Thursday, October 31, 2013

IBOs Lie To Sell Amway?

The first time I was prospected for Amway, I was in college. I actually didn't know much about Amway but I had somehow formed a negative opinion of it. Needless to say, when I was invited to a beer bust and it turned instead to an Amway meeting, by impression of Amway got even worse. I eventually did join because a close friend of mine had achieved platinum and he had assured me that it could be done and that he would make sure that I would also achieve it. I did achieve a level just below platinum (4000 PV), but I quit for several reasons. First of all, I didn't make a net profit as the tools ate up my profits. Secondly, the more I progressed in the busines, the more and more my upline wanted control of my life. For example, we were told that we should check upline before getting married, buying a car, or even having children, etc. I thought that was very strange and I eventually left the business.

But in the US at least, I believe Amway's name to be so battered that an IBO cannot sponsor downline and build a business without lies and deception. There are hoards of stories confirming testimony that lies and deceit are common in prospecting potential IBOs. This was extremely rampant when Amway changed their name to Quixtar. IBOs would deny the connection or IBOs would say they are with network 21or WWDB and claim something ridiculous such as Amway simply being their supplier. The promotion of perfect water also brought on silly antics about a $50 case of water being capable of performing miracles. If the opportunity could stand on its own merits, then IBOs would not have to resort to such desperate measures.

Even the Amway presentation if often filled with deception and lies. I remember seeing the presentation and they said shopping through Amway, an IBO would save 30%over local retailers. When I actually saw the catalogs, I wondered where the savings was. The 6-4-2 plan or similar variations are made to sound easy and the presenter talked about lifelong residuakl willable income, which I also find to be deceptive if not an outright lie.

But can Amway be successfully promoted without lies and deception? It is my opinion that an IBO has no chance of building a business by being completely upfront and honest about Amway and about being an IBO. Even with lies and deceit, many IBOs still cannot get people to see the plan or to buy products. An Amway rep has stated that very little Amway products are sold to non IBOs. So if you cannot sell products and you cannot get people to see the plan, you cannot build a business and if you are purchasing tools, you are simply digging yourself a financial hole that will only grow larger as time passes. The cost of 100 PV is alreay more than what most families and/or singles spend in a month on household products. This means that most people simply cannot sustain themselves in the business and it explains why most IBOs drop out in the first year.

It is why lies and/or deception are needed for an IBO to have a chance at promoting and building an Amway business.


Anonymous said...

I think downlins should just send a monthly cheque of 50 dollars upline. Lets calculate. A diamond apparently earns z50 k gross annually. Net of business expenses and taxes thats about 60 k. For a couple. 30k net each. A diamond would have 1500 people in his group. So 50 bucks each sent up line is 75 k monthly or 900 k annually. His frontlines would expect something say 6 platinums who would get 50 k annually on average (probably there is an emerald somewhere). And lets say the next line down would get about the same , more people but a lesser average. So the diamond gets net 900 k less the 600 k to frontlines. Net 300 k annually.this is much better income for everybody and there is no running around every night for hours trying to convince people to buy products. While downlines would make no money till they got a group of say 100 people, they are worst of today as they spend money on tools and products. I think my plan is better than the amway plan. Its equally deceptive but has no risk and is easier to work.

ben said...

Hi Joe! I was also prospected in college. I spent less than a month in Amway, and I terminated my IB yesterday. When I was first told about the "business opportunity" I couldn't figure out what company it was. It wasn't until the third meeting that they finally told me Amway and LTD. Now I know why they were so secretive. My uplines broke about 5 of Amway's own rules of conduct to get me signed up. I am ashamed I fell for it, but happy I got out with only a small loss. Thank you for helping to expose Amway.

Joecool said...

Most IBO's would be better off send a $50 check to upline!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

Keep up the good work on exposing product-based pyramid schemes such as Amway, USANA, and Herbalife.

If authorities won't shut these companies down, as least you're informing the general public on the real effects caused by these MLMs.

"USANA Watchdog" has a very informative blog which focuses on that company if anyone here is interested. Google it.