Monday, May 18, 2009

Amway - Price Comparison With Costco

Guess who won?

Amway – Prices Comptetive?

Funny Story, the other day at work, I get a call from a friend, asking me to deliver a package for him to a mutual friend. A catalog drops out of the bag. It’s an Amway catalog, and apparently a friend of mine still buys dish drops. Anyway, I look at a few popular items from the catalog and compare them to Costco prices. I am shocked. Just by purchasing Gatorade at Costco instead of quixtar, I already get $14 savings and 80 ounces more product!

Prices Competetive?

XS Sports drinks 24 16 oz bottles = $30.00
Gatorade 24 20oz bottles = $15.95 (at Costco)

XS energy drinks 8.4 oz (case of 12) = $23.99
Red Bull 8 oz (case of 24) $31.30 (at Costco)

Double X (31 day supply) $78.05
Multi Vitamins (3 month supply) $24.80 (At Costco)

SA8 6.6 pound (100 loads) $22.75
Kirkland (5 gallon bucket from Costco) $15.99

Meadowbrook bath tissue 48 rolls $29.99
Kirkland bath tissue 36 rolls $11.99 (Costco)

Smart menu Pasta 12 – 16 oz. Bags = $24.99
Golden Grain Pasta 12 16oz. Boxes = $8.99 (Costco)

Smart menu chunk light tuna 24 6 oz cans $25.99
Coral chunk light tuna 12 6 oz. cans $5.99 (Costco)

Progresso soups 8 19 oz cans $19.99
Progresso soups 8 19 oz cans $11.99 (Costco)


  1. Dang it Joe...remember

    The facts don't matter...

  2. I know, because you "get paid" to buy Amway products. Costco doesn't pay you. LOL

    1. Actually costco does give back a certain amt of money.

    2. AND amway products are 10 times better

    3. Yes, you get paid, or save, when buying Amway products as an IBO member, but the question is "which item works the best?" and I can only truly say it is AMWAY for I have seen testimonies and even felt better myself when using the Amway products.

      An American who came to the Philippines to die found an Amway advertisement and began asking where to find the office and how to join and when he joined a doctor who is also an Amway helped him drop all his medications in exchange for the vitamins and he is saving anywhere from 50 to 70% and remember even his insurance was paying partial towards the medications and he still was paying, as well, but now he buys the vitamins and he saves as well as the tax payers since his insurance no longer pays which is Medicare

      Testimonies speaks louder than the price and if you want to save join Amway

    4. Those are some pretty unfounded and questionable medical claims you are making. Can you back up your claims?

  3. JC...You forget that the products offered through Amway are far superior....nevermind that they appear to be the same...

  4. Yes. Like a Rolls Royce and a Ford Mondeo is the same - Four wheels, engine, steering wheel.

    Do you even know what organic means? And Phyto Nutrients

  5. Lets see who retires first. The costco shopper or the Amway shopper!

  6. Question
    If Amway has higher prices because it has better quality than why

    Progresso soups 8 19 oz cans $19.99 amway
    Progresso soups 8 19 oz cans $11.99 (Costco)

    I have often wondered if it isn't the multilevel marketing approach where upline folks make profits from those they recruit and where you can reach a point where you can retire and be supported by those you recruited..if this isn't the reason why Amway is so expensive.

    At some point you have so many people making money off other people that the only way to support the system is to raise the price of the product to keep the system going.

    The reason so many people are fans of Costco is because they don't even have to look at the price of an item. It's generally always cheaper at costco. Their aim is to deliver quality products at the lowest prices.

    Whereas the aim of every Amway representative is to eventually work his way up the chain so he can retire on the backs of the recruits he has made.

  7. isn't retiring off the backs of those you recruit the same as any business????? I mean...if you could hire a bunch of lame brained bloggers to write for you and make money for you and they were ok with that, cause they were making money too, you probably would. Don't be hater Joe.

  8. my guess is you guys tried amway for 3 days didnt make any money because you didnt do anything and quit. of course your not gonna make any money in it when you quit after a short period of time. you guys are the kind of people that quit whatever you do no matter what it is.

    and just to let you know amway actually dropped their prices added new bonuses and insentives and increased sales from 7 billion to over 8 billion last year while all the other companies are laying people off. how can you even say no one makes any money.

  9. Ya gotta compare aples to apples, or in this case, energy drink to energy drink. You will always be able to find better prices on some items, regardless of where you shop. The issue is quality. serious.

    Oh, yeah, and CostCo is not really very ubiquitous. Plus yuou have to drive there, put up with the masses, stand in how much is your time worth? You buy Amway on line and save. That should be worth quite a bit, unless you are a slug with nothing to do but go to CostCo anyway.

    1. walmart is evan cheaper than costco i did the math if i buy all my everyday products at walmart compared to amway i would save $6759.00 a year thats $563.00 a month one year into amway i was making $100.00 a month, thaT means i was loosing $463 a month on amway but they only count the $100.00 you are making. SCAM

    2. You save..bullshit. the prices are rediculious. Going to the grocery store costs? like how much? there are two right by my place i can choose from and it take me 2 minute to get there. how much gas? 10 cents? And why are you so parinoid about crowds? Do you prefer living in a cave in front of your computer? Why dont you go at off hours like 2 in the afternoon on a week day or 9 at night when there is no lines at all? After all if you are with amway you should be free to go anytime youd like.

