Thursday, August 8, 2013

So Where's The Money?

I find it humorous when so many IBOs talk about their anecdotal stories of success, or talk about how their system teaches a foolproof way of succeeding in Amway. Yet I have not seen a single IBO who was willing to describe their business structure or talk about how they progressed from zero PV into a profitable structure. Amway's biggest defender, IBOfightback is a good example of someone who can talk a good game but cannot back it up with evidence of any success in Amway. Back in my IBO days, someone who could talk a good game was a teacher, and not a doer. Many IBOs may have a good theory about how to build a business but evidence clearly shows that it is talk and not action. One specific example is how an IBO is supposed to find 20 customers who each buy 20 PV from an IBO. Amway's own numbers show that an IBO who can actually do this is rare or non existent. Less than 4% of Amway's products, apparently are sold to those who are not IBOs. IBOfightback sits in the quiet confines of his blog where his kool aid induced followers blindly agree with everything he says. Apparently, IBOFightback is all theory and no results. So I say - show us the money someone.

Based on my observations, most IBOs have a small business, unable to sponsor enough downline to move any significant volume. They faithfully self consume 100 PV and do most of the CORE steps, except for being able to consistently show the plan and sponsor downline. Why is this? It is because the Amway reputation is stained and getting people to see the plan is an enormous challenge by itself, not taking into consideration that sponsoring is even harder. If you are reading this blog and you can relate to what you see here, perhaps you need to re-think your business situation and ask your sponsor some tough questions.

Now this leads to another question. Other than flashing a photocopy of someone's diamond bonus or the like, has your sponsor or anyone upline actually showed evidence of a profit in Amway? If you asked, what response did you receive? When I asked my sponsor about profit, I was told it was "none of my business". I believe that someone who is asking you to follow their system, which is not free, should be tasked with providing this information. If your upline teaches submission to upline, even more so you should demand to see results.

If your upline or sponsor refuses to show you evidence of profit, it should send up red flags all over the place. Maybe, just maybe, the critics of Amway are onto something.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you trying to find customers is impossible. So dont bother. So sponsor. To do this you need to show the plan 7 days a week. You need to contact about 10 people a day. You probably will sponsor 1 a month. All will quit within 2 years. So you need to sponsor faster than they quit. Pretty impossible task but thats it. Brigg Hart in an interview om monavie summed it up. Get them in faster than they quit.

Joecool said...

You're right. It's like bailing out a sinking boat with a tea cup.

Anonymous said...

You summed it up perfectly with one sentence about how someone begging you to follow their ("great") system, which isn't free, should be tasked with providing you their profits. It's income disclosure, if they're making these promises and selling this dream life and its 100% full proof then pony up and put your money where your (big) mouth is. I went to one introductory meeting and that was that, cult atmosphere and full of shit "leaders". I didn't sign up.