Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is Amway A "Good" Business?

I have seen so many IBO's talk about all the virtues of the Amway business. They'll tell you about the billions of dollars in sales that Amway had, or they'll mention how Amway won an award for their laundry detergent in timbuktu, or they'll mention that Amway's owners are billionaires. They might speak of how Amway is expanding in other countries or how Amway sponsors the Amway arena, or that the owner of Amway owns an NBA team. They will even speak of partner stores and that Disney or Best Buy are partners and they would not partner up with a scam. Many IBO's don't know that Amway also partnered with Enron and Worldcom at one time.

While some of these accolades are great for Amway, many IBO's don't realize that they are independent distributors and they are not Amway the corporation. Amway made billions, but Joe IBO made ten bucks. Amway won an award but Joe IBO didn't. Some IBO's cannot seem to seperate themselves from the corporation of Amway. Now I'm not saying Amway's own success is not something to be proud of, but IBO's can't seem to separate themseves from the corporations as if Amway's owners making millions or billions does anything for them. It's like saying I own a share of microsft so it's so great if Bill Gates is worth 50 billion.

One thing IBO's are apparently taught but seem to miss the point on, is that Amway's success is not theirs. I believe that uplines teach this because the reality is not pretty. Most IBO's are making pennies on the hour, or more likely taking losses (if they are on tools) for their efforts. I also believe that IBOs have to use these methods because talking about their own income would be far from glamorous. Instead, new IBO's will talk about how their upline diamond makes millions, but has anyone ever seen actual proof such as a tax refund or a profit loss statement? Diamonds might make some decent money but with expenses, and not having the benefits from a job, I believe diamonds likely live a very ordinary middle class lifetyle (if even that) unless they have other businesses or investments, or unless they are at higher levels or at the founder's levels. If not, these diamonds are liekly living from function to function from check to check, and likely in debt like many others.

Now I want to say that you can make money in Amway - if you actually sell products. But aside from that, you're more likely ro make money in Amway by sponsoring a lot of people and selling them cds, books, voicemail and function tickets.

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