Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Did You Join Amway To Make Money Or Not?

Other than Amway, I cannot think of any business where sales people or IBOs feel a need to justify and defend their lack of success. I hear all kinds of crazy things such as how Amway saved a marriage or how an IBO has become a better person as a result of the Amway business. Now if your involvement in Amway did indeed save your marriage or made you a better person, that is a great side benefit. But the Amway opportunity is supposed to be a business and a business exists to make a profit. This is something that IBOs seem to overlook when they are involved.

I believe these "side benefits" are mentioned by upline as a diversion away from the fact that these IBOs aren't making any money. My upline used to say you get in for money but you stay in for friendships. They may also use the line that the Amway opportunity is not get rich quick. I believe that is because the upline wants you to stay in and expect you to purchase tools for a while. These "side" benefits that IBO's claim to receive can easily be received in other venues, some of which would be much cheaper than the Amway support materials.

A very important question is why IBOs need to constantly justify their lack of success? Is it a good idea to be involved in an opportunity where you aren't turning a profit and need to justify the lack of success? Many IBOs blame themselves despite the fact that your upline may have asked for your trust and blind loyalty. You do what you are told but the upline leaders never take responsibility for an IBO's failure. It like playing a game of heads I win and tails you lose. I know of IBO's who worked very hard and did what they were told for years, only to have losses.

If you are new in the business, nobody expects you to be making a fortune overnight, but certainly a business that promotes low or no overhead and a low start up cost, why shouldn't you be able to turn a profit within a few months? It is likely the tools that suck resources from IBO's, resulting in net losses.

Why do IBOs have to resort to rationalizing their products with claims of concentration and/or quality? Apparently the general public doesn't agree, based on the low sales to non IBOs. Seems the only ones who see a benefit in regular consumption of Amway goods are IBOs, who are hoping to reap financial rewards for doing so. Either your business is growing or it's not. No amount of justifying or rationalizing will change your bottom line. I just hope more IBOs and prospects will see this before it is too late.


Anonymous said...

Even ibos dont believe in the products. Very few use the products after they quit. If they did amway sales would be several times more than they are today.

Joecool said...

True. Sales would constantly grow if everyone who quit kept buying products.

ExAmbot said...

I bet most people make a decision like mine - hell would have to freeze over before I spend a coin on scAmway wampum, ever again!