Monday, November 10, 2014

The Real Amway Or The Fantasy Amway?

Many people are recruited into Amway with a lot of hype and glamor. The reality however, usually paints a vastly different picture. If you've gone to a big Amway meeting, you likely met in a hotel of conference room and heard a lot about some guy who are just getting by until he dsicovered Amway and suddenly made it big financially. Now that diamond wakes up at noon and does whatever he wants to when he wants to. And better yet, you can do it to if you will only sign up and follow their foolproof system. It looks and sounds good but what you are doing is becoming a commission only Amway sales person who takes on the risk and expense of moving those difficult to sell Amway products.

The products are hyped as the best, or of very high quality. Yet you don't see or hear much about Amway products unless you are an Amway IBO. You can likely search ebay or craigslist and find some Amway products at IBO cost or at times, below IBO cost. This is puzzling because IBOs often claim that these Amway products are 100% guaranteed money back, Despite those claims, we still hear of IBOs with a garage full of Amway stuff when the leave the business. Maybe that guarantee isn't as real as the claims that IBOs make? And one thing you don't often hear is that only the Amway stuff allegedly has a guarantee. I don't believe you can get your money back on cds or a function. I've never heard of anyone getting money back on a function.

I've also heard claims of people retiring from Amway to walk the beaches of the world while money rolls in by the barrel full. But Amway's been around for more than 50 years. Other than the owners of Amway, can anyone name even 5 people who actually built an Amway business and walked away to collect those residuals? By the way, if you actualy name someone, how wold you know they are retired on Amway residuals? I've not seen or heard of any diamonds who were forthcoming with their financials and we've even seen some big pins such as Britt and Dornan pass away while they were still working the business. You could argue that their "job" was an easy one, but having to be somewhere at a certain time goes against the claims of freedom that IBOs make.

The Amway opportunity is made to look glitzy and glamorous in recruitment meetings but the reality is that you are signng on to be a commission only sales person who will take on the risk and expense of advertising and peddling Amway products. Amway's own figures show that inly about .26% reach platinum. That's nearly 1 in 400. That is allegedly the level where IBOs actually start to make a net profit. If you like those kinds of odds, I suggest
you buy lottery tickets rather than runnning a business.


Anonymous said...

You are a ass hole for writing this shit! Get the fact! American way did 11 billion in Sales last year! The products are a 180 money back guaranty. Risk, is in any business! It take smart people. Un like you. We are not Amway! Amway is are provider! We are BWW SYSTEM! Its a real business. Not hype! You get happy about a job! Why???? Job is a start. Dont stay stuck!

Joecool said...

You don't like the truth? Amway did 11 billion but most of that was in China. Not the US. I always hear about the guarantee. If the stuff is so good, why do you need to promote the guarantee? BWW has no 180 day guarantee. Why not? BWW is a scam and the reason why BWW IBOs lose their shirts in Amway. A mimimum wage job is better than Amway and BWW.

Anonymous said...

Amway is a scam. I been studying marketing, business, psychology, industrialization, globalization, capitalism, economics and more for more than 6 years. Only people who have not actually studied these things fall for the amway pyramid scheme

Anonymous said...

BWW is a scam. The only ones making money are the ones selling the functions and cds.

Anonymous said...

I laugh at the Ambots who pull out the "Amway is an 11 billion dollar business!" So? That means nothing to the over 99% commissioned Amway sales people who are deeply in debt. Why? Because it's THEIR money that is accounting for that 11 billion which only those at the tippy top of the pyramid enjoy. That's like pointing to the millions that Bernie Madoff made as proof that the people who forked their money over to him were successful as he was.

But the original poster sounds freshly brainwashed, so reality won't trump his "dreams". Hopefully at some point he wises up and realizes that the "success is just around the corner" claims his upline is telling him simply is not true. Pull out a calculator and do the math. Pyramid schemes (recruit! recruit! recruit!) never help anyone except those at the top. It's the nature of those beasts.

Joecool said...

We know that 99% of IBOs make nothing or lose money. If Amway did 100 billion, there would just be more IBOs losing money. And by the way, Amway's growth looks to be from foreign expansion, not because they are growing in the US.