easily let a marriage be destroyed and not even flinch. Greed and lies are all I see in these people!

I would like to sit my wife down and show her some information so maybe, just maybe she will snap out of it, but I feel like she is so programmed at this point that I won’t be able to get her to read it. If anybody actually reads my entire story (I know its long) and has any advice on getting her out let me know. I got nothing to lose at this point since I’ve pretty much lost the love of my life.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Amway IBOs Fighting For Good And Helping People?

One of the BS things our upline constantly told our group was that we were out there helping people and fighting for what is right in the world. That evil will triumph when good men fail to take action. I agree with this. That the AMOs have thrived because too many good people have ignored the problem and it hasn't gone away, only unnoticed by most. The result is probably millions of people over the years getting scammed out of their hard earned dollars via the "tool scam".

Let's dissect these issues and look at them one at a time. What exactly are you fighting as an IBO? Fighting against yourself? Your job? I know many uplines want you to think your job sucks, thus giving you motivation for joining and succeeding in Amway. Then the hook comes where they will tell you that tools are vital for your success. But you aren't fighting anything.

How about helping people? How do IBOs help people by enticing them to join Amway? While people are doing community service or other projects, IBOs are stalking people at malls looking for prospects or spening weekends at meeting and functions. How does this help anyone but the folks who profit from the functions? How are IBOs helping people? It's nice to believe that you are fighting or a cause or helping other people, but the fact is that most people make nothing or lose money by being involved in Amway, not even factoring in the time you may lose for family and friends.

I was once an IBO. I thought we were involved in a good cause. I did eventually realize that we weren't helping anyone. The only people we took interest in were potential AMway recruits. Everyone else was cannon fodder. Those who are familar have heard "some will, some won't so what? Next"!

IBOs are mostly good and hard working people. They have just been sucked into believing a false cause perpetuated by their upline. Most wake up and get out quickly as I did, but I believe the damage over the years is immense. I hope this blog provides some valuable insight for new and tenured IBOs and prospects.

Friday, January 6, 2012

If You Criticize Amway, What's Better?

One of the humorous things that IBOs say on my blog is if Amway isn't such a great deal, then why don't we offer a better solution? I guess it's not enough that there are facts and experiences posted here so that information seekers can find and make informed decisions about joining or not joining Amway, but we must also suggest better options? Well, I will offer some. While I am not advising anyone to listen to my thoughts, nor do I think you should act on what you read what's here without doing your due diligence and your own soul searching, here are my opinions on what may be better than Amway:

1. Be a better steward of the money you already have. Many people have enough income but simply channel too much of it to things they don't need. A daily $5 cup of starbucks for example. Disciplined saving and investing.

2. Get a second job and set aside a portion for saving and investing. You will not only have more discretionary cash, but also more to be able to set aside for your golden years.

3. Start your own small business. The biggest issue with Amway, in my opinion is the endless supply of training that uplines sell. It causes most "serious" IBOs to end up with a net loss. You can find a niche product and sell it on ebay or craigslist, unlike Amway products. Another type of small business might be something like learning to do minor household repairs or installing hardwood flooring. These kinds of services are quite common and can be lucrative.

4. Do nothing. Since most business building IBOs lose money, doing nothing, although comical, actually makes you bette off than losing money because of functions and standing orders.

5. Spend more time with your family. Ironically, many IBOs have this as a goal, but actually spend less time with family because of Amway related activities.

There you have it folks. There are some ideaas of what might be better than spending your time and money participating in the Amway business and the Amway motivational organizations. While these are only ideas, only you can decide what is best for you and your family. In whatever you decide to do, I wish you well.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Are You An IBO Or Just An Amway Salesperson?

IBO = Independent business owner. I thought it was cool, but looking back at the bottom line, IBOs are just salesmen for Amway with no fringe benefits and no guranteed salary. Or, a comission only salesman. Salesmen earn their income by selling goods and services, and earn a commission. Sadly, many IBOs sell very few items because they have been taught that you make your money by purchasing items from yourself.

On the surface, buying from yourself sounds sensible but you don't truly make a profit by purchasing your own goods, you simply empty your checking account. Any profit you think you have earned has actually come out of your own pockets. In any business, you must have a base of customers in order to have a steady income. If you are purchasing the majority of your goods, you are only making a profit for Amway the corporation, who makes, or in the case of partner stores, distributes the goods. The ones who actually produce the goods are the ones who profit. An IBO is just someone who sells the goods and who distributes them for a commission.

For most "real" business owners, building their business might mean advertising, creating special sales, and increasing the number of customers or by increasing the volume purchased by existing customers. An IBO who is "building the business" is rarely ever trying to attain more customers. In factm some of Amway's regulations make it difficult to attain a mass of customers such as restictions on advertising. Therefore, most IBOs who are "building" are simply seeking to add downline who will hopefully buy their PV and also attain more downline. In this manner, IBOs are increasing volume, and therefore their commissions by adding people to their downline. Ultimately, the upline is making their money by the efforts of their downline and often, from the jobs of their downline because there are usually not enough customers to sustain any significant level of sales.

