Friday, December 29, 2017

Amway IBOs Living In Denial?

One thing that appears to be common among Amway IBOs is how IBOs are in denial. They truly believe that their uplines are working in their best interest and that upline wants their success. I don't believe that to be true. If uplines were truly making a fortune from Amway, why would an downline IBO have to pay for practically every bit of help they get from upline leaders? Why are there endless numbers of cds and meetings at cost, to learn to buy and sell, and to recruit others. Is Amway that complicated that IBOs mist be continually trained or is it because uplines make the most profits fromt tools?

To show the plan, you would need to pay to attend an open meeting, and pay for your guests, even if they do not register as a result of the presentation. You pay for voicemail to communikate with your upline and downlines. You pay for standing orders and you may end up paying twice if you were in attendance at the function when the standing order was recorded. You pay for books and other materials as well. And there is no end. If you are in Amway for ten years, you would get ten years worth of this material. If you are in for thirty years, you would get thirty years of this material.

What's more, many IBOs turn their heads when ugly facts rear their heads. For example, some IBOs deny that a prominent triple diamond was involved in bankruptcy proceedings. They continue to edify and pay for financial advice from someone who could not even manage his own finances. They believe that Amway saves marriages even when the leaders who speak this may be getting divorced. It's like upline simply revises history and downlines buy it without question. Many IBOs do not even see it as a problem that some upline boldy lied and said there were no profits from tools in the past. I find this odd because tool profits are still shrouded in secrecy and downline simply believe that they will eventually get a cut, even without a written compensation plan and agreement.

I believe too many IBOs are simply in denial. They give upline their trust and upline abuses it. IBOs are told they are successful for attending a function even when they might be losing money month after month. They may be told that the Amway business is not about money but about making friends. They may be told that they are nicer people because of their participation in Amway. What too many IBOs do not see is that they are in denial about their business. Most IBOs are losing money, a little at a time, perhaps $100 or $150 a month. For the hardcore, maybe more. But they are taught to ignore these simple facts and deny that there is a problem. They cling to hopes that success is right around the corner or that they will succeed if ony they will never quit. Most of this advice only serves the upline and not the IBOs. It is a sad thing.

It is my hope that exposure of some of these tactics will be beneficial to information seekers and perhaps new IBOs who have not yet been fully indoctrinated. I encourage people to ask tough questions, demand answers and use due diligence when checking out this opportunity. The fact is that very few people every make a profit and people should know this before getting involved. Don't deny the obvious. If the details don't add up, keep researching. The interenet is chock full of information about Amway. This website is just one source, but look high and low before committing your time and money. The fact is that less than 1% of IBOs make any money out of this opportunity. Don't deny the undeniable. Get the facts and act on them!


Unknown said...

What happens if you start out as a retail customer and buy $90 Double X product from your Upline every month and have your downline continuously re-purchasing the $90 Double X product from you as a retail customer? Can you still lose money?

Joecool said...

You will lose money if you are on the training system.

Anonymous said...

If you just try to purchase Amway products for yourself and for sale to anybody else (whether in your down-line or the general public), you will have a huge fight on your hands with your up-line.

He will scream that "You are not a serious business owner!" and he may refuse to work at all with you.

The biggest lie in Amway is the notion that you can run your Amway business in whatever way you like. Your up-line will be tyrannical and imperious with you if you dare to tell him that you simply want to buy Amway products and sell a few to your friends, and do nothing else. He'll go into a rage.

But don't take my word for it -- just try the experiment with your up-line.

John Doe said...

TheDarkney said, "What happens if you start out as a retail customer and buy $90 Double X product from your Upline every month and have your downline continuously re-purchasing the $90 Double X product from you as a retail customer? Can you still lose money?"

Wow! What a bizarre hypothetical! So many problems here, let's unpack this.

1. If you are a retail customer, then you CANNOT also be a "downline" selling products. There is a common term used to obfuscate this reality, it is call "end user". The bottom line is, if you are a retail customer, then you have no affiliation to the "business", and if you are a distributor with an upline, then you shouldn't be paying the retail price.

2. Here is some basic math. If I spend $90.00 for a product, and then I sell the product for $90.00, how much have I made? The short answer is, $0.00, but the long answer is -$X.00, where X is your daily overhead. This is basic logic, if you buy something at a price, and sell it at the same price, then you aren't going to make money.

3. Why would the "retail customer" be buying from you, when they could just as easily be buying from the person selling to you? This makes no sense, and you are officially the most useless middleman in this equation. You are essentially donating your time and energy to give your upline all of the business.

These Amway shills are something else. I'm actually flabbergasted that this was posted.

Joecool said...

I get a kick when IBOs claim that people join Amway to get the IBO discount. Well then if that's the case, there would be no reason for anyone who have customers and Amway would then be operating an illegal pyramid scheme, just like Herbalife was doing.