Thursday, December 27, 2018

Residual Income?

One of the things that got me interested in the Amway business was the talk about lifelong or even generational residual income. Residual income is something that keeps coming in even if you don't do anything. For example, if you put $100 in the bank, you would earn interest every month. The problem is that $100 would only get you a few cents each month and it would not be enough for you to retire and enjoy the trappings of wealth. But what is a reality is that you will not achieve this in an Amway business, unless you are one of a tiny fraction of 1% who can overcome incredible odds.

The IBO retention rate of Amway IBO is about 50%. Many IBOs last less than a year and only about 5% of IBOs last more than a few years. Thus any hopes of "residual income" is unlikely. You cannot get repeat customers and downline when they are quitting faster than you can recruit them. And certainly, you can conclude that you cannot receive residual income when you cannot retain IBOs. In fact, I don't know of any IBOs who have ever "walked away" from their Amway business to enjoy residual income. Have you even wondered why diamonds and crown ambassadors are still working and none of them have quietly retired? I would guess that they don't retire because they cannot. Once you stop, more than likely your income stops. A diamond lifestyle would take a lot of income to maintain. Thus how can someone walk away and expect to sustain their lifestyle? The answer is obvious to me. You can;t walk away a retire. It is probably why even crowns and all the diamonds continue to work busy schedules. I highly doubt they are working because they "love" their downline.

It's no secret that diamonds earn income from the sale of standing orders, voicemail and functions. But once you stop appearing at functions, I do not believe you would continue to share in tool profits. Also, Amway has a requirement of "side volume" in order for an IBO to receive certain bonuses. How can you maintain a level of side volume without being active and recruiting IBOs? My upline said your downline will do what you do. If you "walk away", so will your downline. The only way for your Amway business to survive is to keep working. Sometimes I wonder if the diamonds even have a plan and enough savings and investments to actually retire someday?

Breaking down a diamond's income is basic math. Even a $250,000 annual income isn't that much when you break down all of the expenses associated with a diamond lifestyle. The diamond lifestyle is an illusion of wealth. One that looks flashy, but I am not convinced that these diamonds are living large behind the scenes. Many professional athletes end up broke within years after their playing careers are over. These athletes earn much more than Amway diamonds. The difference is that diamonds can keep working while pro athletes cannot. But the common denominator in my opinion is living a lifestyle that your income cannot sustain. I hope you see the similarities. To me it is crystal clear.

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