Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Amway And Lying?

How many times have I seen or heard of IBOS lying or trying to trick someone into seeing a plan or trying to get someone interested in Amway.  It almost becomes comical when you see tired old lines being used.  I used to call it tapespeak because most likely the IBO heard it at a meeting or function or on a tape or audio of some sort.

What is amazing is how some IBOS and their leaders can think that deceiving a prospect is a good idea.  In the long term it’s bad for business and significantly affects the Amway reputation in a negative way.  I mean who wants to join up in business with people who lied to you?  And for that matter, the same can be said if Amway apologists who also lie or tell half truths to defend Amway.

But the reason for lies, half truths, deception and other strategies is because the truth about Amway just isn’t pretty.  You can put lipstick on a pig but in the end it’s still a pig.  You can fluff up Amway and the opportunity but in the end, about half of all IBOS do nothing and 99% of IBOs or more make nothing or lose money.  Factor in expenses for tools and functions and time spent and Amway becomes a financial disaster for many.

If you’re an IBO, be honest with yourself.  Do you use the curiosity approach or leave out some information in the hopes of attracting people to the plan?  Do you fake success as advised by upline?  Do you hide the name Amway unless asked first?  If so, you are part of the problem and not the solution.  

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Amway? LOL!

If I got paid fir each time some IBO came here shooting off their mouths I’d be Uber wealthy!  How many times have I heard that I’ll be sorry and in a few months some newbie will be retired at the age of 29 making 10k per month or more?   How many times have I heard that so and so will be diamond and will be back to rub it in my face.   Well, I’m still standing and waiting.

I recall a newbie Amway IBO offering me a wager that his diamond makes more money while taking a crap in the morning than I make all year.  When I showed the math, that IBO disappeared never to be heard from again.  What many folks don’t get is that many diamonds don’t make that much money and even if they have a nice income, they likely make much of it from selling function tickets and standing orders.  

Also, a diamond lifestyle if you will, is a life of excess that likely has many diamonds living check to check and possibly living in debt themselves.  Do the math yourself.  Try and look how much it costs to fly first class for a family of four.  Are speaking fees so lucrative that diamond families fly first class all the time?  The math says no.

I’ve also heard reports of big pins living in below average neighborhoods and there were some diamonds who had homes foreclosed and one triple diamond who filed chapter 7 bankruptcy some years ago.  As information is easier to get, I’ve also heard about Amway functions getting smaller and groups shrinking.  That means the diamond lifestyle is even harder to maintain than ever.  I wish I could say I feel sorry for the diamonds but all I can say is LOL.   😃

Friday, January 24, 2020

Amway and Lawsuits?

Someone recently left a comment on this blog about how Amway defenders would often threaten to sue Amway critics.   It is true and I was threatened and harassed at one time by zealous Amway defenders because they claimed that I was damaging their business or that a prospect read my blog and decided not to join.  I had to LOL at that.  Amway zealots would never try to sue a critic for the following reasons:

The discovery process would likely get them laughed out of court or their case would be so weak that the courts would toss the case.  I am only sharing my experiences on this blog and my informed opinions.  I have a right to free speech as do others who have an opinion about Amway, good or bad.  Also, some of the facts I refer to com from Amway.com so what is there to dispute?  It’s a fact that most IBOs do little or nothing which leads to my next point.

How would someone prove damages when most IBOs do nothing?   How could zero potential business add up to damages?  Also, most prospects don’t sign up but it’s for various reasons and not because of some blog about Amway?    Many people know others who had bad experiences and word of mouth advertising is pretty powerful.   How about stats from Amway that show a tiny fraction of 1% reach any levels that might be profitable?  

How many IBIs have come and gone from this very blog shooting off their mouths about going diamond only to be never heard from again shortly after?  Yet here is Joecool continuing to post articles so Amway information seekers can gain a perspective from people who participated in Amway, achieved some degree of success and were let down by upline assurances of success.  I have nothing to gain and receive no compensation for running this blog.  I do it as a public service.

Comments are welcome!   😃

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Be Accountable?

 Being accountable was one of the key teaching back in my Amway IBO days.  That you needed to keep your word and do what you said you would.   For the most part this sounds like a good thing, especially in business.  Right?     Be a man of your word.  But like much of Amway it sounds good until you try to apply it.

