Friday, April 28, 2017

Because My Upline Said So?

When I was sponsored into Amway, it was by a friend. It wasn't my closest or best friend at the time, but there was still an element of trust. It was enough trust where I took his word as the truth, especially when it was related to the Amway business. I later started to see flaws and inconsistencies in what my sponsor and upline said, but at first I took things at face value, because it seemed to make sense and it seemed sincere.

For example, when my upline said they had our best interest at heart, and that they would do their best to help us succeed, it made sense. You build depth and solidify your business. Seems sensible. It seemed perfectly reasonable and sensible until I later learned how much money my upline was potentially making on tools. My upline (WWDB) stated explicitly that no profit was made on the sale of functions and tools, thus it only made sense that upline wanted downline to succeed. Knowing that there was no profit motive on tools, you'd trust that upline truly wanted the downline to succeed. Let me clarify that upline said there was tool profits, but that profits did not benefit the diamonds, and that the profits were reinvested back into WWDB to make the functions better and cheaper. As it turned out the no profits from tools was an outright bold faced lie told by WWDB upline. To this day, noone has ever been held accountable for these lies and it has since been forgotten.

Based on things written and information available on the internet, I have reason to believe that WWDB continues to teach the same stuff today, as they did 15 years ago. They teach that IBOs should purchase homes in cash, that jobs are no good, that the wife should stay home, that WWDB IBOs have a 2% divorce rate compared to 60% for the rest of the world. Some IBOs are so flippant that they believe that only Amway IBOs have integrity in this world.

What is scary is that so many downline get systematically brainwashed into thinking that everything but Amway is no good and that only IBOs are good. Some of these folks are good and hard working, but they have been caught up in a systematic scam. They believe their upline qithout question and anything said by upline is the gospel truth and everyone else is wrong. These folks also censor information and worship their leaders. It is why so many people compare some Amway groups to a cult.

It is a bit scary but it's happening on this very day. A sad sight to see.


Anonymous said...

Amway is most definitely a cult. And cults lie steadily and endlessly to their members, to keep them cowed and brainwashed.

People who are weak-willed and lacking in character are easily lured into cults, and they are the ones who find it hardest to escape. If you have a mind of your own, and a streak of independence, you won't join a cult -- or if you do, you'll see quickly that it is a fraud and you'll leave.

A plain fact -- AMWAY WANTS TO RECRUIT STUPID AND WEAK-WILLED PEOPLE. It doesn't want intelligent and tough-minded persons, because those people will see right through the fraud very quickly. That's why Amway up-line refers to such people as "uncoachable" or "unteachable."

I have no personal knowledge of who Anna Banana or Joe Cool actually are. It's none of my business, and I don't care. But reading their blogs for two years now reveals one thing to me in a glaringly bright light: they are both tough-minded, intelligent, hard-bitten persons who aren't impressed by jargon or bullshit. THEY AREN'T WEAK! THEY AREN'T STUPID! THEY AREN'T SPINELESS!

And that's why they saw through the Amway fraud right away, even though they were willing to give the scam their best shot. They weren't going to be bamboozled endlessly by some asshole Platinum selling CDs.

Independent-minded persons are to Amway what the cross and sunlight are to Dracula. They can't stand them.

Joecool said...

Thanks for the comments and the compliment. It's appreciated!

Anonymous said...

My parents have been in since the 80's, my younger brother is now too and since I'm not, my family is family in name only, even my kids. I can't believe people still fall for this today. Who in their right mind would pay $25 for a case of FING water??????? Used car salesmen just rip you off once, but what Amway does is really cruel.

Anonymous said...

You can't make something from nothing. At the end of the day, ANY and EVERY business needs a product to sell. Checks don't appear out of thin air.

The simplest question to ask is, do you want to sell Amway products? Yes or No.

The answer for me was No.

Thanks for your blog, Joecool.

Joecool said...

You're welcome. I'm glad my blog provided some valuable information to you.

FYI, a case of Amway perfect water costs about $50 and that doesn't include shipping.