Friday, May 16, 2014

The Impossible Amway Dream?

One of the things that get people excited about joining Amway is the big talk about dreams. My former LOS, WWDB, still has a big annual function called "dream nite". At dream nite, the diamonds will display a slide show with pictures of mansions, sports cars, jets, jet skis, vacations, golf outings and other fabulous goodies that will get people excited. For many, the prospect of not having to work 9-5 while still having cash roll in is enough to convince them that Amway is the greatest thing since sliced bread was invented. It sounds great and who wouldn't want to accomplish these dreams?

The problem is that the diamonds are simply filling prospects and IBOs with false hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams that will not materialize except perhaps for a very select few. And even for the few who might realize their dreams, it will mostly come at the expense of their faithful downline.

While some people may attain some of these goals and trappings of wealth, the vast majority, probably more than 99% of people who come and go through the business, end up in failure and most with a loss of money. Even those who may put forth heroic efforts often find themselves at a loss after several months or several years of effort. I suspect that many diamonds themselves, cannot afford the luxuries they show off. There is evidence of this happening. Several diamonds have had homes foreclosed, a prominent triple diamond was in bakruptcy proceedings. Former diamonds have come forth and explained that their income came mainly from tools and that Amway income wasn't that much. Some diamonds have resigned or quit, which debunks the myth of lifelong residual income. Some diamonds even took their entire groups and left Amway for other MLMs. So much for Amway being the best and providing lifelong residual income.

It is a sad thing indeed, that so many innocent prospects and IBOs have been deceived by shady upline leaders into thinking that in a short time frame, they will be purchasing homes in cashm retiring before the age of 40, and "walking the beaches" for the rest of their lives. In fact, I don't know of any diamonds who have done just that. It appears that crown ambassadors and others are all still working! Why aren't there people going diamond and then "walking away" to live a quiet life of luxury unmatched by any other opportunity?

Maybe it is a big lie or a myth? IBOs are basically dedicating their time and money to chasing an unattainable dream? How many IBOs do you know of that achieved those dreams?


Anonymous said...

I'd guess Diamonds work much more than their downline, not less. I doubt they ever get an evening or a weekend off. Recruiting even one person is hard. I doubt most IBOs recruit even 2-3 people a year. Imagine the Diamond's task. Due to attrition, they have to recruit a new person every day in their downline just to keep from sliding backwards - more if they want to grow. If a Diamond is walking a beach somewhere, it is not to relax, they are there recruiting.


Joecool said...

I used to ask my sponsor why our diamond didn't "walk away" and collect residual income. I was told that the diamond wanted to help his downline but the reality is that the diamond needed to help himself. I late r learned our diamond fell out of qualification later and had to work really hard to re-qualify. If a platinum can fall apart, so can a diamond.

Anonymous said...

A Diamond isn't just a Diamond - they are Diamonds, Rubies, and even Platinums in different organizations.

If a leg is Platinum, the Diamond is the upline Ruby and plays that role. Is a leg is unqualified, the Diamond plays the role of upline Platinum. It's HARD work. Every group has to be motivated, nurtured, and lead differently according to its size, leadership, and personality. Depending on what the groups resources are, the Diamond may be doing the same things in a leg that they were doing while going Platinum themselves. It NEVER ends.

The Diamonds will claim the previous point is good because they love the work - but they sure don't present the plan that way.

Anonymous said...

80% of IBOs never recruit a single person.

Think about that.

Anonymous said...

Amway is Illuminati . Wake up!

Anthony James San Felice said...