    3. To be quite plain and forthright, not all products are that much better at any direct sales company - i.e. Avon/Amway/Herbalife. But, most of the products are worth more to someone who sees the potential of owning a business that does not own him. In reality, a pack a day smoker could become a network marketer by quitting his habit. He can, with some people skills build a business that can do more than pay some bills. There are a lot of people that gamble, smoke, drink and throw money at things that will never give them a dollar back. I'll guess that it comes down to what you want to throw your money at; if you feel you have no money to throw at anything - then you will never do any kind of business. But then some people dream bigger than others.

  10. Uh, Anonymous? No, "retiring off the backs of those you recruit" is most definitely NOT the same as any business. That's just another ignorant "come back" your upline has fed you and it's total BS.

    Take my own job for instance (yes, I work in a business). I don't recruit anyone, and my pay does not depend on the performance of anyone else in my company...I do not get a percentage based on how/what someone else does. I am not required to buy anything from my own company - they pay ME.

    Is this concept really that hard to understand? In a legitimate non-pyramid business, there is no "upline" and people do not move up based on bringing new people in to the bottom layer. In fact many people move up by finding ways to save costs and ELIMINATE the bottom layers!

  11. I don't usually care to argue for pro's and con's. Some people like it, some don't, that's just the way it is with everything. In this case, those that are pro Amway are looking for people that are looking for something more. As for me, I do it because I want to help as many as I can by sharing an opportunity and teaching them what to do with it.

    Everybody can start their own business. I have started several myself, but I can promise that none have been as hassel free to start as my Amway business. Besides, even if you stat your own business, how would you know what to do unless someone was willing to share their experiences? Chanses are you'd fail. And truth is that most entrepreneurs, or newly started companies do fail, and most of the time the reason is not a bad product or a bad idea, simply just a lack of business know-how.

    Let's not dillude ourselves. We are ALWAYS dependant upon the people around us, no matter occupation. If not, who's going to buy what your company offers? And if nobody buys the products or services, from where then will the money to pay your salary come?

    I would rather work on building people up then on tearing them down. That's me, you choose for yourself what you would like to do.

  12. Wow what a fraud comparison. you truely have decieved your readers on this one.

  13. yea...i dont know what the arguments are about...whether u do amway or not it shouldnt matter..f u hate amway but u devote lots of time into bashing it then i think u still have a little interest in the company...and as far as all the pro super amway amway..dont get brainwashed...attending a function and wasting 3-400 dollars is the same thing as buying the fucking cd that there going to make from it...whats the difference?? i dont know would you rather waste 300 or 8 dollars??? ur choice

  14. The point can always be made that buying from Amway puts money in your pocket, but if you can keep the same amount of money by purchasing somewhere else, why waste your time on a pyramid scheme?

    I just attended a meeting last night, and I can tell you that eight hours ago, I was seriously considering going into business for myself through Amway.

    What I didn't realize was that I'd just be going into business for Amway.

    Sure, someone who bashes the hell out of the system and gets hundreds of people working in their downline *might* be able to profit from the residual bonuses, but that sort of relies on people buying into the scheme.

    Sure, people who are Anti-Amway have to have some sort of interest in the company, because they don't want to see more people get sucked into it. Eventually, and, granted, it may be well down the road for the company, there is going to be a whole crop of "bottom level" IBO's that get screwed over when the IBO's above them decide they want out. People who have put in some serious time and/or money to work the system, only to have it fail based on the shortcomings of the business model.

    Give it time.

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  16. I wish Amway offered spelling classes to their IBOs!

    I've been offered the chance to participate in the pyramid, but have no interest either way. It was painful to sift through the comments above and try to figure out what was trying to be said. I thought maybe I could be swayed, but seriously, the lack of grammar skills is sickening.

  17. my boyfriend has been involved in amway for 2 years now and is in debt thousands of $$...YET he insists on staying in it, that his dreams will be met etc. etc.... I love my boyfriend, and we have been together for over 4 years living together for 1. I have to admit, I am not a fan of AMWAY! It has done nothing positive for our relationship. They mess with keeping his priorities straight. If someone offers you or your significant other the "opportunity" with amway, i would highly recommend to say "no!" And if anyone has any advice for me... HELP! lol Like i said i love him dearly and would like to be with him for the rest of my life, but this company has gone waaaay to far, not just financially but keeping his priorities straight. thanks.

  18. Never try to talk your spouse out of doing things they desire to do, no matter the industry. Your resistence alone will destroy your relationship, not a 3rd party business he's tied to.

    To 'the anonymous' person who posted upline/pyramid nonsense ~ my downline makes more money than me because every % bracket beginning w/3% has a required volume.

    In a pyramid, my downline would NOT have been able to make more money than me - Amway Global has always structured their bonus scale to reflect individual volume + incentives..

    The only problem Amway ever had were obnoxious well-off IBOs who people are judging Amway on.. the two were always parallel and separate from one another in respect to educational tools and now AmwayGlobal nipped that in the butt and controls it .. with a million lawyers having worked out the language.

    The ill-motive Diamonds who set a ball rolling in a certain direction ARE GONE. Let the next 50 yrs be filled with people of integrity and then these little hate bloggers can whine away.

