Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Amway IBOs Make More Excuses Than Dollars?

I've been a Amway related blogger now for a number of years. I've debated with Amway apologists and they ultimately resort to excuses and/or personal attacks when they run out of defenses for Amway. Food for thought, when you have to make excuses about why your opportunity isn't a scam or a pyramid scheme, that should already make you stop and think for a minute. The easy excuse is to say that "my group isn't like that". Yet I see testimonies and statements that indicate to me that things have not changed, and have never changed. even in all the years since I left the Amway business myself.

Even the product's prices need to be justified. That there is concentration or other factors that really make Amway stuff a better value. Strange how that better value doesn't seem to translate further once an IBO realizes that there is no residual income at the end of the rainbow. Many IBOs don't seem to mind paying more for Amway stuff when they believe that they will one day walk the beaches of the world while more money than they can count will keep rolling in. When the dream fades, so does the desire to purchase these awesome products. If not, with tens of millions of former IBOs, Amway sales should be through the roof after all these years. But it hasn't. Amway recently reported a huge decrease in sales and Amway's sales have decreased about 25% in the last 3 years. Amway apologists were bragging about Amway's 11.8 billion in sales about 3 years ago but they are dead silent now that they decreased to 8.8 billion in Amway's last fiscal year. Maybe market saturation is finally catching up?

Amway also reported recently, that they have updated their average IBO income and it is still miserable. A clear explanation as to how and why they calculated the "average income" was not given. So the debate continues. Critics analyzing and predicting how and why, and Amway apologists making excuses and justifying their position. Why not just be transparent and end the debate once and for all? I think most people know the answer. The bottom line for most is whether or not they make a net profit. For the vast majority of IBOs, especially the ones on the system, the answer is a net loss. It is predictable and easy to conclude. The 6-4-2 or any other version of the compensation plan clearly shows that very few people can make any decent money. If a platinum IBO typically has 100 or more IBOs, that is your answer there. It should be noted that a platinum might not even be very profitable if they are sold out on buying system tools.

So IBOs and Amway defenders, are you making money (net profit)? Or are you just making excuses?


Francesco said...

hello, I'm making money. the market has risen by 100% from 2006 to 2012 if it falls by 25% .... guess what it means? but you're writing and not answering questions, do you mind what they did to you? I seriously do not understand I do not understand. Oh no. they plagued me !! help me help me !! ahahahahah a kiss to you and your blog are a big !! for all people do not waste time here, he uses the usual strategy, no answers, no facts.

Joecool said...

No answers, no facts?

Is that like your upline showing you slide shows on mansions and photo copies of checks?

And FYI, Amway did not increase 100% from 2006 to 2012.

Anonymous said...

AMWAY lean muscle vitamins are $59.25 ibo cost, $91.15 retail 22.58pv/71.10bv

That mess is expensive and don't give me the "it's quality vitamins" for approximately $100 you can by organic non GMO produce(for health conscious people) in abundance versus a 180 tablet vitamin for one thing, lean muscle.
There is no intelligent way to justify this price

Anonymous said...

Francesco sounds like an illiterate asshole.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that most IBO's seem to talk the same way? Lots of muddled sentences and maniacal "ahahahahahah"'s

Francesco can think whatever he wants. He's in cult mentality now. This site states plenty of facts and data. I recall seeing here where Joe broke down the MATH involved with Amway if one were to actually get "rich" off of it and what they would actually be having to sell and how much downline to have and PV and such.

But to Ambots the only "facts" they know are of the "I'm going to diamond, I'm fired up! You can be my limo driver or my gardener when I have a mansion. Ahahahahah!"

"I'm making money". Sure. For every $300 you spend on Amway you make $10. The real question is what PROFIT are you making? If you are self-consuming or just adding to your "store" (i.e. closet, garage), no, you are not making money, you are losing it. But your upline will praise you because all they care about is that you are buying from them. They don't give a shit whether you have any customers or decent downline (of which it would have to be in the HUNDREDS mathematically for you to be making more than you are putting into it.

Speaking of "facts", where the heck did you find that one about the market rising 100% from 2006 to 2012? "My upline told me". Figured as much.

kwaaikat said...

hi Francesco.

you said:
"I'm making money. the market has risen by 100% from 2006 to 2012 if it falls by 25% .... guess what it means?"

There actually is no need to guess what it means, we can calculate it exactly, so let's assume your fact is true:

100% growth in 6 years, followed by a 25% contraction over 4 years, means the growth was 50% over 10 years. Now before you cork the champagne, 50% over 10 years is, is equivalent to compounded growth about 4% per year. If inflation is 1.5% (as it is in Italy where you live) then you have 2.5% of (highly volatile) real growth. I would not personally get excited about that, and you can bet no right minded investor would look twice at such outcomes.

Thought it was worth pointing out. Also, you have been talking about the growth of the market. If the the number of people involved are growing as well, which I ironically I suspect you are hoping for, then even by your optimistic 100% 2006-2012 fact, you are moving backwards.

I do hope you think about numbers more than your rhetorical question suggested. Like it or not, but keeping basic track of numbers is part of business. Good luck.

Francesco said...

Ok, non sono americano e scrivo male in inglese. Ma i fatti li trovi in internet non dalle up line. In ogni modo non rispondi slle domande e fai solo riferimento alla tua esperienza, non sei credibile in amway è vietato fare magazzino. I prodotti si possono rendere gratis. Siamo nel 2017 se sei rimasto nel 1800 aggiornati. I materiali Bsm sono rimborsabili e capisco da quello che viene scritto nel blog che non sapete nulla e non vi interessa sapere. Ora è il tuo blog divertiti con chi in amway non si informa o non fa nulla e cerca queste conferme. Ma se io vendo guadagno e io vendo. Te scrivi pure quello che vuoi hai ragione te. Rispondimi in italiano così vedo se anche te sei analfabeta. Eheh di nuovo un abbraccio e buona fortuna.

Francesco said...

Fatturato Amway
2006 6.3 billions usd
2012 11.3 billions
2013 11.8 billios
Ahh no 100% sorry :)))
2016 leadership in the market search by google. 8.8 billios? It's grown or down? Bye bye

kwaaikat said...


Ek woon ook nie in Amerika nie, Engels is my tweede taal, en ek self het nooit gesê jy's ongeletterd nie. Inteentel, ek dink jou Engels is heel goed, veral in vir iemand van 'n land waar dit glad nie gepraat word nie. Een van my probleme met Amway is dat die wat dit verdedig te veel aanneem.

That is my mother tongue for: I don't live in America either, and English is my second language. I personally never said you were illiterate. On the contrary, I think your English is quite good, coming from a country where it is not spoken. One of my problems with Amway is that people that defend it assume too many things.

Don't assume up is good without calculating effective annual growth.

6.3 billion over 10 years to 8.8 billion in 2016 is equivalent to 3.8% per year.

Type in Excel =(8.8-6.3)^(1/(10-1))-1
That is how much a starting value 6.3 needs to grow every year to get to 8.8

Save this somewhere, it will help you a lot. Or download an app that can calculate annual growth rate for you.

So the answer to your last question. Is it "grown or down", is that at 3.8% annually, it is up, barely.

Now I do wonder whether the number of active IBOs increased during this period. If "no" then that's a problem for a growth dependent structure. If "yes" then well that's also a problem. If the size of the pie only grew by 3.8% per year, then IBO growth of only 5% per year (I assume you are aiming for higher) would mean that the slice of the market per IBO will have negative growth.

6.3 to 8.8 in 10 years, especially for a growth based business is NOT good!

Joecool said...

2013 11.8 billion

2016 8.8 billion

That's reverse growth!