For one thing, the up line who teaches this doctrine aren’t held accountable.   Where’s the fruit on the tree and trail of success?   Why don’t goops and functions lead to more sales and results?  Why do IBOs who do as they are told but fail get the blame?   Where is up line when this happens?  Up line. Sure is quick to take credit and pat themselves on the back.

Another issue is that some things that an IBO is expected to do is out of their immediate control and there are bumps in the road caused by the Amway reputation such as negativity.  You can’t force people to see the plan, sign up or buy Amway stuff but it’s part of upline expectations if you want to succeed.   Miss a few of these vital steps and suddenly a promising young IBO is a failure who has nobody to blame but himself.  

So I ask, where is the upline accountably?   The system doesn’t churn out the results and expectations that are shown in recruitment meetings.   Who is accountable for that?  The downline?  I don’t think so.  😩

Friday, January 17, 2020

Blame Yourself, Not Amway?

One of the things Amway IBOs are taught by their "great" diamond leaders is to blame themselves for not working the business hard enough or not doing things exactly right, even if they do exactly as upline advised. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Many people put forth tremendous effort but still do not succeed.  But uplines want to be absolved from any responsibility so they teach downline that failure in Amway is their own (The downline's) fault. Upline however, is quick to take credit for any success, even if minimal.  

But the reason is why hard work doesn't equal success is because an Amway IBO is basically a commissioned sales person. In commissioned sales, one can work hard for no reward and at times, little effort may reap large rewards. But in Amway, with a crappy reputation, Amway IBOs are given a handicap that most simply cannot overcome. Getting new people to recruitment meetings is hard enough, not even factoring in the abililty to sponsor others. When factoring in these tidbits, it's easy to see why uplines teach buy from yourself and selling is not important. It deflects the fact that selling is nearly impossible with less than competitive prices (in general)

Additionally, IBOs are encouraged to join the "system" such as WWDB, LTD, N21, etc.  The system costs money and teaches IBOs to engage is many non income producing activities such as attending countless meetings and functions that do not result in increased sales volume.  Imagine a store owner whose store was constantly closed so the owner could meet with other owners and/or someone who encourages them to do things that don't produce sales volume.  That store owner would fail, which is what at least 99+% of Amway IBOs do. 

The work involved is very simple. Sell products and get other IBOs in your downline to be able to leverage your volume. Many Amway IBOs work hard and attend all of the functions and do all of the steps as outlined by upline, but very few reap rewards and most quit when they realize that the system doesn't work. It is sad that on top of losing money, that IBOs are also taught to blame themselves for their demise. Where is the upline when IBOs bust their butts working hard and get no rewards? On top of that, to make it worse, uplines profit from selling training and motivation to their downlines. Why aren't they held acountable?   

I've read comments by some Amway defenders wanting to sue Amway critics for a potential loss of business. But most critics, like myself are simply stating our experiences and opinions. Many of which are true and still happening today. So I will ask, what about the millions of former IBOs who may have lost billions of dollars because of false claims which led them to believe that they would get rich following upline advice? Maybe former IBOs should unite and file claims against unethical upline leaders who led them astray?   How can IBOs lose business from a critic when the vast majority do nothing and/or ultimately fail anyway?

In any case, hard work doesn't equate success in Amway and I dare anyone to try to prove me wrong.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Amway Just Sucks?

What manyAmway defenders seem to miss is the very real possibility that Amway just sucks.  It may look good at a board plan with an eloquent speaker showing the plan but when all is said and done, the vast majority of people wind up with a loss after their investment of time and money.

What goes unnoticed too often is that the system simply doesn’t work.  Sounds easy to “find six” but the fact is that most people will never find 6 people interested in seeing the plan, much less finding six down line platinums.  Only a fraction of one percent of IBOs eve go platinum so do the math on finding and maintaining six of these groups down line.

The products is general are generic in nature but premium in price.  That’s a fact that makes Amway a nearly impossible business to succeed in.  Toss in the bad reputation and you have a recipe for disaster.  The obvious is that Amway just sucks in my opinion.

It’s too bad that starry eyed prospects usually can’t see through the smoke and mirrors because their vision is blurred by dreams of residual income and early retirement.  Sadly, the false dreams turn into broken dreams all too often.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Amway Mind Game?