Wow, there are several several several diamonds that walk away and enjoy the fruits of their labor with literally no more work in put. Other diamonds genuinely want to help other people. It is a leadership business, and a quality of a leader is committed. And when your diamond your work load is minimal, again being a leadership business, you dont have to be around to sign up every single person in your business, and most people i talk to are sponsoring one person a month. You build up the leaders around you so they dont need you so they learn to build up leaders around them so they arent needed. It's free enterprise in its purest form. If you're ok with working a job until your dead, giving your boss more time than you give your children, and spending the rest of your spare time vegetating in front of the tv to pacify your life then you never should have gotten in to amway. But dont ruin it for the people who arent happy with that because coming from an introvert that came into this business completely financially illiterate, and immature, this business will...WILL... work for anybody who has the balls to humble themself, take counsel, AND DO THE WORK!!!! Amway is not illuminati, though I'm sure there are some illuminati in amway.... im not. and if 80% of peoiple dont sponsor a single person then that means if you sponsor one person your chances of going "diamond" are 1 in 5. those are good odds right? jobs are run by illuminati, corporations are run by illuminati,,,WAKE UP! and if the dream is unattainable then how come so many people attain it? if its unrealistic and impossible then how come so many people achieve it? I guess they sold their souls to the devil, and the money is just magically deposited into their bank account and to cover it up for the irs they show the plan and act like they have a business. You people are ridculous and your not even willing to put your name on here. How can I credit your information if youre not even willing to stand behind what you say? My name is Tony San Felice, I am an amway IBO and I am fighting for my family, my children, and their future. I still work a job, but I work even harder for myself than I do my boss. I am not perfect, but I'm working everyday to be a better father and husband, a better friend, a better son, and a better american. If i never make a dime in amway, worldwide dreambuilders has given me the mentorship that I need to be successfull in all aspects of my life and to me thats worth the small $170 start up fee. not to mention I get an extra 6,000 dollars back on my taxes each year because of write offs and that over double covers my business expenses for the year.

Joecool said...

How come nobody can name some of these diamonds who are free and not working the business?

No, sponsoring someone does not give you a 1 in 5 chance of going diamond. Not sure where you heard that.

If you are getting back $6000 in taxes, then you are losing a lot of money because of Amway. Seriously, when someone say they are getting back more taxes, then they are suffering huge business losses.

Sorry, but you are really misguided.

Anthony San Felice said...

No, I can write my phone off, you cant, but we're both already paying for it. You can't write off your gas mileage but I can, and we're paying the same price for gas already. Being a business owner doesn't mean all of our write offs come from business expenses. As a matter of fact most of your regular everyday household expenses, which we are both already paying for are the majority of what you write off. The statistic is based off standards, and I'm sure you've also read that only 1 in 2 people sponsored into amway ever buy a product. Buy one product and your chances double. You also read that only 1 in 20 people in Amway are in Worldwide yet worldwide makes a majority of the bonuses. The guy who is retiring in his 20's is misguided and the guy with the job is on the right path? And I can name several of those diamonds but if you can't even put your own name on this blog then why should I give somebody else's name? An employed, close minded person should not be writing blogs on business opinions, and should not be considered an authority, or even credible source, on what a profitable business is. Rich people outside of this love this business, broke people think its risky and they are skeptic. If I think like the broke guy, should I in my right mind expect the results of the rich guy? Joecool you are what we caLl the "A.S.S." That is, the guy who has no future, and like a crab in the pot, tries to destroy the chance of anyone else's

Joecool said...

Hi Anthony,

I don't use my real name because I've been threatened by IBOs in the past. I even wrote an article about this some time ago.

Let's see, my employer provides me an Iphone 6 and and Ipad not to mention a hotspot internet finder. I also get 57 cents per mile to drive for work related business.

Let me ask you. What guy is retiring in his 20's? I don't even see new diamonds very often in the US anymore. Being that about 1 in 400 go platinum (source I highly doubt that you can actually justify Amway as a viable business opportunity.

Nobody has claimed that I am an authority, or even credible. But I ran what many consider a successful Amway business (4000 PV) and I was not net profitable despite doing everything my upline advised.

Rich people outside ot this love it? Prove it. Any of these rich people in Amway or promoting it because they make money off IBOs (like Kiyosaki?)

Who said I have no future? In a few years, I'll be retiring at the age of 55 with a million dollars in my 401K and a pension to boot. Because my company has a variety investments, I'll be able to collect about $3000 a month in interest alone, not to include my pension and other sources of income I've builtt in my working years.

Have fun paying for cds and functons so your upline can live out their dreams.