In this day of social networking and power advertising, Amway apparently remains a dinosaur. While they do advertise some of their product line on TV, the salesmen or IBOs have little ability to market their products on a large scale. Instead it is word of mouth, individual to individual. It is highly ineffective. Do you know why it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 30 second commercial in the superbowl? It's because tens of millions of people are watching. What do you think is more effective on increasing sales, a superbowl commercial or word of mouth advertising. Keep in mind that zany IBO behavior has already damaged the Amway name, thus giving you a disadvantage over other opportunities.

In the end, or the bottom line is that an IBO is just a salesman who receives no fringe benefits, and a relatively small commission. It's a great deal for Amway, but is it a great deal for an IBO?

Monday, January 2, 2012

What's Better Than Amway?

One of the silly comments I often receive on this site is that Joecool should offer suggestions about what might be better than Amway since I make comments against the Amway opportunity. First of all, I would like to make clear that most of my point of contention is against the tools companies and not Amway itself. Having said that, I believe Amway can and should have done more to prevent IBO abuse by upline and tool selling companies. But I believe Amway has not because the uplines are the ones who recruit new IBOs and teach (defacto) 100 PV quotas to new IBOs, thus keeping Amway sales consistent. Uplines also teach product loyalty.

But what can be better than Amway? Well, since most IBOs earn less than $25 a month, there are many things better than Amway. Working part time for a wage would be more benefioial to most people who get involved in Amway. Buying and selling items for a profit on Ebay is likely to get you more income than selling Amway products. Heck, a lemonade stand on the roadside is likely to get you more income than an Amway business.

What makes the Amway business financially dangerous to many, is not Amway and Amway products, but the involvement in Amway training such as voicemail, standing orders, functions and other materials. This training is promoted as the key to Amway success, but as far as I know, there is ZERO unbiased documented evidence that any of this materials work. In my old LOS, Worldwide Dream Builders, or WWDB, the same leaders I saw 12 years ago are still there and there are no new diamonds that I know of. I would guess that there were "some" new diamonds, but there are also many diamonds who are no longer in business. Kind of makes me wonder why diamonds would quit or resign from Amway if they could "walk away" and continue to collect "residual income". Perhaps this residual income is a myth prepetuated by your LOS. Afterall, Amway doesn't mention anything about residual income and income from your business would come from Amway.

What is really discouraging is that so many eager and motivated people get caught up thinking their financial dreams and goals will be achieved by their involvement with the Amway opportunity. Sadly, most will end up losing money because of the very training that was supposed to bring them success! Even the fiercest of Amway defenders have no documented proof of success. It appears that Amway success is elusive even to the most dedicated of IBOs.

So what's better than the Amway opportunity? Seems just about anything. In fact if you are involved in the training system, donating $100 a month to charity and doing nothing else would make you better off financially than particpating in Amway and the related training. Doing nothing would make you better off. Watching football games would also likely make you better off financially than Amway and the training systems. My recommendation (but you must make your own decision) is to simply find part time work and invest your extra income wisely. It isn't quick or flashy, but you are likely to benefit long term. Of course, your mileage may vary. Good luck on whatever you choose to do

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Amway And WWDB In 2012 - Not Much Has Changed?

There's one Amway apologist named Bridgett Baron who continually likes to use "old" and "outdated" as her source of criticism against Amway critics. She uses this feeble excuse as a means to defend Amway and WWDB. She claims that things have changed and that critic's experiences are old and invalid. She says some of these things despite the fact that she participates on the blog of a WWDB IBO who is saying the same things I heard as an IBO over 12 years ago. Bridgett is either wrong or purposely distorting the truth, apparently. I recently had a WWDB IBO email me with current WWDB documents and I will be posting the details below. It is exactly the same stuff I was told as an IBO more than 12 years ago. Old habits die hard I guess. The only difference is that as an IBO, we did not use the internet. Basically the rest is the same VERBATIM. So much for Bridgett Baron's credibility. Not that she had credibility..... I don't think she's very smart. :-)

Here's the details from the WWDB IBO's documents:

1. Membership with Amway Global
2. Meet the Bigger Team
3. Ditto on the First
4. Check your Team Website Daily and Listen to LIT Updates sent through e-mail

Build your business 5 nights a week!


1. STP 3-5x Each Week
2. Personal Circle (150PV Single/300PV Couples)
3. Customers (50PV Minimum)
4. Membership CD.s- Listen Daily
5. Read a Book from the Book List 15 min. Daily
6. Attend ALL Events / Game Day.s
7. Associate & Counsel regularly
8. Integrity & Accountability
9. Check your Team Website Daily and Listen to LIT Updates sent through e-mail

1. Power of Agreement . this means be willing to listen & learn, submit your ego & be teachable.
2. Power of Unity . unity with your growing upline & the bigger Dream Team
3. Power of the Spoken Word . speak positively, expecting the best from yourself & your business

1. Never mess with anyone's money (Is bankruptcy messing with someone's money?)
2. Never mess with anyone's ego
3. Never mess with anyone's spouse

1. Never embarrass your upline, downline, or crossline
2. Never pass negative downline or crossline
3. Never do anything for the first time without checking upline