Monday, May 10, 2010

Amway - Bad Upline?

A recemt comment left on this blog stated that perhaps I had a bad upline, which may have led to my bad experience in Amway. While this may be true, I have to ask how anyone can possibly know who might be a good ro a bad upline? As far as I know, all of the LOS sell tools which consists of books, cds, functions, meetings and voicemail. They all earn profits from the sale of these materials, thus they all promote these materials. I have heard that many uplines make more from selling tools than they do from Amway.

It makes perfect sense that some upline would make more money on tools than from Amway because the tools have a larger profit margin than Amway products and because to promote these tools, the uplines must travel from city to city to run functions, thus taking time away from running their Amway businesses. And while they may say verbally that tools are an optional expense, many groups promote them as a defacto requirement. For example, I heard that tools were optional but so was success. Or that nobody ever succeeded without tools but I could be the first to try. My sponsor also told me that Greg Duncan was a multi millionaire and he thought that tools were vital but if I thought I knew better, I could try it on my own. What is a new IBO to think? It sure sounds like only a fool would try to build the business without tools.

What's also amusing in some ways, is to debate with Amway supporters or defenders who tell me that I simply had a bad upline, and then to find out that they have the same upline that I had! It amazes me because I was in WWDB and basically, the same leaders are on stage today. The same leaders who were on stage when I was an IBO. These leaders at one time told bold lies, such as nobody made a cent of profit on tools, or that WWDB was a non profit organization. For some reason, IBOs don't seem concerned that upline leaders told these lies. They also mistakenly believe that everything upline tells them now is the truth.

IBOs even deny things that are of public record such as Greg Duncan's apparent bankruptcy proceedings, or Brad Wolgamott's apparent seperation. It seems that uplines just revise history and downlines believe it and do not ask questions or hold upline leaders accountable for their actions. I believe that these leaders should be held accountable and to a higher standard because they have profited handsoomely over the years from the sale of tools. But another concern is the utter lack of success from the proven system. Where are the new diamonds? I cannot even name 5 new WWDB (My former LOS) diamonds from the US since I left the business in 1998 or so.

So I ask the question again. How would an IBO or a prospect know what a bad upline is? Most find out when they finally see the light or when they notice the losses mounting month after month. I hope this blog helps information seekers.


Anonymous said...

I think the term "good upline" is an oxymoron like they joke about the term "good job" at the functions in the cds.

Even though the uplines say that they recommend/suggest/strongly imply things, only for the sake of betterment of the downline's business, there is a conflict of interest in their advices.

eg: when they recommend that u dont take a vacation with quotes like "Bill Gates did not take a vacation for the first 5 years", so you as a business owner should also do the same. They are also worried that if you put in the time and money for that vacation, you might not invest in tools or not come to the next function and so on.

When they recommend students to drop out of school and take up some job, uplines are not thinking abt the downline's career or what will happen to them if in case the business does not work- all they care about the money that could be used to buying products and tools, which is going to pay fees and buy books. The time that is spent in school could be used to prospect and show the plan.

These same uplines will go on and on about how their kids are going to prestigious college or how they are planning to send them to a prestigious college. Can you even think any diamond's kids who have not gone to college but are building the business instead?

I could go on and on about uplines and their supposedly good intentions.

Anonymous said...

People who think there is such a thing as a good upline is fooling themselves. Only people who have been brainwashed think their upline is good. I have yet to see an upline who actually worked individually with IBO's to make them profitable. Instead, most upline simply promote financially crippling tools to their downline and promote these tools as vital to their future success.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you were in a bad team...I've never heard a single ibo ever say that you should drop out of college to build the business. We do everything as a plan b. I am a college student myself and I have never been told to drop out of school or to stop working on my plan a which is get my degree and get a job. The way the business was explained to me and how myself and my team continue to explain the business is that it is something to do in your spare time to make some extra money. We use the unproductive hours of our day such as those we would normally spend on Facebook or watching tv to grow our business. Once again, I'm a full time student a collegiate basketball player, and I have a part time job as well and not once have I ever been told to stop doing any of those things in order to grow the business.

Anonymous said...

What education system were you a part of? My direct upline, my upline platinum, and even my upline emerald have all directly helped me become profitable. When I went 1000 pv all four of them huddled around me and said this is what we need to do to help you hit 1000, this is what you need to do, and this is how we're going to do it. I had an emerald in business helping me become profitable when I was a nobody and she was already having huge success! I hadn't even hit 1000 yet and she was there helping me reach that goal! If that doesn't show that there are good uplines out there then I don't know what will! I just think you got into a bad line of sponsorship or even a bad education system.

Joecool said...

I was in WWDB. I know for a fact that they told some youngsters that college wasn't needed. Just build the business. That is BS

Joecool said...

1000 PV is not profitable if you are dedicated to the system with voicemail, books, standing order and seminars.