Friday, April 24, 2009

Amway - Why Joecool's Blog"

Recently, I've had comments left here, some deleted and some published, with IBOs and/or Amway supporters calling me names, and accusing me of "bashing" Amway. I believe that these folks are misguided. If you carefully read my blog posts, many are not about Amway the corporation, but are aimed at the abusive practices of certain AQMOs, or the groups that sell their system of tapes, cds, books, KATE, and functions. I believe that Amway the corporation is somewhat culpable as they did not reign in the abusers, but still, it is certain LOSs who teach bad business practices and give IBOs bad advice, which incidently, costs the IBOs money.

Joecool officially quit Amway sometime in 1998. The name quixtar was already floating around. I quit, got on with my life and basically forgot about Amway. But more and more, I discovered that my upline leaders had been liars and had seriously misrepresented the business. I am from the era where upline leaders told us that nobody made a cent from the tools, which is now known as a lie. They told us that diamonds pay cash for nearly everything, which includes homes. We know that is a lie. Based on what I heard about my sponsor, I believe it is still taught as my sponsor, who is a physician, is still renting a small home in a rural area on Oahu. I started to participate on Quixtar blog to learn more about the tool scam, and I started blogging to be able to help others learn about what I had discovered. My blog gets about three to four thousand visitors each month, although there are many repeat visitors. I have helped many people over the years who benefited by the experiences and information that I have shared. I do not receive any financial compensation for blogging.

For those who call Joecool a loser, let me talk about some things I have accomplished in life sine I quit Amway. I received several promotions at work, and recently started a new job where I was offered a pretty nice salary. I own my home (I did not pay in cash, LOL). I bowled a 300 game, made a hole in one, and ran several marathons. I'm just an average middle class citizen in Hawaii. I started Joecool's blog in 2006 or so. My old blog has been deleted as the host did not maintain the site well and I eventually got hacked and sabotaged. I started this current site on blogger in late 2009.

I am not here to "steal" anyone's dream. I am not here to "bash" Amway. But Amway, the business opportunity is one where most people do not make money to begin with. Add in the expenses for tapes, cds, voicemail and functions and you have almost a 100% chance of failure. Yet some upline leaders will promote Amway as a easy shortcut to retirement with a surefire chance of success if you dedicate to the system. But the system does not work. There is no bonafide evidence that the system works. This is what Joecool's blog is about - primarily the systems and its problems.


Unknown said...

You could of been a millionaire by now. Go Diamond!

Anonymous said...

some bullshit...

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Joe, for your Blog!

I am slowly getting through your valued posts - I've always said to myself "Knowledge is Power", Joe & to anyone - I don't mean about people giving motivation speeches, unless they have truthfully did what they preach.

I'm amazed that this 1% or 5% success rate in MLM doesn't "awaken people to their senses"? Tho, I suspect they all think they will be the "one" & then there's all the enticing with pins/'promotions'/group unity etc!

I'm still reading & learning...

Cheers; Lady G.