Wednesday, May 27, 2020

It’s That Simple?

My blog has gotten a number of comments about various Amway groups such as WWDB, LTD, etc, conducting online functions.  Of course, despite the lower cost of running an online function, upline diamonds appear to be charging regular prices fir these online functions. But let’s face it, with social distancing and the need to stay away from interacting with people, the Amway business virtually comes to a stand still.  But diamonds apparently need to continue to fleece their down line to uphold their diamond lifestyles, which might be a struggle right now.

So fir IBOS and prospects, Joecool will offer you some tips about your Amway business completely free of charge.  Personally I feel that Amway sucks as a business opportunity but if you must proceed I will give you free advice.

Don’t spend money you don’t have on Amway stuff and Amway training.  If your business doesn’t profit enough to pay for your functions and standing orders, then don’t participate until your business can at least support itself .  That will prevent you from piling up debt. If you can make enough profit without the Amway education, perhaps you don’t need Amway education.

Amway is about selling stuff, buying stuff and trying to recruit down line.  It’s really that simple.  Nothing more and nothing less.  While your upline has and endless supply of training and (paid) advice for you, it still boils down to your ability to buy, sell and sponsor.  It’s really that simple whether you fully understand it or not.

The Amway business is just a front for upline diamonds to sell tools and functions to IBOS and prospects.  Much like the Italian restaurant is a front for the Mob in movies and TV shows.  Because the Amway business is really that simple.  Your upline wants you to think you need extensive and never ending training because that’s their bread and butter.  You can take that to the bank.   😃

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Your Failing Amway Business?

Amway’s own stats show that the vast majority of IBOs fail.  When you factor in additional expenses such as standing orders and functions, the losses can add up to significant amounts of money.  I haven’t looked recently but the average IBO earned like $200 a month before expenses but that average is deceiving because it includes the “millionaire” diamonds and dies not include IBOs that did nothing.   When you factor in all of the business expenses, it’s possible for a large group to lose money collectively with only one higher up diamond or other pin profiting.

But what is truly scary and goes unnoticed by the rank and file is the idiotic advice that diamonds give their down line IBOS.  The advice fir a failing IBO is not to limit expenses or perhaps to stop purchasing tools.  Often these down line are advised to spend even more on tools.  That more Amway education will ultimately lead to success.  Sadly it just results in more business losses and rarely will the advice to spend more when your business is not profitable will rarely help a failing Amway business.

Additionally, upline will push the down line to sponsor others.  Thus an IBO ends up recruiting more failing Amway businesses as a means to succeed.  But for the upline diamond, the churn is just fine.  As long as the newbies buy an Amway kit, perhaps some products and maybe some tools and functions.  Fir the diamonds, this works just fine as long as you can keep replacing the quitters with new recruits.

All the whole, any persistent IBOs will keep churning until they finally realize that their efforts are futile and finally walk away.  Sometimes there are IBOs who get a good start and sponsor others and might have some momentum.  The diamonds will capitalize on this by building up that IBO until they ultimately fizzle out.

But it’s clear that the upline advice serves the diamonds better than the down line.  It’s crystal clear to me but not so much to the newbies or dedicated IBOs who haven’t seen through the scheme yet.  My hope is that prospects or even seasoned IBOs will see this article and see through the bad upline diamond’s advice.

Friday, May 22, 2020

What Retirement?

As states open up their economies during the covid 19 pandemic, life is going to start to resemble a world we once knew.  It might be a while before large gatherings are allowed so the diamonds might continue to fleece their down line by charging full price for online functions that are full of mostly useless advice.  Sadly many down line will wind up sacrificing money they can’t afford because their upline diamond said they should.

But I ask an honest question.  With all the head aches brought on by covid 19 restrictions, diamond continue to work and recruit new IBOS.  It made me wonder why none of the illustrious diamonds have exercised their right to walk away from their business to enjoy a peaceful and quiet life of retirement with barrels of cash flowing forever?  Many of the diamonds I saw at one time are close to or in their 60’s.   Isn’t the idea of residual income sold by the diamonds?  If they in fact have loads of residual income, why would they continue to remain busy running from function to function when they could kick back and enjoy life?

Let me offer a their that will be unpopular with IBOS.  The diamonds live check to check like many other people and unless they have created wealth by investing in things other than Amway, they are possibly in debt trying to show off the diamond lifestyle.  I recall hearing a diamond at a function I attended discourage people from investing in the stock market because it was like gambling. Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you are day trading, then that might be like gambling but investing in a solid company like Apple for example is a safe investment in the long run.