    To use an analogy, Amway IBO team distributorships are A LOT like Basketball Courts at Park Districts. There are man of these courts to play on, but the foundation net and game rules are the same... Would you stop playing basketball because the park you experienced had bullies on the court? Or would you find a court where you were comfortable and felt safe because you don't intend to quit playing basketball? Amway = Basketball in this analogy.

  19. Could you at least compare apples to apples in your comparisons? Perhaps showing the readers of this blog what you are comparing other than price? How about quality of product, ingredients,cost-per-use, manufacturing methods?
    You "compare" Costco synthetic vitamins (which are chemically manufactured) to a product (Double X) which is organically grown, processed, and manufactured.
    As with several of the products listed here, you do a GREAT disservice to your readers by alluding that they are all equivalent in quality.

    Oh, and as for the soup, Amway has never touted brand-name products as being more cost effective. They simply offer it as a matter of convenience to IBO's and customers already using their web-portal as a shopping site.

    Susan Chambers, California.

    1. LOL, Do you know the difference between "Organically grown" and actual "Organic"? "Organically grown" means nothing, if it's in plastic case :-)

    2. Have you seen the nutrilite website... there are organic certificates of the farms on which they harvest. Now catching the words would be easier "Organically grown" or "Organic"...

      Let me ask you few things... Have you ever purchased organic products from the market? Do you know the value of organic products? Do you know the organic products are more than double the price of non-organic products

      If your answer is in Yes, then do not compare Nutrilite with some junk vitamins...


    3. How are organically grown materials better than non organic? Do you have scientific studies (not from Nutrilite) to confirm your claims/

  20. Hi Susan, if you post an unbiased review of nutrilite vitamins versus costco, I will post it.

    BTW, my blog post wasn't about the quality ratings of products, it was about price comparisons. In a stuggling economy, many people are concerned with prices aren't they?

  21. Hi Joe,
    I will be happy to post an unbiased review. I think it's fair and honest. And I would hope for future blogs, you will do the same.

    While I have done research on Centrum Vitamins and their ingredients as well as Nutrilite, I've not done any on Costco's. Since you only listed 'Multi Vitamins' above, can you please give me more information on which brand you used?
    I'm not a Costco member, so I'm hoping the ingredients can be found on a credible website. If not, may we use Centrum as a model?
    I will let you know that I will not be near a computer to re-post with my information until next week, so I hope that's ok.

    My main goal is not to discredit anyone or any company. I prefer only to give factual information that can be researched by someone reading this, and of course, listing credible sources of that information.

    Oh, and I don't necessarily feel that all of us would prefer price vs quality. In this day an age, I prefer to give myself and my family what is best for them. I do agree with you in the respect that everyone is looking for a bargain, but it's not always just about price. With many things, the addage says, "You get what you pay for."


    1. You right! but think about this,
      Amway Vitamins + Organically grown(Actually, it is not Organic) + IBO's incentive = $$$
      Amway Vitimins are good quality but way over priced. you can fine same quality with less expensive product at any Vitamin store.

  22. Hi Susan, why not try Centrum, I believe Costco sells it. I don;t disagree that there may be some advantages to certain vitamins, but as I said, in a tough economy, most people mainly look at the price.

    I've heard comparisons about Nutrilie being the cadillac of vitamins, but in the eyes of the general public, you are driving a Hyundai thinking it's a cadillac and paying for a cadillac to boot!

  23. Amway is BULLSHIT! I cannot believe so many intelligent people can be fooled so easily.

    The always bring you to private presentation where they make ludicrous claims, ie partners with Nike, Dell, At&t etc etc. But you never get these things out in the public.

    I wish a lawyer can explain how this type of business is allowed to exist - to me their main business is to cheat gullible people to join a pyramid scheme. Its a racket!

    Someone in this post said: "Never try to talk your spouse out of doing things they desire to do, no matter the industry"

    I am sure this person will allow his husband to be drug dealer and his wife to be a prostitute if he/she so wishes!

    *Shake head*

    I guess nothing can be done to those people who have been brain washed that this is a legitimate and moral business. It is neither.

    Amway has been at it for more than 10 years and i have several friends who tried sincerely for years. None of then made it even a little bit.

    In Amway presentation they claim you exchange time for money and doing Amway business you can fan out or "franchise" so less time spent but more money. Try doing it. It will be more time spent to generate the franchise and less money!

    And they claim they can sell for cheap because they cut the middle men! The who are those people who go on recruiting other people. Looks to me like middle men recruiting more middle men.

    Maybe Amway should get rid the middle men and sell all their product online! Like Amazon or E-bay.

    And i would like to see those self made millionaires in Time magazine, WSJ, interviewed for the New York times or appear on prime time TV!

    Any? Zilch!

    When this is a 50 billion dollar mess in 10 years time, some authority might finally wake up! And go, oh yes someone had warned us about this before!

    This is my opinion after being to their presentation and also having been to other similar schemes.

    Not to convince anyone of anything and i too am not going to convinced that this is nothing but a RACKET!

    You can wake a person who is sleeping but not one who is pretending to sleep!

    1. I 100% agree with u. U gave some good logic.

  24. Hey I guess you have alot of time on your hands to comp. prices or you work for costco. I feel bad that you have such a strong opp. of something you know really nothing about the prices are not even up to date. I don't think you have true meaning of the Amway. This company help many people become free. I think you needed to get all of your facts in before
    you make a chat room all about dissing this company.

