Wednesday, June 19, 2019

What's Your Amway Business Worth?

Many many people see the Amway plan, sign up in the hopes that Amway income will help them fulfill their dreams and that they will walk away from their jobs and collect lifelong residual income while walking the beaches of the world. Sadly, most IBOs will never even sponsor a single downline. These IBOs may continue in the business for a while but will eventually quit when they see the writing on the wall. Someone mentioned on another forum that people who want to work 2-5 years and do nothing thereafter are probably lazy and therefore, are not capable of achieving in anything, much less in Amway. And in reality, in what business can you really "walk away" after 2-5 years and prosper?

But wait, you're an "independent business owner". So instead of quitting, why not sell your Amway business? I wonder if any IBOs actually think about what their business is worth? I mean a diamond could sell their business and live large and happily ever after right? Here's some food for thought. Why are there instance of diamonds quitting or resigning from Amway? Why would they just quit when they could either walk away and collect an income "forever" or sell the business? I mean do IBOs ever stop and think about this? It is an honest and serious question that should get some consideration.

I believe diamonds quit and resign because their business is worth very little or nothing. And most Amway businesses do not even generate a net profit. For IBOs who are seriously pondering on this very important message, try looking up this topic in Amway's rules. There are very complicated steps to be taken when selling your Amway business as each person upline must be offered ownership (To the best of my understanding). This process can go on for a long time and the attrition of your business could render it worthless before you can find a buyer, if you have a buyer at all. Also, if you quit, the downline in your group would be surrendered to the immediate upline anyway. So why would your upline want to buy your business?

So IBOs, I ask you. What is your Amway business worth? You don't own your downline. They are independent owners like yourself. You should not have inventory, employees or some warehouse storage complex. Aside from the ability to add downline volume to your own, your Amway business likely has very little value in the real world. So IBOs and prospects, think about it for a minute. What is the value of your Amway business?

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Anonymous said...

Readers might be interested to note that at David Brear's blog (""MLM: The American Dream Made Nightmare") there is an excellent article just posted by Robert FitzPatrick. It points out how our mainstream media consistently fails to understand the basic fraudulence of Amway and all MLMs. Rather than seeing that the entire "plan" of an MLM is structurally dishonest and futile, the media instead chooses to criticize MLMs for their "bad products."

Amway "products" are meaningless and not the real issue. Amway and all MLMs are essentially about ripping IBOs off. Yes, the products suck. But so do a lot of products in the open retail market. The real evil of Amway is that it is designed to bleed money endlessly out of down-line while giving virtually nothing in return to 99% of those recruited.