Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why Do Amway Defenders Avoid Opposing Opinions?

One of the things I find curious and humorous at the same time is how people who defend Amway often will not allow opposing viewpoints on their Amway propaganda blogs and forums. They will post an article and allow no comments or will not allow comments unless their are positive and paint a rosy picture about Amway. Amway's biggest defender IBOFightback, banned me from his truth about amway blog/forum for no reason. In fact I posted only two comments there in years and both were respectful and truthful, yet he felt my presence needed to be excluded from his blog perhaps because the truth itself is negative about Amway. I suppose though, that David Steadson's (IBOFB) lack of credibility (in my book) makes the banning a minor issue. His website is filled with pro Amway folks who back up Amway, even bad practices at times. I guess when you see the world through rose colored glasses. you don't see the reality.

I also had an exchange not too long ago with an IBO via email. He also runs a pro Amway blog but hasn't been active recently. He doesn't allow comments on his blog unless they praise Amway. I just don't understand why the need to put spin on the truth. It is a fact that the average Amway IBO earns very little and that most IBOs make little or nothing. Many who participate in the training sessions end up losing money. Those are tidbits that match up with my experience. It is usually former IBOs who can verify this claim. Seems that current IBOs do not admit they are losing money. As an IBO, I was taught "fake it till you make it". That suggests that you appear successful until you actually go diamond or whatever. In the end, a pig with lipstick on it is still a pig.

Joecool allows opposing views on this blog. Even some comments that are critical of me are allowed. I even had some (I presume) IBOs who left threats on this blog. I suspect that one or some of them also sent me threats via email. Still, I allow most comments on here. I do not allow racist or extremely hateful comments, or comments with spam. I have nothing to hide when it comes to my views on Amway. So what do Amway apologists and IBOs have to hide? Would it be damaging to have the truth on your blog or forum? Is the internet already inundated with negative Amway information and comments?

I believe Amway is partly to blame. The AMOs (Amway Motivational Organiztions) such as Network 21, WWDB or BWW are the ones who say and do unethical things. Amway is the only entity who can take action against these groups but it appears that substantial action is lacking and therefore, these groups continue to teach bad business practices which filter down to many IBOs and contributes to Amway having a bad reputation. I guess Amway is sleeping in the bed they made. Until some bad practices are stopped or corrected, there will continue to be people who had a bad experience in Amway. It is what it is.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed Joe, but we need to understand an important issue here. When your brain is like a frog in the well obviously you do not feel there is a space beyond the diameter of the well! Similarly, in one of the blogs I saw a guy saying "If you cannot do well at Amway, you are good for nothing". No idea if he made success at Amway to become a diamond (at least for 'once to qualify'). When I joined Amway, I was overwhelmed by positive, smiling, caring helping environment. But soon I was depressed to see the comments made by the same people on someone who siad no, was extremely successful in his life by money and social respect. Ambots have no respect for anyone who says no to Amway or for that matter even if you are there in it if you do not like what your up-line does like you will be criticised from behind. I did not watch a few system recommended movies and it did not go well with my up-line. Such a silly issue if you want to talk about a business organisation! But the systems get into IBOs life so much that, they take holiday/leave from the job only on month-end to put PV (fight for up-line objective) or all the functions, in fact they teach you execuses for your boss in the office. What else can you expect in their blogs, but for me it is surprising to see so many cults blogging and surfing on the net. When I was a so called core IBO, I hardly checked email!