Monday, May 4, 2015

Attend "All" Functions?

One of the things Amway defenders will spout is how tools are optional in the Amway business. While Amway says this, many Amway AMO leaders do not. One of the things I remember hearing was how an IBO "needed" to attend "all" functions. So many IBOs asked the upline questions such as what if my brother is getting married and the wedding is on the same day as a function? Or what if my kid has a soccer game or an event that was scheduled on the same day as a function? The answer from upline was simple. "All means all". Even though the leaders might say God and family come first on stage, when it comes to Amway, everything else is secondary despite what they say.

So upline may teach you that God is #1, spouse is #2, kids #3, job #4 and Amway is a distant #5. That's what they said but that isn't what they mean. Anytime there was a conflict with anything, I heard the same thing: "all means all". Meaning that one needed to attend all functions. Amway defenders are quick to jump in and claim this doesn't happen or that they have never heard it, yet I continue to see stories and testimonies indicating that this is still happening in most of not all AMO groups. Sure some upline might be more lenient than others, but in the end, it seems that most uplines want their downlines to attend all functions, regardless of whether an IBO is profitable or not, because upline makes money only if you buy a ticket and attend the functions.

I recall even an IBO who had worked hard and was not profitable. He was given the same answer about "all means all". Some upline want you to believe that hard work equals success, but in Amway, hard work doesn't guarantee success. And I believe it is because an Amway IBO is basically a commissioned salesperson and in that kind of business, hard work can go unrewarded. It is not a matter of working hard, and even working hard and smart can go unrewarded at times. It is because Amway's prodcuts are difficult to sell and Amway IBOs previously unthethical behavior makes it hard to find people who are interested in Amway. Thus even finding someone willing to see the Amway sales plan is a great challenge.

What does your upline say about attending meetings and functions? Do they advise you to pick and choose the ones you can afford or do they tell you that you should attend "all". Do they look at your business profitability before advising you to do they ask you to trust their guidance and leadership? Do they also advise you to buy other tools in the same manner? That is advising you to be on voicemail or standing order without knowing about your business parameters? Do they really want your auccess or their own? Keep in mind that some upline make much more money from tools than from Amway. What say you now?


Anonymous said...

Often they will say "Tools and functions are 100% optional and 100% necessary". They'll tell an IBO that they only work with "serious" business owners and if the IBO doesn't go full board in buying the tools and attending all the meetings and functions, they won't "work" with them.

Of course, as anyone who is familiar with the scam knows, the "tools" are nothing more than mindless motivational crap meant to keep the IBO "positive", i.e. not looking at "negative" things like facts and reality, and the meetings and functions simply the means to keep the brainwashing fresh and alive, since they never say anything new at any of them. Just the same old phonies on stage bragging about supposed wealth and late hours ripe for more thought control to set in.

There is no actual "help" supplied in any of it. It's all about "just keep doing what you are doing" (losing shitloads of money to the scam) and at the end of the rainbow next to the unicorn will magically be a beach to walk along while wearing diamonds and silks. And, of COURSE, it's always "just around the corner", whether they've been doing it for 1 month, 6 months, 2 years or 20 years. And it takes brainwashing for one to believe it regardless of what is staring them in the face.

Joecool said...

Thanks for the comments. Your experience sounds exactly like mine. Stay positive, keep buying tools and keep doing what you're doing. Success is around the corner, etc. It's amazing how this actually works on people.

Anonymous said...

That is exactly my experience as well. If I wasn't buying tools and staying CORE, I was forgotten and up-line "ran" with those who were. I spent far too much money on tools and not enough time with my family. I am trying to rectify that now.

Joecool said...

Yep, they wil "say" that God and family come first. But in reality, they tell you not to let anything get in the way of attending all functions.

T Xavier said...

Wow I must say this is quite the interesting read so far. I am an active IBO and I feel bad for you guys... I mean if I had an upline that was "selling" you the tools to become successful I'd be taken back!. But the subject of attending all functions is like this in my eyes: I played football on an elite team. If I missed a practice for one it would take motivation from me because I was behind from my team mates and they would not be too happy with me. This caused negativity with myself and team mates and actually affected the way we played cause we were not as one. It also took me out of the training that was provided that practice so again I was not on the same page as the others. With myself going to all functions, you might call it brainwashing but the positive environment gets you pumped yes. you talk to ANY great entrepeneur and you will find that they ALL attended meetings and gatherings the same that shared ideas of moving forward and successful tips.
I have to say (not trying to be rude) but the reasoning behind not being successful in this type of business is quiting. your quiters! you dont make money over night, you need to build your foundation. I'm not sure if this blog is originating in the US but we do things a little different. We leverage the company for the supplies as they are some of the best products you can get. Deny all you want but at least do your actual homework. They do NOT manufacture anything outside of the US so yes they are keeping local jobs for local people (something else you should be grateful for). Tell you what... phone Nestle bottling co and ask them where they get their water, and when they tell you its nothing more than filtered municipal water your a fool for spending any kind of money for something (an EXACT product) you can get from your tap at home. Perfect water has a patented filtration process with NO flouride (should do some research on what that actually is). so you go to the store and buy a fiji water ($3.50) wow. perfect water $2.50. which ever
Staying Core is important as you do need to stay in an effective mindset as when we run into quiters, losers, and such like yourselves we need to remember that we are actually going somewhere you couldnt and that your low self image of the man in the mirror is actually being forced upon other people. Its not our fault your unhappy with your life or the path you chose... or the fact you cant or wont dig yourselves out of the rut you've created.
God is actually not in my life as it is not a belief I instil. our upline doesnt either and with all meetings they never force their beliefs on us. I have been an active IBO for under a year and I am making $1200-1600 a month. Now of course thats no diamond income but its more than I had before this and its just growing every month. It took me a solid 6 months before I saw anything and I must admit I wanted to quit and give up just like all the guys that start these blogs trying to blame all their failures on others. The business model works, obviously... theres only 35,000+ millionares from this business. Damn Korea has 400 of the wealthiest Amway IBO's because they understand the model and work it.
Anyways, I know that this is the only way that I will be able to get my time back. I am a small business owner. My wife and I actually own 3 businesses and you guys were talking about no time with family because Amway... screw that. try owning your own company, or having a part time job.

All in all I think you guys had some pretty negative experiences with the "people" in the business. I have to admit I've seen some stupid shit!! But we are with an awesome upline that gives all the answers we need. They've never told us they will cut off any lines of communication and we have missed meetings and such. They've always been there to help us and thats what I do for my downline.
I have nothing but good things to say about MY overall experience so far, but I'm not a quiter!!!!!!!!

Joecool said...

Funny how you relate your business to a football team. The Amway leaders might call it a team but it's not. You are independent business owners and other people making money doesn't help you unless it's your downline.

Your uplines can tell you anything. Try missing some functions and see what happens.

T Xavier said...

Ive missed a few functions, meetings and such. like I said I feel sorry for you and the way you were treated. We did have a shitty experience the first time around where we were lied to and not given all the info. we didnt feel like we were part of a team. But thats what you get, some people and associations are shitty! We found new leaders and found the way they treat their business is in a whole different realm.

The football team relation is rhetorical by the way lol.

Joecool said...

So you were lied to the first time around? Why did you go back? How would new IBOs know if they were lied to? They could get scammed for thousands or more and ten what?

Anonymous said...

over a month later, and the crickets are still going strong.