This was a comment left on this blog. It is a very good description of what many Amway BOs experience and how uplines manipulate them. 

Amway is totally a mind game. Controlling your mind is the name of the game. Each and everything that is said from the stage, in the cd..is done for a reason. When you are in it, you dont think u are being manipulated. Rather you are made to feel like you are a winner..and you are exceptionally better off than the average outside(non-amway) people, whereas in reality you are loosing every day- loosing in the sense, you are not getting the results for the efforts u are putting. 

Every possible negative situation that could happen is thought of and covered from the stage, and the cd. For eg: let's say u have been in the business for 5 years and not making profit. You will listen to a cd where the speaker says nothing happened to them for the first 5 years of business- so u will be like, this is so similar to my story..if I stay a little more time, it is going to work for me. 

The job world and the outside people (non-amway people) is painted in such a negative color in the system, so u will be like business is not working..but jobs dont work either...let me stick it out and make it in the business...anyway i will not be able to even spend any time with people outside, let me stay in the business. 

You are encouraged to have bigger dreams and get pictures of your dreams on your fridge or have a dream board. In a way this keeps u in the biz, b'coz it is your dream and u are like, how can i choose to leave the biz and these dreams. 

Big time stroking of ego happens in all associations. At all associations, whoever that is getting results at that time is promoted through the roof. Sometimes when u are not getting any results, some of the big pins, wont even acknowledge ur presence. U will be like...i will show it to u, what i am capable of and will stay in the biz some more time.

The main goal of the system is to keep u in the biz for some more time, until that next function or seminar comes to pump u up or give u hope. In the meantime u will be buying 300PV worth of product and increase Amway's business and will be buying tools and be inncreasing your system's income. 

If u have a few people in your group, quitting becomes even more difficult, u will be like..how can i tell these people, whom i gave dreams and got them in...that i am not going to pursue. 

If ur upline is in the local area, if u tell them that u dont want to continue, they will come to ur house, spend hours with u and will use every technique in the book to keep u in. 

For those of u who have read "How to win Friends and Influence people"- two main techniques are used from that book in amway business: 1) Appeal to Nobler cause- There is no real money in Amway for most people- so what do they appeal to - Impacting people, better marriages, great families, Free Enterprise, Intagible benefits like becoming a better person etc etc etc. 

2)Dramatize your ideas- This is what happens in the function- whereas everything is dramatized--incredible fear about economy, job world is put in your mind and incredible rewards achieved by people in the business is constantly talked about( in a crowd of 3000 in a function, at the most 20 so called successful people talk-so there is your ratio of sucess.) 

So, how does this business run? why do people stay in? for HOPE...HOPE of making it one day..HOPE of achieving their dreams...They stay afloat with HOPE

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Lose Your Shirt In Amway?

One of the issues I have with the Amway plan is that the newest IBO, possibly the one who does the most "Work", receives the smallest compensation. Amway pays about 32% (or more) of their income back in the form of bonuses. An IBO who does 100 PV receives a 3% bonus and somewhere, uplines and sponsors receive the rest. Some of the upline may not have even met the IBO who actually did the work. Is that really fair and is that a level playing field? What do some of these uplines do to deserve the lion's share of the bonus you worked to get? Yes, the upline diamond may show the plan in an open meeting, which may help you, but then again, you pay for entrance into that meeting.  If an IB O shleps and goes door to door selling 100 PV worth os stuff, he/she gets a 3% bonus and splines gets the rat of the close to 30% bonus generated by the downline's efforts.  How is that a good deal?

Many uplines will talk about dreams and fulfilling your dreams. But if an IBO would stop and think for a moment, you can easily see that you are building the dreams of your upline, and not your own. You receive a tiny portion of the bonus for the volume that you move, and then in addition, if you are on the system, then you are also paying upline in the form of tool purchases for the privilege of giving them bonuses with your product purchases.  And what good does spline advice do for you?  Are you profiting from them advising you to buy more audios and attending more functions?   I doubt it.

It is why your upline diamonds can parade around on stage with designer suits and show you their fancy cars and mansions and other toys. It is because they are cashing in on your efforts. You are making their dreams come true. Your dedication to moving volume and purchasing standing orders and other materials are fulfilling dreams. The upline dreams. Yes, someday you can hope to have your own group of downline to exploit for your own benefit, but unless you are adding members to your group almost daily, you will never achieve the kinds of dreams that uplines talk about. In the meantime though, you are definitely helping someone upline achieve their dreams with every function you attend. Ironically, the upline leaders will tell you to never quit, even if they don't know your personal circumstances. 

