Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Amway Retirement?

One of the things that many IBOs mistakenly believe is that they will build their Amway business and then they will have the ability to "walk away" from the business while the income continues to flow in. I believe if there was such an incredible benefit such as lifelong residual income that could be achieved from Amway, I'm fairly certain that Amway would advertise this as a benefit of being an IBO. But Amway does not. It is very likely that your LOS such as WWDB or one of the others will promote this benefit while telling you that your bext chance to achieve it is by subscribing to their "system".

One thing that goes unnnoticed all too often is that there seems to be nobody who is actually retired and living off the efforts of having built a big Amway business once upon a time. Seems that even the crown ambassadors still have busy lifestyles running from function to function and participating in other business related activities. While many of these leaders may claim they love their downlines or some other bunk, it is my belief that these leaders keep working their Amway businesses for one reason only. That is they need to keep working in order to keep the income flowing in.

The diamond lifestyle that is often portrayed may seem like a great goal or dream to achieve, but the fact of the matter is that a "diamond lifestyle" cannot be sustained on diamond income. The average diamond, according to Amway, earns a six figure income which includes some bonuses. While that may seem like a great amount of income, it's not nearly enough to sustain the kind of lifestyle portrayed by diamonds. Even if that income is supplemented by income from the sale of tools, you can't fly your family around the country first class to do all kinds of functions and still end up with much leftover to own fancy homes and cars.

If I deposited $1000 in the bank and never touch the money, the bank would pay me a certain amount of interest each year, guaranteed. That is residual income. In Amway, you can basically earn income in two ways. You can sell products for a profit, but there are problems with this. First off, Amway products in general are more expensive than local retailers. It is why you hear so many justifications about quality and concentration, because you are hard pressed to argue cost. Secondly, you are severely restricted from advertising, thus selling can be difficult. The other way to generate more income is to build a downline in hopes that the downline will help you to leverage your volume. But then your downline will have the same problem that you had in moving products. That being said, even if you achieve some level such as emerald or diamond, your business will immediately begin to fall apart once you stop working because attrition will take its toll. It is why there are hoards of "former" platinums. If platinums are not sustainable, then neither is any other level.

There are many many instances of diamonds quitting, resigning, or falling out of qualification. People come and go in this business every day. Do you really think you can bank on retirement and residual income under these circumstances? If you believe that, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you.


Anonymous said...

Nobody retires from Amway. All the diamonds are still working hard at the functions. They need the money.

Anonymous said...

awwww...commenting on your blog....ANONYMOUSLY OF cute...unethical too...situation normal for you...VERY pathetic.

Joecool said...

Ohein56 from AKA destitute ding a ling. What unethical about you commenting anonymously on my blog? Too bad you're too dumb to hide your tracks when you post here. I hope you're not discouraged with the thrashing you took from me on You looked like an uneducated jackass when you spout off without reading.

Joecool said...

Actually I think my blog is too hard for Ohein to comprehend. You probably need a 12th grade reading level to understand the things I post on this blog.


Edison Keong said...

Hi All,
I'm Amway Distributor(0% bonus). I will express my opinion about Amway. You may agree / disagree with me.
1) In business world, you can choose to retire or not, all is up to yourself.
2) In Amway field, you would not get force to do anything which you don't like include buying and selling. The person will force you is your partner distributor(not Amway).
3) Buy what you need. Sell what you want. That's all.
4) The purpose of title level is give you more hope and satisfactions. It do not represent you're very rich and money won't not enough. All is depend on how you manage money.
5) If you really understand what is MLM, you will know the fairness given.
6) Product price: I give you example. Do you think your handset price is worth to buy even you feel expensive? Why you want buy handset which the price will drop after few months/years?
It's because you demands the product value. When you know the Amway product values, you will willing buy it. Same as new handset launch.