I find it humorous that diamonds sell Amway by claiming that it’s a ticket to early retirement but in fact, I don’t know of any diamonds who actually retired on Amway income.  What I did see was crown ambassadors dying on the job and some diamonds quitting or resigning from Amway.  So I ask again:  What retirement?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Buy From Yourself Nonsense?

Before many IBOs and prospects even heard of Amway, their uplines were hard at work thinking up ways to disarm valid arguments against Amway.  One of the things many people do not like is going out and selling stuff to others.  It was common to say Amway is perfect for you regardless of whether you liked selling it not.  It also disarmed the argument that people don't like selling

Uplines would use silly points such as buying from yourself as a business concept.  When you braking down, buying from yourself only makes you an Amway customer.  Your Amway business is a distributor hip, thus you buy from Amway and then hopefully resell the product for a profit. There's no profit in buying from your own distributorship.  Your upline might tell you something crazy like paying your business the full retail price and that becomes your profit.

Think about this. Say you buy a bar of soap for $20 but your cost is $10.  Your upline will say you made a profit of $10 but in reality, you moved $10 from your savings account into your business account.  It’s no profit if it came out of your own bank account.  But your upline will come up with these mind tricks to try to keep you motivated to stay in business so they can keep harvesting your money by selling you books, audios, functions and other forms of “education”.

Just keep in mind that as a business owner, you need to track your income and expenses.  If you aren’t making a net profit very quickly in Amway, when will you ever since there’s a cost for Amway products that you didn’t use before Amway and the never ending training that upline pushes.  In Amway presentations, they say you can profit quickly because of low overhead, etc.  But the mention of paying for training often could ex later after you commit to sign up.

It’s my hope that prospects/IBOs can see this and make informed decisions about joining or continuing in Amway.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

IBOs Beware?

One of the things that came up this year with covid 19 and the Federal stimulus were hoards of scammers trying to pry the stimulus money out of the hands of unsuspecting people.  Sadly, people fall for these scams which is why these crooks keep doing it.

I’m quite certain that the upline diamonds know about it and have been hard at work trying to figure out how to separate IzbOs from that stimulus money or the additional unemployment money that people might be receiving because of the covid 19.  I’m sure there will be a pitch on extra products or vitamins and of course, more consumption of tools and functions.

I just hope that IBOS and prospects will honestly analyze everything and monitor their monthly expenses and income if they decide to continue.  It doesn’t take long before monthly bonuses if $10 - $50 accompanied with monthly PV purchases of up to $300 and $100 to $300 or more monthly will turn into debt and eventually massive debt.

Your upline will call it a business investment or that you need to be educated but what is your return on investment?  You can keep shoveling money into a fire hoping  it will turn to gold because your upline said so but most likely you’ll be burning your money and will never see it again.

I recommend that you monitor your expenses carefully and really think about whether your tone and effort will turn a profit.  Keep in mind that you were likely pitched that Amway has low overhead so you can profit quickly.  But during the presentation, they don’t mention that you’ll be expected to shell out approximately $500 or more monthly fir tools and PV expenses.  Food for thought.  Stay safe!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Honest Question For IBOS?

I have a question for IBOs and it’s a sincere one.  Do you really believe that you will get rich and be able to walk the beaches in 2-5 years?   I know the diamonds make it sound easy but you know the old saying about how if something sounds too good to be true?  I know the diamonds try to skirt the issue by saying that Amway is hard work and that Amway is not get rich quick.  Some even say Amway is get rich slow.

But in the end it’s all BS.  If 2-5 years and being able to retire and walk the beaches of the world while wheel barrels of money rolling in forever is not a get rich quick scam, what is?  First off, name a few diamonds who walked away to enjoy that benefit of waking the beaches retired while income rolls in?  In all my years of research into Amway and personal experience, I have known of zero diamonds who achieved the level and walked away to collect their rewards forever.   I have seen a triple diamond file chapter 7 bankruptcy, diamond home foreclosures, and diamonds and higher levels dying while still working Amway.