    1. Sorry to disagree but i thank the blogger for giving me ( & thousand others) for giving the true picture of the amway scam. A guy took me to an amway meeting telling me that his company is recruiting. He gave me some vague ideas which sounded like i was going to a e-commerce start up. What a liar! He is the living example that what a liar these amway IBOs are! They wanted to suck the money out of a jobless person. Shame on u amway! Shame on u amway IBOs!

  25. WOW!! im sure all of you amway haters are WHITE! lol. Indian folks are succesfully running this business. Check your FOX 40 news. During this economy fall AMWAY climbed 15% in making money. Sucks for all you who arent in any internet business in coming 5-6 years. I really feel bad for all of you. Dont wait for the goverment or your boss to save you. haha

    1. Lol! When the economy was down more people got duped into the amway scam! Amway sucked the blood out of those poor fellows.

  26. Hmm, Susan never came back. Maybe she couldn't find anything cheaper thru Amway?

  27. I am a very VERY disappointed Amway IBO. Not only do you have to join BEFORE you can browse their products/prices but the IBO who recruited me LIED about EVERYTHING and also CHARGED ME EXTRA money to join his "business motivation group" without informing me that it was NOT part of Amway.

    Also, I have done my own price comparisons AND tested several of the Amway products. The Amway products are GENERIC QUALITY and MUST MORE EXPENSIVE!

    The ONLY WAY POSSIBLE for Amway to make money is to rely on lazy customers that do not do any research before buying.

    FOR EXAMPLE: On the Amway website there is a CLEARANCE section which has Amway products for HALF OFF their normal cost. Unfortunately for anyone who believes Amway, these "CLEARANCE" prices are still MORE EXPENSIVE than BRAND NAME RETAIL products!

    Also, the Amway recruiters will lie to you and tell you that as an IBO you will be getting "IBO PRICES" on your products. I was extremely upset when I found out that these "IBO PRICES" were about $0.50 cheaper! Yes, FIFTY CENTS cheaper! You save NOTHING with IBO prices!

    SUMMARY: Amway is not technically a "scam" but it sure is as close as it comes!

  28. Who let the dogs out, by the way!

    Enough is enough!

    Why dont post some clear-cut facts so one can decide and this would be useful to the reader!!

    Anybody there!

    Don't ask me to attend any meeting, I am a self-motivated person.

    secondly! hey Amway'iet is attending every meeting and purchasing all the promotional materials is compulsory?

    please don't tell me I am going to lose a friend in the near future (if the answer is yes for the above question....)

  29. i just got done reading a book that my girlfriends aunt and uncle "her upliers" gave me. they have been pushing amway on me since the day i met them. i wanted to see if there really was any money to be saved when buying amway products. why would anyone want to join if they were signing up to pay more for things they could get in the car and drive five minutes to get for cheaper? i havent done a personal price comparison yet, but so far its not looking too good for amway products. but we will see...

  30. Erm... About that Indian guy who thinks IBOs fail because they are... whites... how shall I put it... It's a no-life youtube level comment so it doesn't really deserve a reply but I have something related to share being an Indian myself.

    Amway is the worst thing that has happened to the Indian community in the US. I've been living in the US for nearly 10 years. My friends don't talk to strangers they see in Indian stores lest they are Quixtar peddlers. I talk to my friend in Chicago and he also told me the same thing. He, and most Indians hate Amway's guts because it has made Indians avoid each other. People from a country that is dominated by small town nicety and hospitality, people who are used to being open to the diversity of the Indian communities, they've all closed down to a stranger who looks Indian. And to think that living in a foreign country is THE place where you'd seek support of folks that KNOW where you're coming from(Think "Lost in Translation"). It's quite sad actually.

    I wonder if this is true for other immigrant communities as well. An immigrant coming to a wealthy country that is "made of dreams", would be an ideal candidate to pitch a "business system" like this. People who WANT to work hard. Who WANT to get rich (remember, family is something many of them have left behind). As far as they are concerned, riches is THE thing this country has to offer.

    my $0.02
    S B
    Los Angeles

  31. Who said Amway's been around for 10 years? I think you mean since 1959? Big difference; it’s also backed by the Better Business Burro, and the FTC as the ‘standard’ for what a legal businesses should be and yes, lawyers have reviewed the business, there are actually many lawyers who are making money in Amway. Paul Miller anyone? lol
    As for its prices, yes, Amway products are more expensive, but their also superior, so there’s that. If you think it's too expensive, you don't have to buy it you can maybe find retail customers if you choose.
    But why wouldn't you buy from a store that (potentially) will pay you back? Americans are so focused on ‘saving money’ on a bottle of soap but then turn around and spend $15 on their lunch with co-workers.. So the money they just ‘saved’ was pissed away and then some.
    Some of the items are too expensive for me but how often have you enjoyed a Starbucks cup of coffee or eaten out for dinner? Is Starbucks a sham because its beverages are more 'expensive' than McDonalds? Is there any doubt that Starbucks is a great business venture or that you would buy a Starbucks franchise if it was offered to you (and you could afford it)?
    In terms of 'people making money' off others, I don't care what you do, if you're employed, you work for money and you exchange eight hours of your time, you're producing money for the company, hence, someone is making money off of your productivity; you're the only one who can say if it's an even trade off.
    And where you work, there is always someone making money off of someone else, usually, it's the CEO/owner who is at the summit of pyramid and he makes all the money because it's his business. Is that fair? Well, sure, because you agreed to a certain level of compensation. What are the chances of you being the owner?
    In Amway/quixtar, everyone who starts has the same opportunity, your upline will NEVER, I say NEVER make more money off of YOUR business than you. I know this because I've made money in it and I have friends who made money in it and I've seen their pay checks.
    And if you have more qualms please produce some reliable, verifiable data other than your two friends 'who got in, tried it for two months and quit lol.

