Sunday, September 24, 2017

Defending Amway?

Recently, every once a week or two, someone leaves some kind of humorous, yet somewhat rude comments. These comments may claim I'm lying, without identifying what I lied about. Or they will claim I'm wrong, without citing what I"m wrong about. Often, the comment is made and the person making the comment never returns to explain. Sort of like a "drive by shooter". It would actually be good for someone defending Amway to actually make a good case as to why they think Amway is a good business opportunity because the actual facts, many of which come directly from Amway, indicate that Amway is a crappy business opportunity and likely some kind of scam.

We know that uplines can make significant profits from selling CDs, functions and other training materials so of course they will tell downline that these items are the "key" to success. But to say it at a function with thousands of people is a scam in my opinion, because that person hasn't analyzed everyone's individual business to be able to make that claim. I've heard upline compare a function to a buffet, where you take what you want and go with it. That's total BS. Most IBOs have no business experience and wouldn't know what to take and what to leave behind at a function.

Amway must be defended because in my opinion, the vast majority of people figure out that it's a crappy business opportunity and blogs like mine, provide practical and real life experiences that are detrimental to Amway prospects. That's why the income disclosures, the prices of products and other things must be justified. Things such as many IBOs do nothing and that's why the average income is low. Well I might add the Amway "millionaires" are also a part of that average income and the average is still low. The high prices are justified by "quality" or "concentration", but only Amway people consider Amway products to be premium and only Amway biased people think Amway's price per use is a good deal. For example, Satinique shampoo costs like $8-10 for 10 ounces and I can get shampoo at Walmart for $3 for 24 ounces. But Amway folks twist it so it seems that Amway is still a good deal. The vitamins are the worst bargain. You can find equivalent vitamins to Nutrilite for a small fraction of the price.

How about actually making money from Amway? THe vast majority of IBOs on the system, lose money because of the system. Amway defenders use lines like "everyone who succeeded was on the system". My answer? Tens of millions made nothing or lost money because of that same system. I can counter by saying every lottery winner bought a ticket. Just because there's a few winners doesn't mean Amway or the lottery are good ideas, but at least buying a lottery ticket doesn't take up a lot of time and effort like Amway.

So defending Amway is futile and only Amway supporters buy the guano that defenders use to defend Amway. I have yet to see anyone use a good argument with evidence that Amway is a good business opportunity. And I have yet to see even one example, with actual evidence of someone who built Amway, went diamond, "walked away" and collected large residual income while they lounged on the beached of the world. Defending Amway is as futile as building an Amway business. That is something you can bank on.


Anonymous said...

The people who defend Amway are now actually reaching the point of desperation.

The usual Amspeak answers have grown very stale over the years, especially as they are constantly ridiculed at this blog and elsewhere. And people are starting to think for themselves, and ask themselves pertinent questions. This an earthquake for Amway, which depends on mindless groupthink to succeed.

It's no surprise that Amway sales have plummetted over the last few years. It's a creaking, wheezing, lumbering old dinosaur of a 1950s pyramid scheme, and there are many newer MLM schemes that are certainly a lot more glitzy and enticing to suckers.

A sure sign that things are going down the toilet for Amway is when its defenders don't even mention making a profit, but instead say that being in Amway will "make you a better person," or "allow you to help others." What bullshit!

Joecool said...

The people (IBOs) recruiting for Amway will try to lure people in with promises or implied promises of untold wealth and residual income. Then after a while, an IBO starts to get discouraged as the money isn't there. The teaching then changes and you are a better/nicer person, Amway saves marriages, you have lifelong friends, success is right around the corner.

But the mantra must change because IBOs do not make any money. The upline has to try things to retain the IBOs and that seems to work.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you guys should also know function tickets have gone up as well this year. Maybe due to the decline in sales. The FED function in October, Richmond VA is $130 a ticket now that's pre-ordered,maybe more at the door. Also I have seen many of uplines or new IBOs who bought tickets for their down line (stupid) try to sell them in line to recover their money back since the people never came to function. One guy tried to sell me a ticket when I was in. It's crazy, Amway or rather these support groups like BWW are hurting people and financially bankrupting them. Many people in amway don't have real financially literacy.

~J. Manman

Real said...

Forget the amways business model. IBO are now claiming that their products are %100 organic because the have their own organic farms. Don't fall for it, they are synthetic. Please share.