So IBOS, do you really believe in pink unicorns and Amway forever residual income?  If that existed, you’d think there would have at least one diamond who would exercise that option.  Instead the diamonds feed you BS that they love you and work only for your success.  Do the math and figure out how much they make from selling books, standing orders , audios and functions and you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Lastly a diamond pin lasts forever so someone could go diamond one time and never qualify again but still possess the diamond pin and appear on stage earning income from books, audios, standing orders and functions.  When you understand this, you will know why diamonds are not retired and walking the beaches of the world.  More likely, diamonds are in debt living bonus check to bonus check like the people that attend their functions.   😃

Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Buy From Yourself Nonsense?

One of the biggest crocks taught by upline was the buy from yourself nonsense.  Be your own best customer.   Buy from yourself at full retail and use the profits to pay for your tools and functions is the BS that was taught.  Think about it, if you buy from yourself, the biggest profit goes to Amway and your upline.  You get nothing unless you meet the minimum PV level and even if you pay yourself full retail, the money in your business account cake from your own pocket.

Upline fools you into thinking you are a business owner when in reality you are simple a customer of Amway and possibly your upline.  Have you ever heard of someone making millions using a cash back credit card which is similar to the concept that upline uses where you buy what you need and get a rebate from Amway.  While it sounds ridiculous, this is what upline is schlepping on their IBOS and ssdly, many new IBOS fall for it.

Unless you sell a lot of products to people who are not IBOS, all you are doing is making money from your down line, if you even make a profit after paying for tools and functions.  Think about this concept carefully.  If you could buy your way to prosperity. You could simply buy 15,000 PV yourself and instantly become a ruby.  However, that much PV would cost nearly $50,000 dollars and your bonus money would not even cover half of cost of the PV you purchased.

So if your upline advises this concept, you should ask tough questions and demand answers or runaway from them as fast as you can.  Do the math.  I urge IBOS and prospects to heed this warning because uplines are also hurting in a tough economy but they have you as their downline to exploit fir income.  Beware!   😎

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Unlimited Income?

A recent site visitor comment stated that Amway had run low or run out of various commodities due to the hoarding going on with the covid.19 pandemic going on.  It got me to thinking about a claim that my upline made at one time.  That as an Amway IBO, you can earn unlimited income.  Sky’s the limit they would say.

While that claim sounds nice, it’s just wild hype in the end.  As with many other things in Amway, you are limited by Amway itself.  Just like you can’t advertise without their convent, and you likely can’t win any disputes with Amway, you are also limited in earnings in terms of you can’t sell what Amway doesn’t have.  I suppose you could sell everything in the Amway warehouse but good luck with that.

In the end, it’s just another questionable claim made by upline leaders in order to put lipstick on a pig, to make a point.  It’s like how you can sponsor six who sponsor six, etc..  It sounds good and easy until you try to put it into practice.  A lot of Amway teachings are like that. It seems to make sense until you actually try to put it in practice.  I guess you can compare this claim to the common one about going diamond, walking away from the business and receiving residual income for life.

Oddly, I know retired firemen, bankers, government workers, but have never actually met anyone who retired because of residual Amway income.

Monday, May 4, 2020

The Diamond Con Artist?

A recent visitor comment mentioned that a diamond us basically a con artist.  Com is shirt for confidence.  They get you to trust them with small talk, building you up and eliciting your goals and dreams.  Once they get you there, suddenly they try to close the deal by saying you can’t afford to open a real business so Amway makes sense and with their nearly foolproof system you can’t go wrong.

They may start you out with a few free audios or meetings but the bar gets raised soon enough.  You’ll be told that a real business owner needs to invest in their business.  An investment into learning about the business and how to build it.  You just need to be reachable and open minded and follow the foot steps of your upline leaders.  Ironically many IBOS call their upline mentors when in reality, they are con artists working a scam.

In a way, they’re not much different than any run if the mill scammer.  You get the prospect hooked and get them to hand over money.  One difference is that the upline just takes smaller amounts but on a regular basis via their system of books, audios, functions, meetings and other educational materials. If IBOS actually prophesied and many were profitable, my opinion would be different.  Instead the masses contribute to the diamonds lifestyle with the irony being that the IBOS treat the diamonds like rock stars and worship them.

The vast majority of IBOs make nothing or lose money.   Some people lose a lot of money.  What’s worse is the diamonds apparently don’t care that many are hurting and possibly jobless due to the covid19 pandemic and they continue to exploit their due line by running online functions but charging the same price.  But in the end, the Amway business is person to person and typically face to face.  I can’t imagine any useful teaching coming from upline.  Not that normal functions have useful teaching.

In the end. it is my informed opinion that Amway diamonds operate just like con artists.