Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amway - Broke Losers!

I recently had a discussion online with an IBO. Of course we did not come to an agreement in our opinions about Amway. Then the "tapespeak" came into play and I was called a "broke loser". It is evident to me, that someone upline must still teach this garbage. How common is this teaching? I don't know but I see and hear it often enough to be able to conclude that it is more common than IBOs or Amway supporters will admit.

For some reason, IBOs seem to think that anyone who does not think Amway is the greatest thing since sliced bread was invented, must be crazy. They also seem to think that these same folks have "employee mentality", or for some odd reason, IBOs think that those not interested in Amway are "broke" or are "loers". I will suggest that in fact, it is probably the exact opposite. I say this because of direct personal experience.

When I was in Amway, I was younger, and newer in my career. My annual salary wasn't quite what I wanted. $5,000 a month seemed like a whole lot of money, and it actually is if you earn an annual salary of $25,000 or $30,000. That was the bait that got me interested. A part time business where you could potentially earn a full time salary. Afterall, a platinum was alleged to earn $40,000 annually and if that could be achieved, life would be easy. Of course, at the time I was recruited, nobody mentioned standing order, functions or any of the other expenses that were touted as "highly necessary".

At this point in my life, an opportunity, Amway or not, would not interest me. $5,000 a month for all of the effort required of an IBO, would not be worth it. A stable job with a stable salary comfortably covers my living expenses and allows me to invest for my retirement and even to have some luxuries. I don't have to recruit anyone, I don't have to lie or deceive anyone, and I don't have to harrass friends and family. I am able to contribute to charity and volunteer some of my time at church. I guess I am a broke loser. LOL