Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Review Of Amway's Double X?

A review of Amway's flagship vitamin - double x:


Nutrilite Double X is a multivitamin that contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients per serving. If you have not heard of Nutrilite, according to its researchers, it is one of the world’s leading brand of dietary supplements. My review on Double X is based on taste, price, energy level, vitamins and minerals, and health benefits.

Nutrilite Double X – Retail Price: $29.95 (10-day supply) $74.75 (31-day supply)
Size: 60 tablets (10-day supply), 186 tablets (31-day supply)
Taste: 6/10
Price: 7/10
Energy Level: 7/10
Vitamins & Minerals: 9/10
Health Benefits: 7/10

According to Amway/Quixtar IBOs, Double X is one of the best multivitamins on the market because it contains more plant concentrates than the leading brands of multivitamin. Is this why Double X is more expensive than the leading brands of multivitamin? Or is this just a marketing trick to encourage you to buy it? At the price of about $75.00 it is expensive, but when you break it down the cost is about $2.50 per day. From this point of view, it is a decent bargain but it would of been an even better bargain if all of its vitamins were high quality, and extracted from better or natural sources. How do I know some of its vitamins are low quality? Please read the whole review and you will find out. Like most multivitamins, it does not taste sweet like candy cane. Instead, it has a light-bitter herbal-like flavor, just swallow it whole and you should be fine.

Double X is a supplement that I can usually take without any problem because I do not experience major bad side effects. I took Double X regularly for a week, than stopped taking it for a few days and felt a noticeable change in energy. I usually take this supplement on a semi or full stomach to avoid the minor side effects. Taking this supplement on an empty stomach gives me a minor upset stomach and makes me feel lightheaded. The feeling usually lasts for about 30 minutes.

I do not recommend taking more than two servings of Double X per day, because you may end up consuming too much vitamins and minerals which can be toxic in the long-run, especially if they are not created properly.

Is Double X all natural?

The video at the bottom of this page claimed that Double X has more plant concentrates than three of the top multivitamins combined: Advance Formula Centrum, One-A-Day, and Pharmanex Life Essentials. Double X may have more plant concentrates but many of its vitamins and minerals are synthetic. This was a little shocking because according to the video Nutrilite grows, harvests and processes plants for its vitamins on its own certified organic farms. Some of the synthetic vitamins in Double X are vitamin A, C, E, vitamin B1 (thaimin), B6, B12 and niacin. According to the supplement facts, 75 percent of vitamin A is from natural beta carotene. Independent researchers suggested that synthetic vitamins do not work as well as natural vitamins and can also be toxic. Vitamin toxicity can occur if the vitamin is not created properly or contaminated with harmful substances such as metallic aluminum. These types of problem happen more than people may realize. These are some of the reasons why I stopped taking Double X.

How do I know Double X contains low quality synthetic vitamins and minerals?

To find out if Double X’s vitamins and minerals are synthetic or cheaply made you need to look at the supplement facts on the back of the box. Below is a list of some of the vitamins and minerals listed on the box of Double X.

Vitamin B6 (from pyridoxine hydrochloride): “From pyridoxine hydrochloride” means that the source of vitamin B6 is from pyridoxine hydrochloride which is the synthetic version of B6.

Vitamin C (from ascorbic acid): Ascorbic acid is the synthetic version of vitamin C. The natural vitamin C complex is made of many different components. Ascorbic acid is only a small part of the whole chemical structure of vitamin C.

Vitamin B12 (from cyanocobalamin): Cyanocobalamin is only one part of the vitamin B12 complex. Cyanocobalamin is easy to create in lab and is cheap, which is why supplement manufacturers love using it. The natural version of B12 is created by bacteria and is more expensive to make.

Magnesium (from magnesium oxide): Two of the best sources of magnesium are magnesium taurate and magnesium citrate. The reasons are because they are easy to absorb and utilize by the body. Magnesium oxide is hard for the body to utilize and is very hard to absorb.

These are just a few example of the cheap vitamins found in Double X. Once you learn how to tell if a vitamin is synthetic or not, and high quality or not, you will know if the supplement you are buying is high quality. The supplement facts will usually help you with this. By reading Double X supplement facts, it becomes clear that it is just an average dietary supplement that is overpriced. It is important to know that not all synthetic vitamins are bad. Some do work but you need to find the ones that are easy to absorb and are created with care. The problem with vitamins is that they are usually dried with high heat before being packaged. This will destroy some of the vitamins that are sensitive to heat. As a result, the amount of vitamins you get per serving is misleading.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that about magnesium oxide. I take magnesium for night time leg cramps and have these caps (magnesium oxide) and this powder I mix with water ((magnesium citrate). The capsules are near useless and the powder is dynamite and now I know why, so thanks for that. Usually I follow this blog and post here occasionally as a public service to help warn people about Amway and other MLM schemes. But now I just learned something about vitamins. Keep up the good work Joecool.

Joecool said...

Thank you for your comments!