Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yous "Real" Friends Aren't Amway IBOs?

You hang out with friends, generally people you like and have similar interests. You have good and bad times, but your true friends are there for you when you need them. You move residences, your friends are there to help you move. They may play a round of golf with you, or watch some sporting events, dinners, backyard barbeques, etc. These are folks you will likely end up retiring with and enjoying your golden years.

But suddenly, you get enticed to join Amway. You see the "chance" to get rich, with a shortcut (not get rich quick, but a "shortcut"). You sign up and your sponsor is your new "best" friend. Most of the people you enjoyed being with think Amway is a questionable venture to get involved in. Suddenly, because of what you have been told or taught, you view these same nice people as "broke" or "losers", simply because they do not share the same ambition of untold wealth working 12-15 hours a weeek. Suddenly, you friends become prospects, or people you want to sponsor so you start recruiting them. Some may join, but most won't. Suddenly you are immersed in recruitment meetings, functions, and avoiding "negative", which is people and events that do not support your Amway business.

Now you are missing birthday parties, barbeques, and other social events. Your social events are now recruitment meetings, seminars and Amway business related events. You are taught that these events can be put off and your gratification delayed. You can do whatever you want when you go diamond. (Even though there me be only one (1) diamond out of every ten or twenty thousand IBOs) Your dedication will pay off right? Sadly, for most people, even very dedicated people, all they will see is losses on their yearly tax returns, mainly due to the purchase of cds, books, voicemail and function tickets. But these are your "friends" right?

Here's my take on it. Try missing a few meetings or functions. Stop buying cds and see how many "friends" remain from the business. It is likely that your upline will claim that you walked away from the friendship by slowing down on the "system". If that happens, then you have conditional friends, or fairweather friends. They are your "friends" while you are pursuing the same cause. They are your friends when you are attending functions. Are they there for you in bad times?

A short while after I attended my last function (I was still an IBO, just not a business builder), my dad passed away. Not a single one of my IBO "friends" bothered to attend the memorial service. Not a single one of my IBO friends called or dropped by the home to pay their respects. All of my "real" friends, who saw through the AMO smoke and mirrors called to talk to me and/or attended the memorial service. Are your IBO friends conditional friends? Mine were.


Shaz said...

My team is excellent! They came to the hospital to visit when my wife had her baby. We also moved the previous month. After 2 months of no activity, my upline still continued to stop by to see how we were. They never asked about the business, just genuine concern for how we were. My emerald drove over 4 hours to come visit us, and he is 4 people above me in my upline.

There are many teams running Amway businesses. But only 1 team is proven. That is the BWW system. If you are looking to become an IBO, I would recommend getting into this system. If your sponsor is not your "real" best friend, you have found the wrong sponsor. You can request a new one from the company.

Anonymous said...

i'll pass, but thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm part of BWW, this is bullshit. They called and visit without asking about business to set the stage, they knew they could make sure you would stay. It's basic psychology. If they had only asked about business you'd be upset, duh. It happened to me as well. 9 core steps the eagle program etc etc yeah I know about Brit World Wide, my DD Diamond is Kanti and Lata Gala, then Ashok and Rupal, Anup and Prithi, Tarique and Rima Kazi's all the way down to other ppl I will not name to me.

~Jessie James