Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Amway - The Truth Hurts?

One Amway defender has recently accused me of posting "misinformation" on this blog. Oddly, over my blogging career, many Amway defenders have falsely accused me of posting lies and misinformation. I find it humorous that each time I asked these Amway defenders to point out what was wrong or misleading, the question is met head on by dead silence. A commenter from Scarborough Ontario Canada recently began making idle threats to me on this blog over the last year or two but is too cowardly to make contact with me or reveal his identity. He thinks his comments will shut down my blog. Well, he is dead wrong. In fact it is people like this that strengthen my resolve.

I can only conclude that the truth hurts. My friend from Canada must have had his feelings hurt, thus his only solution is to kick his dog and make disparaging comments about the blog author rather than actually having a civil debate to talk about the real issues. Anytime I have been wrong on this blog, I have been quick to admit any errors and to make corrections. However, our anonymous coward from Canada is unable to point out what is misinformation or what is wrong. I wonder if this joker is even an IBO or simply a troll looking to make trouble. His comments show his apparent lack of any business acumen so I cannot conclude with certainty that he is an IBO.

I guess if you look at the Amway business objectively, the facts leave me with only one conclusion. Let's look at some facts. The average IBO earns $115 a month gross income and that is before taxes and expenses. We also know that a new IBO who moves 100 PV volume will get about $10, thus that average $115 is including the mega diamonds who drive up the average. Also, it is not a secret that most sales are to IBOs themselves and we also know that most IBOs stop using Amway products once their dream of going diamond goes away. The biggest concern is that most system IBOs lose money, primarily because of the tools. In some groups, the expenditures on tools exceeds the amount of bonus the group collectively receives. Building an Amway business with downline to a point where significant profit is realized is nearly impossible and there have been more diamonds quitting or leaving than new ones in the US. I believe Amway's reputation has been damaged by IBO behavior to a point where the damage cannot be undone. Just the mention of Amway can get you funny looks in some venues in the US.

So my anonymous friend in Canada, you are welcome to actually point out any errors on this blog. But there are enough facts that prove my point. A business opportunity where the vast majority make nothing or lose money simply cannot be considered a good one. I'm sorry if the truth hurts. You are welcome to try and prove me wrong with facts, but your idle threats only make you and the Amway opportunity look bad. That's the truth once again and apparently the truth hurts.


Totem said...

Joecool, you're asking people who have Amway businesses to prove you wrong with facts. Why do you need these facts when fact is that you've already openly proven in this blog why you're a bitter quitter who wants to drag other people down with him. Maybe someone burst your bubble and you need to justify your childish behavior? I see that you've had quite some input here lately and that input is making you feel rather itchy.

Joecool said...

Anonymous from Canada now goes to a public library to post? More cowardly acts. You still fail to point out anything I am wrong about or any facts that I have misrepresented. What makes you think I am bitter? You sound much more bitter than anyone I know of.

Anonymous said...

The anon from Canada admits his job only pays $20,000 a year in a previous post. I think that's why he is so bitter.

Anonymous said...

totem, you're already on thin ice. don't make me come hunt you down!

Ashley said...

@Totem.. It's not just JoeCool that asks for facts but other people who ARENT in the biz, but are harassed by IBO's. Every time I ask a simple straight forward question, I get anything but the answer. Maybe you shouldn't be reading this blog. But for some reason, you find yourself on here. Perhaps you are scared that what JoeCool is writing really IS true and what that would mean for you. I don't think it's a coincidence that IBO's are so familiar with the "Journey onto broke concept" because the majority of them (to be PC of course, as there are exceptions) are living it!

Anonymous said...

Joecool... You're conveniently not telling all the facts to give the impression that Amway's compensation plan is bad.

1st - the $115 average monthly bonus is based on "Active" IBOs. An active IBO is defined as someone who -- in a 12 month period -- that's an entire year! (1) shows the biz to 1 person (2) ATTEMPTS to sell a product ONCE (3) attends ONE info or training meeting or (4) receives just ONE bonus check.

So, in my thinking, $115/month for 12 months for doing just ONE of FOUR things seems like a pretty good comp plan.

2nd - Why should someone who purchases 100 PV of products at a wholesale price get more than a $10 bonus? You imply this is bad.

3rd - Amway gives new IBOs in their 1st three months spot bonuses of $50 if they do 150 PV with at least 50 PV of the 150 PV being sold to customers. If they help 3 IBOs in their business do the same thing the new IBO gets a $200 spot bonus. That's an awesome deal. The main downside is you've got to do SOMETHING to get the bonus.

4th - Amway and its IBOs are not running a welfare agency. This business takes work. Are there disappointments... of course... but the ability to work for myself help others just make an extra $500 - $1000 - $2000 a month is HUGE. Other than crusading to shoot people down with your 1/2 truths what are YOU doing Joecool to help people?

Joecool said...

Kindly point out what I have stated that is a half truth on this site. I have asked you this many times before and you have never responded.

Anonymous said...

is it any wonder?

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