Monday, March 6, 2017

Amway Skills?

Many IBOs and Amway supporters adhere to the idea that their system works. As far as I know, there is zero unbiased evidence that the system works. The system generally consists of a website, voicemail, standing orders and seminars or functions, as well as meetings to show the plan, etc. While Amway supporters will claim that nearly everyone who succeeds is on the system, they won't mention how everyone who succeeds also has hundreds if not thousands of downlines who do not succeed, even with earnest effort in building the business using the system.

Edward O. Thorpe was a math professor at M.I.T. who studied and wrote a theory on Blackjack, and found that it was mathematically possible for a blackjack player to have an edge over the house in a game of blackjack. Casinos scoffed at the theory and said it was just that. A theory with no real life application. Well, Mr. Thorpe started playing small and found that his theory was correct. He was counting cards in blackjack and making consistent money. His book eventually became a best seller. The casinos were ticked off and started kicking out people who were obviously winning and counting cards. Counting cards is not illegal but casinos can refuse to allow a player on their premises. But what casinos did not notice right away, was that their profits were skyrocketing because so many people knew the theory but could not or were not capable of executing the card counting system.

But hey, the system works so everyone should count cards for a living right? Afterall, it is proven by math that the cards will eventually favor a player and in the long run, you can make huge profits from playing blackjack. Of course not, it is ridiculous for people to think that card counting is a good way to make a buck. Not everyone has the bankroll, the skill, and the patience to succeed in card counting. Most people are better off not even trying this.

In my informed opinion, this card counting system is just like WWDB, BWW, LTD, N21 or other Amway systems. For one thing, card counting is a proven system. The Amway systems are not. But it can be viewed as similar in that very few people can use the system and make it work. Even when hundreds of thousands may try it, very few will succeed in both Amway and card counting. In both "systems", those who do not succeed can lose thousands of dollars. In both systems, doing things right can still result in losses.

In both systems, it is "possible" to succeed, but it is highly unlikely. The vast majority of people simply do not possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to make the systems work for them. You also need some money, some patience, and some luck in order to be a long term success. This article is not about comparing the Amway systems to gambling, it is about a person's ability to make the system work. The difference is that nobody promotes card counting as a good way to make a buck. The same holds true about Amway and their systems. It is not a good system to make money.

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Anonymous said...

I knew a blackjack card-counter who did indeed make money. But he was a professional gambler with a wide range of skills. He could do complicated math in his head, he had the patience to sit at a table playing for hours on end, he had nerves of steel that kept him cool at all times, and he would get himself to a casino at least three times a week.

How many persons could do that? Not too many, I think.

He said to me once: "Successful gambling takes knowledge, intuitive skill, patience, and sheer endurance. As for luck, that comes into it too, but not as much as people like to think. It's hard work. If you gamble just for fun, be prepared to lose."

The great majority of people who join MLMs simply don't have the strength or know-how to succeed in the business. Even when they duplicate their up-line perfectly, they fail. What's criminal about Amway and all MLMs is that they depend on this vast crowd of losers as the real source of the money that the few top dogs manage to rake in.

At least the casinos are completely honest about this. They don't tell you that you are bound to win. Amway lies to its prospective IBOs, telling them that they will surely win if they "duplicate up-line."