Friday, May 10, 2013

Amway Pleases God?

One of the things some diamond leaders would proclaim at major functions, in front of tens of thousands of IBOs, was that Amway was a God pleasing business. That Amwayers were saving the world and thus, making God happy. Amway major functions generally have a non denominational service on Sundays before they wrap up the weekend. I believe much of this still applies to major functins today. The speakers want to make it look as if joining the business was like taking the moral high ground. There's a lot of irony in that if you think about it.

As an IBO, I never thought much of the emphasis on God and I even attended the Sunday services at functions. I honestly thought IBOs were doing good and bought into the lies told by upline. Looking back at my time in the business actually made me realize that some of our uplines were basically systematically ripping off their downlines in the name of God. I suppose one day these leaders will stand on front of God and be made accountable. They certainly have never been held accountable by their downlines.

I wonder how God would feel about downlines being lied to about their chances of making an honest buck in Amway? I wonder how God would feel about honest hard working people being misled to the benefit of those who claim to own mansions and jets? I wonder if these diamond leaders actually give ten percent of their take to the church? Actually that is irrelevent because the Pharisees in the Bible were careful to tithe 10% but many of the parables in the Bible imply that the Pharisees were headed towards destruction. Sometimes I wonder where lying uplines are headed?

I also wondered how IBOs actually helped others? Much of our spare time and money was concentrated on Amway related activites. While the congregation at church was in service and/or helping with community projects, the Amway faithful are at functions or out in malls stalking new prospects. I don't think I did much that was useful to the community or for others when I was an IBO because I was too busy. I was misled into thinking we stood for something good.

One day after church, I asked the Pastor for a minute of his time and asked what he thought about Amway (after I had quit). The Pastor said Amway and multi level in general are not good ideas because ultimately, too many people are filled with false promises and will end up worse off financially than if they simply took a second job. I believe he was spot on then and I share that same opinion. For those who believe Amway is the only way, try asking your church Pastor, if you attend church. You might be surpised to hear the answer.


Anonymous said...

Amway is not mentioned in the bible.

Joecool said...

LOL, very true.

It's sad that diamonds try to use the name of God in vain that way.

Anonymous said...

What disgusts me is that God frowns upon greed. They are not Christian if they obsess over worldly material things. In the Bible, it says "you cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve both money and God". Now in this case, their master maybe their upline. They treat their diamonds like they're the messiah it's pitiful. I have even seen photos of an upline BAPTIZING his downline! They were already Christian ! He had no merit, he was not a pastor he's not even a minister. I couldn't believe what I saw. He did it in a tub at where their meetings were held. It's one giant contradiction. You are not Christian at heart if you are in this. Pathetic.

Joecool said...

Right! The Bible also says that money is the root of many evils (Timothy). Jesus told the parable of the Rich Young Ruler. He walked away sad because he could not part with his monetary wealth. The Amway leaders are basically telling the downline to worship them (and money) and do it in God's name. It is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

correction: the LOVE of money is the root. :)