Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Amway Still Sucks?

Sorry gang, I was enjoying life in fabulous Las Vegas for the last week. I got to enjoy great food and great company. I also got to visit IKEA, the Grand Canyon and Hoover dam. It is amazing how the people of Ls Vegas have rallied around the Las Vegas Knights hockey team. The New York hotel had a Knights uniform draped around the Statue of Liberty. Weather was pretty nice and I came home with more money than I went up to Vegas with, thanks to a bit of luck. I had an amazing Cuban sandwich and some other Cunard delights. While Las Vegas is not anywhere near my dream vacation, it was a fun vacation. Next year my life will be filled with travel scheduled which may require me to ignore this blog for a bit.

But as I return and get re-acclimated to life, I realize that Amway still sucks. Nothing changes. Despite the fact that Amway IBOs insist that things are better and different than before, and that Amway is different, my observation is that not much has changed at all. The "plan" is still the same and people are still trying to hide the Amway name by trying to pretend that Amway is something that it isn't. Does anyone remember when Amway was "Quixtar"? The IBOs insisted that Amway and Quixtar were very different to which I asked why "Quixtar" sold Amway products and Quixtar IOS received bonuses from Amway corporation.

I then realized that Amway sucks. They sucked then and not much has changed, therefore you could say that Amway still sucks. People still lose money in hoards and a few "diamonds" get to parade around while showing off weath as they convince prospects to join and trust them. All the while these diamonds are basically peddling their tools and business support materials to hopeful prospects who want to get rich in a short time span. (2-5 years). The multitudes of hopeful prospects spend their hard earned dollars in the hopes that they will also strike gold and "make it". Sadly, they eventually realize the scam, snap out of their Amway induced trance and quit.

Even more sadly, some people like my former sponsor get hooked so badly that they stay involved for 20 years or more, chasing the end of a rainbow that they will never attain. My former idolized our diamond and he did anything an everything to please him. Alas, my former diamond moved away from Hawaii and my former sponsor is still chasing the dream with fewer contacts with the diamond. All I can emphasize is that Amway used to suck and they still suck. Nobody has yet proven me wrong.


Anonymous said...

I have never been affiliated with Amway, but as an outsider, why do the "Diamonds" or "Double Diamonds" or ANY high-level Amway success story, only take "Amway" trips? I see that they flaunt their unending riches, but they are always Amway sponsored. Independently wealthy, but still touting Amway. I'm pretty sure that you can still help people become successful and live your own life without Amway planning it for you. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Occasionally we met Amway bullies that demoralize sane peeps thinking we shouldn't deserve it, but still do it due to obvious envious attempts to make them look bigger. Fragile egos are a pitiful sight. They're just special people and want to known for that only. Until they're deprogram their own mental asylum in their heads.

Joecool said...

Diamonds and above likely take Amway sponsored vacations because I suspect that they are middle class people without 9-5 jobs. These diamonds must also maintain what appears to be a millionaire lifestyle so they probably cannot afford non Amway sponsored vacations.

Anonymous said...

It seems the money they earn gets put back into keeping up the persona of being financially independent. Do they really fake all of that just to keep people believing this BS? Again, I have not been involved in this system, but it seems completely ludicrous when you can actually work a job and go on the vacations that you want to. They all seem to strive to be involved with all of the diamond activities, but I want MY vacations to be MY vacations. No meetings or gatherings to talk about work. Having a job that you don't need a vacation from would mean not working so hard to bullshit people into thinking I had more money and working during my "vacations" to accomplish that. Unbelievable!