  32. Anonymous, your statements are not accurate. Amwya is not "backed" by the better business bureau and the FTC did not say Amway was the standard. In fact in 1986, the FTC fined Amway for false and misleading income claims.

    Yes, a store that pays you back is great, but Amway charges too much to begin with so you can still be better off buying the exact same product or something similar at Costco or Walmart.

  33. Um... goto to and you'll see that it's endorsed by the BBB, it's on the website and yes, you're right about the FTC filing in '86, but since then, it's written on all support material what the 'average' IBO makes.
    And as I said, yes, Amway is more expensive.

    It's all in how you look at it, if you look at the prices as if you're a customer who wants to spend time trying to find the best deal, then you're right. For a business person, who receives the discount and wants to make money promoting the products, it's really the opposite. I teach the ones I work with that they shouldn't be spending more money on Amway products then what they purchase at the store as long as they compare apples to apples and product volume. When they get higher in income or level in the business, like were I'm at, you're essentially buying the products for free from your cash back.
    You're changing your buying habits not buying more expensive, superfluous products to feed your upline's pay check, if you are, you have the wrong upline!

  34. On the Amway website, there is a link to the better business bureau website. It is not an endorsement. The BBB doesn't endorse anyone. The monitor how companies manage complaints.
    The FTC doesn't endorse anyone either.

    The cash back theory would work except that most IBOs don't sell to customers and factoring the useless functions and standing orders and you have a lose money situation for most IBOs.

  35. You have an answer for everything, don't you?
    And it's Joecool in the flesh? lol nice.
    Pardon my semantics, The BBB has provided Amway with business accreditation, which means, Amway is basically a legal and honest business, close enough of an endorsement for a proper, honest business to me.

    Cash back isn't a 'theory'. Just because some IBOs don't earn the bonus, doesn't mean it doesn't work.
    If someone flunks out of an accredited college, would you assume the school doesn't work?

    It's a fact that any IBO who buys/sells 100 PV worth of product gets 3% back, remember the performance bonus you received before you quit? I've been to many of the functions and they are far from 'useless' same deal with standing order. If someone follows the business plan provided, the business self sustains itself. If you start a business in AMWAY go to functions and spend money on tapes and never expose the business or run volume or quit the business then, you're right, it didn't work for YOU because you didn't work it. But one person's giving up or quitting or not working in the business doesn't negate the inherent success enjoyed by others. I swear, some people believe because they purchased an IBO number and go to functions and show the plan once a month that their business down-line will show up at their front door lol

    1. I know that the system works. However, putting down time and energy to sharing the plan to others and trying to reach potential customers but get a poor results makes me think that there are various factors to consider in order to be successful in this business. Recruiting more members to have structures is the way to do it but each of those members must do volumes by personal use and sell products to customers. The problem comes down to the customers who does comparison of prices from other brands with AMway's. Knowing their income constraint, they couldn't spend as MUCH money as they would want to. If they do, they would have to sacrifice on things like eating out,etc. That's stressful to me. With my income, When i budget my money and allocate them to whatever are top priorities, i don't really have $450 to spend on personal use...I had just enough to grab a burger or spend that on the weekend with my family. I didn't want to sacrifice that.

    2. Here's a challaenge. Imagine you sposored 10 people and you all did 100 PV. Your group as a whole would earn about $250 to $300 in bonus money. If each of you are attending functions and buying ds, you're probably spending $150 to $250 a month on tools and materials. The group i slosing ten times the amount of bonus they generate.

    3. Lets not forget, everything you use for your business is a tax right off.. cell phones, internet, gas, dinners out, standing orders, functions.. so haters will hate, I know who I will be seeing at the beach. It wont be you guys!!

    4. Those items can be tax deductible if you can prove they were to increase your business. If not, the IRS will count it as a hobby and you'll be stuck with a tax bill.

  36. Anonymous, read this article written by an Amway employee:

    Yes, Amway is legal. They also handle their complaints in a satisfactory manner. It doesn't mean Amway is a good business opportunity and it doesn't necessarily mean Amway has good products. The BBB also has not rated the teaching systems such as WWDB, BWW or N21. I'd like to see their take on these systems.

    The business cannot sustain itself. If it could, there would be tens of thousands of people walking the beaches of the world collecting residual income. It's all a myth. Why do you think Crown Ambassadors are all still working? Maybe they have to?

    And it's not one person quitting or giving up. Tens of millions of IBOs have been Amscammed in the past, thus Amways soiled reputation.

