Thursday, May 24, 2018

Alternatives To Amway?

One of the humorous things that IBOs say on my blog is if Amway isn't such a great deal, then why don't we offer a better solution? I guess it's not enough that there are facts and experiences posted here so that information seekers can find and make informed decisions about joining or not joining Amway, but we must also suggest better options? Well, I will offer some. I am not advising anyone to listen to my thoughts and opinions and I think you should not act on what you read what's here without doing your due diligence and your own soul searching. That said, here are my opinions on what may be better than Amway:

1. Be a better steward of the money you already have. Many people have enough income to live comfortably but simply channel too much of it to things they don't need. A daily $5 cup of starbucks for example. Disciplined saving and investing. Eliminating certain optional expenses can add up to a lot of money over the course of a month or a year.

2. Get a second job and set aside a portion for saving and investing. You will not only have more discretionary cash, but also more to be able to set aside for your golden years. Try to find a job that's not so stressful and something you may have fun with. For example, working part time at a sporting goods store or golf course would be something that I might enjoy.

3. Start your own small business. The biggest issue with Amway, in my opinion is the endless supply of training that uplines sell. It causes most "serious" IBOs to end up with a net loss. You can find a niche product and sell it on ebay or craigslist, unlike Amway products. Another type of small business might be something like learning to do minor household repairs or installing hardwood flooring. These kinds of services are quite common and can be lucrative.

4. Do nothing. Since most business building IBOs lose money, doing nothing, although comical, actually makes you better financially off than losing money because of functions and standing orders. Isn't it funny that sitting on your couch watching TV makes you better off than most "serious" Amway IBOs?

5. Spend more time with your family. Ironically, many IBOs have this as a goal, but actually spend less time with family because of Amway related activities.

There you have it folks. There are some ideas of what might be better than spending your time and money participating in the Amway business and the Amway motivational organizations. While these are only ideas, only you can decide what is best for you and your family. In whatever you decide to do, I wish you well.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty sure if I restart working now after I finishing my daily schedules moving from a new home(or relax some more), picking a stable job with proper saving up dollars, would make more mula than overspending a stand point where the meetings taken place is a better route for me. I still kept my saving income all these years after knowing my relative is in Amway spending his pockets while I play it smart by using it wisely later in the future. Just by mocking me while I'm in the unemployed state doesn't bother me a bit. Once I get into the employed state then pretty much he's at a major disadvantage that I can make more than he ever will. By losing money towards Amway's functions isn't going to help his case. I'm counting this and his next year if he's really going to be a millionaire, but I doubt it. Either way I fit better in a suit because I don't have much to hide while he's going threw pain lying to people...I don't care if I need to be rich, I'm happy with my character is rich enough.