Monday, April 27, 2020

Amway Four Eyes?

One of the Amway pitches used by upline was the four Is.   The upline would give a reliable speech about how the four Is (I) would suck the life out of you.  Now you might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about?   Well, the four Is are insurance, interest, income tax and inflation.

Most everyone has various types of insurance, typically car, home and possibly life insurance where you pay for something you hope you will never need to use.  This expense is depicted as a necessary evil that helps people broke.  Next you have interest.  As many or most people are in debt, you wind up paying interest.   You pay interest but receive very little of it for your money in the bank.

Then you have income tax.  The government makes sure they take a piece of your earnings to provide public services and taxes seemingly only go up but never down.  You can’t escape paying taxes.  It’s the only sure thing in life besides death.  Lastly there’s inflation.  Luckily with interest rates at record lows, inflation is low but the common denominator is that all of the four Is take pieces of your income.

What gets weird from here is how upline will toss you a pitch to justify how someway somehow, Amway levels the playing field and by doing Amway you can overcome the four Is.  I find it odd how so many IBOs miss the fact that they are cash negative directly attributable to Amway and the related Amway too and function sales.

While the uplines May gave a slippery way of pitching Amway, anyone with common sense and the ability to do some basic general math should be able to see right thru the charade.  How can a cash negative proposition help you with the four Is?  The answer is it can’t but you need to be able to discern the forest from the trees to see through upline deception.  Stay safe!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Are Uplines Exploiting The Sheep?

As we are now getting deeper into the covid 19 mess, it seems clear to me that the Amway diamonds are not living in the lap of luxury and needing to exploit down line to keep their income rolling in.  When I read comments that diamonds are tying to set up online functions and charging full price, I was thinking WTH?

Most if not all states and countries have restrictions due to the virus.  You can’t liberally go out in public and recruit or do other moral Amway related activities.  The Amway business is basically person to person and face to face, one at a time.  Those activities are curtailed due to the virus so what in the world will the diamonds teach that can actually be useful to downline.  It ticks me off that these allegedly Uber wealthy diamonds need to stoop so low as to exploit rank and file IBOs for their riches.

I wonder if anyone knows what is being taught at these new functions?  I’m sure it’s worthless but what will IBOs do with the information when you can’t go out to prospect?  It’s a waste of time and money and I feel bad fir the low ranked IBOs who may have lost jobs or income due to the societal restrictions.  Think twice before taking upline advice to expend money on functions and other expenditures in this business.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Amway IBO Assumptions?

A recent comment on this blog made me chuckle.  It was something about how Joecool is a loser who has nothing better to do than tear down this fabulous Amway opportunity.  That is not verbatim but the jist of the comment.  Many Amway defending folks are typically new IBOS who are just fired up about Amway because they have believed the lies about 2-5 years of work with reasonable assurance that they will achieve financial freedom, walk the beaches of the world and tell their bosses to “shove it”.

The author also assumes that Joecool must be a broke and bitter loser who can only criticize and hasn’t achieved anything in life.  I hate to break the news to my critics but after my Amway days, I focused on my job, worked a second job to earn money to invest in my retirement and I figured out that Bill Gates made the Amway owners look like paupers because of Microsoft.  There was a rumor that Amway created more millionaires than any other company.  That is false.  Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon make Amway look like a welfare case.  The bitter Joecool worked for a pension which I started collecting at age 55 and I had invested in Microsoft in 1997 the year after I quit Amway.   That paid off better than Amway.  Thank you very much.

I was very lucky to purchase my own home in Hawaii back in the year 2002 for about $300k.   My home is currently valued at close to a million dollars and while I have a small mortgage, I have more than enough cash to pay off the note.  Now I know that many will call BS on my claim but I am willing to prove it but it will cost you a sizable settlement because I can’t prove anything without revealing who I am.  But I will take the wager if anyone dares.

But enough about me.  What are IBOs doing now that you can’t prospect?  I’m sure doing business online is rough which is ironic since Amway is an online business.   But I digress.  Why do Amwayers assume that that anyone critical of Amway is broke?  I believe the opposite is true.  When I was in Amway, I was young and in an entry level job.  I retired in a management level position supervising many people.

So back to Amway, are you making real net profit in Amway or faking it till you hope you are making it?

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

What Is An Amway Diamond?

 I was an IBO back in the 1990s and I recall how the audience basically worshipped the diamonds and made as if they walked in water.  after all, they had achieved what everyone wanted right?  They were allegedly wealthy beyond most people’s dreams and could sleep until noon each day because they didn’t have to report to a job.  But if you’ve been around and experienced some of what I’ve seen, you get a different perspective.

Basically a diamond is an Amway customer and an Amway sales person who works for commissions only with no fringe benefits.  Additionally, Amway basically owns them because Amway has the power to stop their commissions if Amway’s in disagreement over various business issues.

Secondarily, Amway diamonds have a second job/business selling tools and functions.  I believe it would be common for a diamond to make as much or more income from tools and functions than from Amway.  You say no chance?  How about this?  Diamonds only have to qualify one time and possibly may never actually be a diamond again but can still appear on stage earning their living by speaking and selling audios or cds.

Also, tools and functions have a higher markup than Amway products thus the potential for more profits.  Rank and file IBOS receive Amway bonus money but don’t share in the action fir tools and functions.  It is why the tools and functions are emphasized by upline. But in the end a diamond is just an Amway customer and sales person.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Amway Updates?

If anyone has information about how Amway folks are operating currently under covid 19 restrictions, please post them as comments here.  I would assume that business is down as much as most other businesses, maybe more as many IBOs may not have cash to be exploited by upline.  I can’t imagine someone living in the edge coughing up good money to attend an online function

I have heard that online functions cost as much as the live functions.  I guess the diamonds are hurting as recruitment activities are being slows by the societal restrictions caused by the virus.  But it does burn me to know that even in tough times, the upline look to exploit the down line for their personal gain.

So I wish everyone well.  Stay safe and please share any stories you may have about how Amway IBOs and groups are currently operating.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Your Bottom Line?

One thing I urge Amway IBOs yo do is to use common sense and watch your bottom line. If you see a net loss and keep doing the same things, you're likely to see a net loss again.  Tomes are tough now with the covid 19 wreaking havoc on the economy.  Many have lost jobs or lost income and I hope that is restored soon, but I would hate to see IBOs exploited by upline during this trying time.

Upline is good at teaching something that makes perfect sense and then teaching IBOs to do the opposite. For example, they teach you to get out of debt but then turn around and encourage down line to rack up debt if it’s to purchase audios or function tickets. If debt is no good, thorn it’s also no good for your Amway business.  The business should generate enough revenue to cover this expenses or you should consider skipping them.

I have heard that functions are occurring online at regular cost of course.  That is likely because the diamonds are all feeling the pinch of a bad economy and need to squeeze out more income fir themselves.  You’re supposed to just buy what you need but the defacto 100 PV quota almost assures that you overspend to meet the quota or buy things you normally do not such as energy drinks, vitamin supplements and other related health products.

I just encourage IBOs to really analyze their bottom lines and hold onto your money if your business is. It generating the kind of income you expect.  Things will recover but in a tight economy, your money can be better spent elsewhere.  I’d hate to see people blow their federal stimulus checks on functions that won’t help their business grow.

Stay safe and watch your bottom line!