  37. ok, i have to give my take, I have been a registered IBO through LTD, a branch of AMWAY for approximately a year. I purchase only the products I like, and couldn't agree more with a comment above about the quality. I've done my fair share of research, and comparison's, and comparing the nutrition facts label alone puts amway products ahead. And go ahead and compare the cheapest products from costco to the products of amway, I GUARANTEE you'll like your amway product better than your costco product, did you know that AMWAY products have a 6 month guarantee that if you dont love your product, whatever it is, youll get a full refund, and you can do what you wish with your product. I'd like to see that guarantee anywhere else. You'd be lucky to get 30 days, if you didn't use the product at all. And, on another note, if amway was a "scam" im pretty sure the lawyers of companys like Best Buy, Disney, Nascar, Office Depot, Sears, Dell, etc, would've caught on to it, and not decided to get in business with amway, and they are, just check out the amway site, and click on partner stores, im also positive that none of the companies in business with amway would want to tarnish their name in anyway. And the last time I checked, which was 5 min ago, the BBB gives amway a grade of A. and the comment about IBO cost being only fifty cents cheaper, i dont know what product youre talking about, but please let me know. I will gladly meet with anyone who wants to see the price difference between customer cost, and IBO cost. It is also explained that Amway is not a get rich quick scheme, legitimate reward requires legitimate effort. just because Amway didn't work for you, doesnt mean it doesn't work for anyone else. I usually spend about $150 a month on products from Amway, and enjoy those products more than any product that I've bought anywhere else, and my checks from amway average between $700-$800 a month, sometimes more, sometimes less, and I only have one down line. So no one can say that I'm "making money from the pyramid below me" because there is no pyramid below me. I just have a lot of customers that enjoy our products more than they enjoy products at other stores. Even if I found a product at costco that i liked more than my amway product, guess what???? I'd buy it.


    1. how did you get your prospects? what techniques and skills you use? how do you approach them?

      from a new IBO

  38. Hi Jason, if you like Amway products and choose to use them, I have to problem with that. But please do not try to fool yourself and pretend that these products are cheaper than Costco. And guess what? Costco has a money back guarantee also!

    As for the BBB, it says nothing about the grade of Amway's products or the business opportunity. It just means that Amway handled customer complaints satisfactorily.

    And partner stores simply use Amway IBOs to move products. These partner stores don't sell Amway goods. Speaking of partners, I guess Amway had top notch people who allowed Amway to partner with Worldcom, Enron and Circuit city as well?

    Maybe next time you can post a specific price comparison? That might help your argument.

    Good luck Jason.

  39. Cost comparison for anyone interested on a few items?

    Nutrilite Daily Multivitamin (Amway)
    Cost/Day .08 cents (wholesale)
    Cost/Day .12 cents (retail)
    180 day supply


    Advanced Formula Centrum (Walmart)
    Cost/Day .15 cents
    130 day supply

    Plus, Nutrilite daily contains more of six essential nutrients compared to Centrum


    Legacy of Clean All Fabric Bleach (Amway)
    $8.05 - 42oz. (retail price quoted, wholesale price is even lower)

    Clorox 2 Liquid (Walmart)
    $8.29 - 33oz.

    Based on 7 uses per week = $4.25 savings per month using Amway brand.


    There are many more comparisons I could give. This is just a couple comparing prices from Walmart, known for low prices.

    As stated above from earlier posts, compare apples to apples when comparing prices and products.

  40. Here is a cost and comparison spread sheet of Amway products vs. Name Brand products in Virginia. Amway never promises that every product is cheaper or a better value. If you go on the site they simply state that all of their products are competitive with the leading brands in your local supermarket.

    SA8 + Bioquest Concentrated Detergent 2.2 lbs $10.95 33 use $0.33 9%
    Tide Powder Detergent 1.63 lbs $5.49 15 use $0.37
    Legacy of Clean Fabric Softener 101.4 oz $18.10 150 use $0.12 12%
    Downy Fabric Softener 44 oz $5.99 44 use $0.14
    Anti-Wrinkle Fabric Sheets 400 Sheets $16.98 400 use $0.04 0%
    Bounce Laundry Softener Sheets 200 $8.49 200 use $0.04
    Legacy of Clean All Fabric Bleach 2.6 lbs $8.05 40 use $0.20 31%
    Clorox2 Ultra Safe Color Bleach 1.89 lbs $3.49 12 use $0.29
    Legacy Of Clean Glass Cleaner 32 oz $4.60 136 use $0.03 84%
    Windex Glass Cleaner 26 oz $5.49 26 use $0.21
    Legacy Of Clean Bathroom Cleaner 32 oz $4.60 136 use $0.03 74%
    Lysol Bathroom Cleaner 32 oz $4.15 32 use $0.13
    Pursue Toilet Bowl Cleaner 24 oz $4.60 24 use $0.19 62%
    Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner 24 oz $2.99 6 use $0.50
    Legacy of Clean Dishwasher Detergent 50 oz $9.20 46 use $0.20 47%
    Cascade Powder Detergent 60 oz $5.99 16 use $0.37
    Furniture Polish 17 oz $4.00 51 use $0.08 45%
    Pledge 12.5 oz $5.99 42 use $0.14
    Tie 'N' Tote Trash Bags 13gal $18.99 120 bags $0.16 31%
    Glad Trash Bags 13gal $10.99 100 bags $0.11
    Meadowbrook Quart Zip Bags 300 $20.04 300 bags $0.07 23%
    Glad Quart Size 40 $3.49 40 bags $0.09
    Meadowbrook Plastic Food Wrap 1200 sq.ft $21.00 1200 sq.ft. $0.02 12%
    Saran Wrap 100sq.ft. $1.99 100 sq.ft. $0.02