Here's a challenge for IBOs and/or prospects who are being recruited into the Amway business. 100 PV will cost around $300 a month and dedication to the tools system will cost you around $250 a month on average, or more, depending on your level of dedication.  Would you not be better off simply writing a check to your upline for $100 and not even joining? Would you not be better off staying home and watching television instead of joining? If you read all of the information available on this blog and still decide to join, good luck to you, but remember this: Whose dreams are being fulfilled by your participation? Yours or your upline?

Friday, January 3, 2020

Chasing Your Dreams?

One of the things that get people excited about joining Amway is the big talk about dreams. My former LOS, WWDB, still has a big annual function called "dream nite". At dream nite, the diamonds will display a slide show with pictures of mansions, sports cars, jets, jet skis, vacations, golf outings and other fabulous goodies that will get people excited. For many, the prospect of not having to work 9-5 while still having cash roll in is enough to convince them that Amway is the greatest thing since sliced bread was invented.

The problem is that the diamonds are simply filling prospects and IBOs with false hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams that will not materialize except perhaps for a very select few.

While some people may attain some of these goals and trappings of wealth, the vast majority, probably more than 99% of people who come and go through the business, end up in failure and most with a loss of money. Even those who may put forth heroic efforts often find themselves at a loss after several months or several years of effort. I suspect that many diamonds themselves, cannot afford the luxuries they show off. There is evidence of this happening. Several diamonds have had homes foreclosed, a prominent triple diamond was in bakruptcy proceedings. Former diamonds have come forth and explained that their income came mainly from tools and that Amway income wasn't that much. Some diamonds have resigned or quit, which debunks the myth of lifelong residual income. Some diamonds even took their entire groups and left Amway for other MLMs. So much for Amway being the best and providing lifelong residual income.

It is a sad thing indeed, that so many innocent prospects and IBOs have been deceived by shady upline leaders into thinking that in a short time frame, they will be purchasing homes in cashm retiring before the age of 40, and "walking the beaches" for the rest of their lives. In fact, I don't know of any diamonds who have done just that. It appears that crown ambassadors and others are all still working! Why aren't there people going diamond and then "walking away" to live a quiet life of luxury unmatched by any other opportunity?

Maybe it is a big lie or a myth? IBOs are basically dedicating their time and money to chasing an unattainable dream? How many IBOs do you know of that achieved those dreams?

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Amway Success Is Highly Unlikely?

So many eager and motivated young people join Amway with the hopes that they will retire early, live a life of luxury and basically enjoy life with no worries. Most of the people who join Amway are very likely to be motivated, hard working and wanting more out of life. Their intentions are great but it leads to the question of why do so few people actually get anywhere in Amway and why are there so few new diamonds, at least in the US and Canada in the last 10-20 years?

I think part of the problem is that the folks who recruit new prospects into Amway often imply that everyone has a chance to be a diamond and they also imply that it's not that difficult. I heard comments once that going platinum was so easy that someone's dog could do it. It's obviously not true when a fraction of one percent of IBOs (.26% according to Amway) ever reach the platinum level and even those who do often are unable to maintain that level of volume. 

Now let's break it down to numbers. A platinum group is often typically 100 to 150 IBOs. Of course not all of them are busy moving products or recruiting downline. A diamond group is six platinum groups plus some side volume, thus a diamond group is likely to have 750 to 1000 IBOs. Being a platinum can be compared to being the manager of a company and a diamond is like being a CEO of a big organization. In a job, you can work your way up and eventually become a manager or CEO. Some IBOs think they can never achieve those goals at work, but they mistakenly think they can surpass their sponsors in Amway so it's a better deal. But even if you earn more than your sponsor, does that mean you will eventually reach platinum or diamond? I think a better gauge of success would be those who go diamond. Diamond is often portrayed as the pinnacle of success and is the target shown in "the plan". 

