Friday, November 24, 2017

Comparing Amway To College?

Many IBOs justify their involvement in the system of cds, tapes, books and seminars by comparing it to college. They claim they need this education and that it is much cheaper when compared to a college or university. Of course this is the upline propaganda that IBOs are fed, much like the concept that a job is a bad idea. In fact, the Amway leaders want to make you dislike your job so that you will see the Amway business as the only solution.

In college, it is true that not everyone graduates, but approximately half of those who start college end up graduating. Those who do not graduate still benefit from their education on a year to year or course by course basis. When you are job seeking, a college degree will give you more options than those who don't educate. This claim cannot be made by Amway IBOs. The education an IBO receives by seminars and cds do not even equate to success in Amway, much less in other venues in life. Only a small fraction of IBOs ever reach platinum, which supposedly is the break even point. So as an IBO, you have less than one half of a one percent chance to break even as compared to approximately a 50% chance of graduating college. It is also well documented that college graduates on average, earn more income than people who skip college.

Also, once you graduate and receive your degree/diploma, it is complete. Sure, you may still learn things and continue to read books and other mind stimulation materials, but these are by your choice and not because you need to keep educating yourself as if you are still in a college curriculum. In Amway, there are many many many examples of people who reached levels as high as diamond or above who could not maintain the level. There are also many examlpes of diamonds who quit Amway. If there were such a thing as "residual" income, why would anyone quit when they could sit back and watch the cash roll in. I think the answer is quite obvious.

There is also no real evidence (as far as I know) that your Amway related education of cds and seminars actually work. The tiny fraction of 1% of successful IBOs is not a good case for arguing the success of the system. Colleges on the other hand, have accreditation standards, which is nothing like the ineffective Amway accreditation of groups such as BWW, WWDB or Network 21.

The fact that IBOs even dare to compare a college education to their teaching in Amway is a joke. Try telling a prospective employer about your Amway education and see what that gets you. LOL


Anonymous said...

The normal training period for a position is only a few months at most. Along with continuing experience, the person holding that position is generally qualified after that, and needs no further in-depth instruction.

Amway tells its IBOs the absurd lie that training has to continue for years and years, in the form of a never-ending supply of tapes, CDs, books, meetings, night owls, and functions.

If the Amway Plan is so "simple," why do IBOs need to pay for endless training that never stops?

The entire Amnway racket is nothing but a method of bleeding fees from down-line to enrich up-line.

Joecool said...

The business is this simple. Sell Amway products and sponsor others to increase your sales volume. You don't need extensive training for that. The training is just a consistent income stream for the upline. That's why training never ends.