Saturday, November 8, 2014

Amway Is Different?

One of the funny excuses I hear from Amway folks is that Amway is different. Or that "they don't do that anymore". One of the things Amway IBOs have done in the past was to trick people into meetings and the diamonds used the Amway "dream" to sell and endless stream of cds, functions, books and other materials that they profit from. And the upline profits even if all their downline lose their shirts. So what exactly has changed? All of this still happens ad I've seen nothing to suggest otherwise.

Another funny thing was the lawsuit Amway settled back in 2010. While Amway did not admit wrong doing, they forked out about 155 million to settle the lawsuit (Pokorny). That's a pretty expensive settlement for doing nothing wrong. Amway defenders want to claim that Amway didn't want to be bothered with such a lawsuit and just found it cheaper to settle out of court. I believe that Amway would have fought tooth and nail if they thought they could be cleared of the charges. Instead, they paid 155 million to sweep it under the rug.

It seems that issue afte issue comes up and all the Amway IBOs can do to defend their actions is to say that thay don't do that anymore. What withh they npt do anymore in the future? Seems the entire Amway dream is based on a lie. Work hard for a few years (usually 2-5 years) and build it right and you can walk away with livable willable residual income. Funny how I have yet to see any diamond or emerald exercise such an option. You'd think after all these years, surely one big pin would want to "walk away" and just live on residuals. Instead, we see crown ambassadors die while still working.

People may claim that Amway is new and different but I just don't see it.

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Anonymous said...

I think its worst today than when I was involved. Where I live some of the major functions don't exist. So people have to fly or drive some distance. Also from people I talk to being core is 300.00 in product and that doesn't even include system cost. My friends back in the early 90s didnt lose much money. Also like you mentioned crown ambassadors don't ever retire. Before the internet age people in my day had a easier time maintaining groups and not constantly recruiting. I'm seeing my edc adding new platinums but not moving up pin ranking. Which means his platinum pins are quitting or not qualifying. I know my edc is still at least a diamond because I see him at diamond club videos on Amway YouTube and achieve. But he has to bust his hump to keep it at least at the diamond level.