    XS Energy Drinks 12-8.4oz $26.88 12 can $2.24 51%
    Red Bull Energy Drinks 12-12oz $54.99 12 can $4.58
    NUTRILITE Energy Bars 9 bars $19.98 9 bar $2.22 11%
    Power Bar Protien Plus Bars 12 $29.88 12 bar $2.49
    Nutrilite TwistTube Joint Health 20 tubes $10.99 20 use $0.55 11%
    KEY INGREDIENT: Glucosamine 1500mg per use
    Alacer Emergen-C Joint Health 30 packs $18.49 30 use $0.62
    KEY INGREDIENT: Glucosamine 500mg per use
    SimplyNutrilite Antioxidant Juice 12-8oz cans $33.00 12 use $2.75 31%
    Calories: 120 per can Carbs/ Sugar: 29g per can
    POM Wonderful Antioxidant Drink 12 oz can $3.99 1 use $3.99
    Calories: 320 per can Carbs/ Sugar: 78g per can
    Nutrilite Women's Supplements 30 packs $22.99 30 use $0.77 54%
    KEY INGREDIENT: Phytonutrients 675mg per day
    Women's GNC Ultra Mega Wellness 30 packs $49.99 30 use $1.67
    KEY INGREDIENT: Phytonutrients 407mg per day
    Mutrilite Men's Supplements 30 packs $22.99 30 use $0.77 47%
    KEY INGREDIENT: Phytonutrients 749mg per day
    Weil Complete Daily Pack 30 packs $42.99 30 use $1.43
    KEY INGREDIENT: Phytonutrients ONLY 60mg per day
    Nutrilite Food Bars 12 bars $23.99 12 use $2.00 7%
    Organic Food Bar 12 bars $25.89 12 use $2.16

  43. Your local supermarket ironically employs low-level workers to sell and manage the store for the owner of that particular franchise. Who in turn pays a price to own while also paying the owner of the company 3-4% of their stores revenue every year. To me, the owner of your local supermarket (if franchised) has created a team of people that includes a regional manager (your legs), district manager in that region (their legs), store managers in that district (their legs), who teach and manage low-level employees how to operate that store (your people on the bottom of the pyramid). If you wish to move up in the company you must prove yourself and work hard at your job to move up with many people never ever making it to the top and most quitting before ever getting a promotion. Also look at the business plans of companies like Budweiser and any alcohol distributor. The distributors work for themselves and are supplied by these companies and paid based on commission, while also being paid bonuses based on success. How do you think restaurants get their alcohol? I don't see people calling them pyramid schemes and they do the exact same thing as Amway. Also check into the claims and lawsuits of mistreatment by drivers of Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola who are paid as low-level employees and who have no Union to protect their rights. Basically, most businesses involved in retail have similar models to Amway with a similar number of complaints and lawsuits, but the difference is that these businesses are not considered pyramid schemes.

  44. Joe,

    Your above statement saying the if the business could sustain itself there would be thousands of people doing it etc...

    If everyone thinks its too good to be true and say "well if it's that good why isn't everyone doing it" and don't join because of that statement, of course your not going to join because your not thinking outside the box.

    You answered your own statement why people never join and don't succeed in this industry with THAT very statement.

    As far as the products and reps, Miss America herself reps our AMWAY cosmetic line ARTISTRY. I'll just leave it at that

  45. Does Miss America get paid to promote your Amway product line?

  46. Amway just launched in Jamaica,they're looking people to join their company.registration cost 21,does it make sense to join amway?

  47. very good research sir. if you have done further research into the price comparison. as an IBO you make the retail difference. so yes the prices are a little high for not only a better product but you also see the difference between wholesale and retail in the form of a check. so yes it does make perfect sense to join amway.

  48. Amway products are no different from any other products. Its only marketing techniques. People who make money support it. Others dont. Anway is doing well in third world countries where the general education levels are low. Costco products are good enough and shoud suit most persons. But for the people who blindly beleive that they get a better quality product just because they payed more...There is AMWAY...

  49. All very interesting stuff posted here.

    I am a relatively new AMWAY IBO having joined the business in Jamaica since Sept 2010, and it cost me 75 US to join, I need no credit card to place my orders and my up-line has a warehouse, we use our cellphones or a custom website to purchase goods on-line because 90% of everyone here has at least one mobile phone. Products are volume purchased to keep import\costs down for the group. I haven't been to all the meetings and it does not stop me from maintaining my membership. But this is not the case with all the Amway distribution groups. It is like other businesses, the customer service from different branches of the same business chain can differ. Everyone employed is there for different reasons.

    I too have been concerned with the cost of products until was walked through some local comparisons with my up-line. There are AMWAY products that are more cost effective than other local and imported products.

    There are different up-lines (managers) and some are lousy, others are great. Mine happens to use the products and has a warehouse ,

    There are products that I might not purchase as they do not go with my lifestyle or when I compare the bottom line are not economically viable.

    Does anyone buy everything at their favorite store? I doubt it, why? because you have choices and preferences, the Gatorade comparison was probably one of the worst comparisons because your comparing the wrong products, Gatorade compares with Amway's' twist tube juices which are packed with essential vitamins that you pour into an equivalent volume of water. You compare energy drinks with energy drinks, Gatorade is not an energy drink it is designed to replace lost electrolytes and essential minerals that we tend to lose in sports and other strenuous activities. Red bull, Monster, Nitro, these are what you should compare Amway's energy drink with. I believe the same applies to everything else.

