Friday, August 29, 2014

How You Get "Sucked" Into Amway?

If you have ever sat through an Amway presentation and the follow up teachings as I did, you can get a clear picture of how the uplines slowly suck people into the system. The speaker will be introduced as a picture of success. Possibly introduced as being in the top 1/10 of 1% in income (But with no proof). They will talk about how taxes, insurance, and inflation eat away at your paycheck. More than likely they will say they suffered the same way until they figured out how to defeat these issues by making more money. Of course they will eventually drop the "A" bomb on you and say it's Amway. Very likely they will say that you should not care what it is if it gets results.

You are then shown the plan and many people think that 2-5 years and "finding six" is something very manageable for the results they promote (walking the beaches while residual income flows in). At the very least they say, you will make some money and save some money. Who can argue with that kind of logic? They will also likely mention that Amway is low risk or no risk with little or no start up costs. Again, how can you argue with that logic?

You finally convince yourself that you can do this. You sign up and you are likely told that it is important to get some tools because after all, a carpenter can't build homes without a hammer and saw and that any business owner would have to make some investment into their own business. So now because of the tools, you are operating at a loss. You may then be told that business owners normally operate at a loss for years and that it might also be wise to channel your bonuses back into your business by purchasing more tools.

Before you know it, months or years may pass before you start to realize that you are on a treadmill. You keep walking but end up going nowhere. Then your upline may tell you that the business is not about money but more about making lifelong friendships.

In my opinion, this whole system is a cleverly designed systematic way for uplines to slowly drain your resources and making you think that you are successful despite showing no profits. Your upline may edify small things like showing the plan or making a sacrifice to attend a function. Sadly, you will rarely see someone edified for actually making a net profit.

It's a slow process, but most people slowly get sucked into the system, just like quicksand. I hope IBOs and information seekers are able to recognize the scheme if and when it happens to them.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking at young platinum or near platinum ibos on Facebook. I see them traveling to places like Idaho, Hawaii,etc. To wwdb functions and leaders homes. I didn't realize the travel was so bad for them. I see that level as a decent secondary income for many without system. Can't imagine anyone breaking even unless emerald level.

Anonymous said...

Wish i had known this before. Joecool, appreciate you taking time out to make people or prospective IBO's aware of the truth behind this glossily packaged opportunity. I did give it a shot and your story resonated with me as I thought in the exact same lines as you have so neatly laid out, since from the outside it plays to your reasoning and logic, but once you are within it is when you get a dose of reality of the frivolous expense which are connected in being plugged into the "system", which is what i have gathered is making millionaires out of the privileged few who have played the system well to get to the top. I hope this con is exposed and then see if there are takers for this, so called opportunity with a less than 1% success rate and which is built at the expense of people who wish for a better future for their family. Have read your other blogs and you make very pertinent points. Keep up the good work and i wish you success in your life.

Joecool said...

Thanks for your comment! I appreciate it. I hope to provide information to information seekers and they can make an informed decision about Amway.