However, as I stated, going diamond would also be like achieving the level of CEO in a company. There is only so much room at the top. That is true. While there can be many diamonds, you would still need to have about 100 to 150 downline to achieve platinum and you would still need six platinum downline groups equating about 750 to 1000 downline IBOs to be diamond, plus your personal group. Thus a diamond is like a CEO who creates his own company. Factor in that half your group is likely to quit each year, thus you must replace hundreds of IBOs every year to maintain the minimum qualification of platinum or diamond. Add the in name "Amway" that makes some people cringe and maintaining a group is a daunting task. Imagine being a CEO of a company that loses half of their employees every year. That's what a diamond "lifestyle" includes. 

It is my informed opinion that a diamond lifestyle is one of hectic schedules, constantly working to help your groups maintain volume and bringing in new IBOs, plus sponsoring and maintaining your own personal group of 2500 PV volume. If you cannot maintain 2500 PV personal volume, I believe you would not qualify for some of the bonuses paid by Amway. Also, because the rest of the workers normally works 8-5 or so, a diamond is out working the night shift and odd hours trying to keep the group intact. Also, factor in the travel to functions for speaking engagements and a constant churning of meetings and you have little time to actually work your business and spend time with family. Sadly, many people join to gain more time and money and they often end up with less time and less money because of their involvement with the constant meetings and functions. 

So can someone succeed in Amway? Certainly it has been done, but I believe that many diamonds are possibly busier working odd hours than someone with a job with regular hours. The diamond lifestyle may be shown as fabulous, but I believe the reality is not as nice a picture. See my previous post about visiting with a diamond.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

"CORE" Guarantees Failure?

A breakdown of what Amway leaders call "CORE" and why it doesn’t work. Here are the CORE steps. Some groups may have variations of CORE, but this is generally what many groups use. Some things may have changed but the general premise is likely the same:

1 - Show the Plan (10-15 per month)

2 - Retail the Products (10 customers @10 PV each)

3 – CDs/Audios

4 - Books (Read 15 minutes or more daily)

5 - Functions (attend all)

6 - Accountability

7 - Counsel with Upline (Be teachable!)

8 - Buy 100% of your own products

9 – Communikate

Many upline will tell you that your success is nearly 100% guaranteed if you follow these steps for 2-5 years. Some Amway enthusiasts will tell you that 6 months of this activity will nearly assure you of a platinum level business. Certain steps are within the IBO’s control, such as reading every day and listening to cds, and attending functions. It is also easy enough to be accountable, counsel with upline, buy your own products, and use KATE (voicemail).

Here’s where an Amway IBO’s efforts will break down. Showing the plan and retailing products. And remember, if you cannot do these steps then you are not considered “CORE” and your upline will likely tell you that it is your own fault and that you simply haven’t been CORE, therefore you did not achieve success. There is some truth in this but let me expose the system in a different angle.

Amway has a spotty reputation in the US. I don’t think anyone can dispute this fact. Therefore, for the vast majority of people, being able to show the plan 10-15 times per month is a nearly impossible task. If you are able to do this, you are a really good salesman or a good liar. In this scenario, the IBO is already successful, but not because of CORE, but simply because the IBO has the gift of being able to convince people into seeing the plan. But for many IBOs, they may contact hundreds of people and not be able to get anyone to see the plan. Even IBOs who follow upline advice on how to contact will probably not be able to show 10-15 plans per month. Thus this IBO, who is doing the work, will not be able to succeed. The system will blame the IBO, but the reality is that the IBO has too big of a disadvantage to overcome.

Secondly, with high prices (on average) and with a spotty reputation, most IBOs are unable to retail products. Amway itself has admitted that less than 4% of Amway products are sold to customers (non IBOs). Thus most IBOs are unable to sell products, therefore they are not CORE, therefore upline will blame the IBO for failure..

What if an IBO contacts 1000 people and cannot get 10 people to see the plan? Upline will claim that IBO is not CORE and therefore it is personal failure of the IBO. IMO, the only reason why upline can claim that CORE works is because in order to do the CORE steps consistently, you have to already be at a certain level of success. The vast majority of IBOs cannot and will never be able to reach that level.

That is the myth and the deception that many uplines will use to attract recruits. That each IBO can do the CORE steps. When only a fraction of 1% ever reach the level of platinum or higher, the numbers strongly support what is written here. Apologists are welcome to try and prove me wrong, but they can't. :D