Wednesday, December 6, 2017

WWDB CD - Pigs Don't Know Pigs Stink?

I recently came across some comments on a forum indicating that they had heard comments about "Pigs don't know pigs stink". I'm certain t is stems from a tape recorded by a diamond named Dave Severn (wife was Jan). This slogan was quite popular when I was an IBO in the 1990's and I'm sure that some Amway IBOs still toss around the phrase. It was basically used to describe people who wren't in Amway. They worked hard at their jobs but they were "broke" and weren't getting anywhere. At least the IBOs (who were also broke) were doing something about their financial situation (Amway!). So the ignorant rest of the population didn't know any better, thus the term pigs don't know pigs stink.

Having been out of the Amway business and having done a great deal of research about Amway and the Amway groups such as WWDB and BWW, I can say the exact same thing about IBOs. IBOs don't know IBOs stink. Of course I don't mean that literally, but business building IBOs order their products each month. The pay for their standing orders and attend all the functions. They desperately try to recruit new prospects and they use all the catchy phrases taught by their upline, either in person or off of a tape/cd.(thus the term "tape speak") They are very likely losing money each and every month, all the while thinking they are becoming successful and better or nicer people. At the end of the year, they sometimes suffer massive financial losses in the thousands because purchasing all of the tools and training materials add up to a tidy sum of cash after a while.

At the functions, the Amway IBOs smile and act positive, even when they are losing their shirts. Upline will edify their dedication to the system and teach them two very important, but self serving pieces of advice. They will teach IBOs to never quit, and that if IBOs quit or fail, it is always their own fault, even if they did everything upline taught them. In this manner, upline removes any responsibility for the IBO's failure. Ironically, upline is quick to accept responsbility for any success (even if there is little to none). All the while, IBOs are attending all the meetings, doing all the steps they have been taught. They act alike and in many cases, look alike. Most of them also share a common result. They are losing money, and many are losing lots of it. They are simply taught to ignore the losses and to remain positive. Most people eventually figure it out and walk away from Amway. Most will never mention their involvement again and because many are sponsored by friends and family, will never file any formal complaint or discuss their displeasure.

The Amway IBOs continue to associate with their positive and active fellow IBOs, all the while their bank accounts are shrinking and transfering funds to upline. Pigs don't know pigs stink indeed.


Anonymous said...

A lot of this is rooted in that "Power of Positive Thinking" crap.

Anonymous said...

It is! All manipulation. Tell them to keep thinking positive despite how truly awful their situation is, because in the future it'll all pay off and you'll never have to work again. The person that tried to indoctrinate me had to keep reminding himself to keep positive. It's nauseating.