    My 0.5 of a cent


  50. hope it works out well for you!

  51. Boy you really Love Costco. Your comparing apples to oranges in products. If you spent half the time and energy on something productive you could save the dollars and cents you so worried about.
    I'm sorry you dont get it! Have fun with Costco maybe you will get the 3% cashback membership.


  52. We have been IBO's since 1997 with LTD. At this time we are not active. Still maintain an IBO number and receive on average $250.00 a month. Amway products are superior. Not saying all, but most. Still use many. Our downline makes more money than we do and has for years. Even prior to us being inactive. They worked harder and are wider (structure) than we are. Have never had a problem with that. That is why it is not a pyramid. Amway is a great company. The good thing about owning your own business is that you deal with people. The bad thing is you deal with people. Seems to me the issues are with the tool systems. Because we have always persistently asked, we were aware that there was money made there. As long as this is disclosed, what is the problem? I know that there is an FTC brochure that backs the Amway money. Wy can't the same be produced for the "TOOLS". I don't see the issue with, once your business reaches a certain level you get a "bonus" for tools. Bonuses are given in other companies for reaching a certain level. Seems to me all that needs to be done is show the SYSTEM money in the plan. But I know I did not get the Amway money distribution for a while. If I had seen the plan with this money too,I would have been on info overload. May be upon singing the BSM you could be informed about this other income stream. Just some thoughts

  53. looks like Justin won, nice

  54. Don't forget that stores like Vons double coupons. So you can go get that $8 bottle of laundry detergent for 6 bucks or less if it's on sale. I'm really surprised no one has brought this up. When I go buy detergent, I look at what's on sale, and usually can find a store brand version of the good stuff that is still hypoallergenic and dye-free for much less. There's also this thing called a clothes line. Try using one for a week. You'll save money on fabric softener, power to the dryer, and increase the life of the dryer. Always use a clothes line when it's nice outside. Your dryer will thank you, the environment will thank you, and you'll save a considerable amount of money.

  55. Really don't know what the problem is with Amway. They give you the opportunity to start a business in sales whats wrong with that? Its a known fact that everything you buy is marked up so profit is made. Why is it that no one is talking about the owners of all the products mention in the price comparisons to the Amway products? They make money on the backs of their employees. Do they offer them a chance to own their own store?

  56. Im not going to comment on any of the actual facts that a lit of people are just throwing out there but I will comment on the attitude of some of these comments.
    First off regardless if you think someone is making a mistake all you can do is warn them what they choose to do with your advice doesn't matter. You can't try to force your opinions good or bad onto people because in the end they will decide for themselves.
    Second. If you really think Amway is a bad company why do you care, there are millions of other problems with the world that you could be focusing your time on.
    Third. This blog is obvisouly not going anywhere because if one person thinks basket ball is better and the other thinks football is better they both can come up with a million and one reasons why the other is wrong.
    All I know is that this blog started in 2009 and its now 2013 the world has changed and its not fair to use facts from 30 years ago. If your going to argue at least use facts from this millennia. That's all I wanted to say so I'm out :)

    1. First of all, thank for your comments, but you don't make any sense. I should be focused on other things? Pot meet kettle? This is not about whether you like football better than basketball. This is show that Amway' s prices are that competitive compared to Costco.

      And what facts from 30 years ago are on this post? You know gravity existed 30 years ago. Does that law not apply today?

    2. GET 'EM, JOE!

      **proud Amway hater**

  57. This blog has been very interesting. Joe did a great service by comparing Amway to Costco. I wish Amway people gave some better pricing information.

    There is one post in there that is awesome and gives a great comparison of products. Too bad the formatting sucks. Being a skeptic, I think I'll have to pay my $170 dollars and gamble that I can recoup the cost from Amway.

    Hopefully like one of the latter posters said, I will find enough products that are cheaper/worth it, for me to make the switch to the Amway products. Otherwise no lotto tickets for a year! lol.

  58. Well,

    who wins the really big crybaby of the day award?

    I don't really know.

    Get back to work and make your boss some money before he fires you and finds someone who will.

  59. Good man Joe. Yes Amway may be legal; doesn't mean it's not a scam. I was just told I would make$500 in the first month of doing it...ha ha ha ha...the poor fellows who fall for that. Cash back is also legal, but arguably also a scam. Joe keep up the work my man. You obviously know much more about Amway than even their supporters.

  60. I think the "savings" come in when you sign up as an IBO. As a mere buyer, you're obviously not going to receive huge savings cause then how the hell would any of the IBO's make any money??? That's why it's probably a better deal to sign on as an IBO if you're just interested in saving money - cause that's when you get the discounts.

  61. I like how most people in these comments are anonymous, including me.

  62. I also want to point out that no one else was willing to include is that costco charges a monthly membership fee to take advantage of their low prices as well 55$ for basic and 110$ for gold which allows you to earn 2% cash back on all purchases....

  63. It is so simple to understand.. If you get paid 10k for 20days of work, would you get 10k if you working for 10days only?? AMWAY has the plan, follow the plan then u get paid as they promised on that plan..