Monday, December 3, 2018

Amway IBOs Are Funny?

I get a kick out of IBOs who make outlandish claims and then mumble and stumble to back up their claims, or to offer at least a verbal explanation of their claims. I believe many IBOs, newbies in particular are loaded with enthusiasm, but lacking in actual Amway business knowledge. Certain groups have a certain philosophy, which sometimes comes out in a conversation. But I believe in most cases, the philosophy is one of talk and not action. Amway's own numbers seem to back up many of the claims made by critics, such as the low amount of sales to people who are not IBOs.

I recently saw a blog post by a WWDB IBO who says he got a nice tax refund from the government, mainly because of his business deductions. He also claims that his Amway business is booming and that he is making money. Now I'm not a tax genius, but if you are writing off losses on your business, you would get a refund, and if you were actually making money, then you would actually be paying more taxes because you taxable income would then be higher. It's amazing how some IBOs will try to fake success in ways that clearly show they are putting up a facade.

Other obvious ways are IBOs who say they are brand new in Amway but are making over $5000 a month. Now I do believe that it can be "possible" to make some money in Amway, and obviously some people do make a nice income from Amway, but generally, these will be tenured higher pins. The vast majority of IBOs do not make any significant money from Amway and if these same IBOs were participating in the teaching systems such as Network 21, WWDB, or BWW, then they are likely ending up with a net loss because the monthly expenditures for voicemail, functions, books and standing orders exceed (by far) the monthly income for most IBOs.

Even diamonds who want to flash fancy cars and gadgets. I believe many of these diamonds are not making as much as they want you to believe and in fact, if you just get a calculator and figure out what a flashy lifestyle costs, you will see that it will simply not be sustainable on Amway income, even when you factor in the tools income. Some diamonds whose incomes were exposed when they quit or had legal proceedings indicate that while a diamond (or higher) income may be nice, it will not sustain the kinds of lifestyles they speak about at Dream Night functions, or other functions where great wealth is displayed.

They may be fooling (some) new prospects, but they do not fool me and I hope they do not fool you. But it is funny when you see it happening.


Anonymous said...

Amway IBOs are always lying about how much money they are making. No new IBO can possibly be raking in $5000 a month! He would need at least three in-depth legs of down-line to do that.

It's all part of the "Fake it till you make it" philosophy that is preached to IBOs by their up-line controllers. Like "Dress for success," this philosophy is one of pretending to be something that you want to be, even if you aren't actually that thing yet.

So, go ahead and pretend that you are a businessman, by having a cellphone glued to your ear all the time. Pretend that you actually have a secretary call "Kate," even though it's just an outdated answering service. Pretend that you pay cash for everything, even though you have maxed out your credit cards to pump up your monthly PV. Pretend that you are a bigshot, by having business cards printed up with some absurdly pompous title for yourself.

The entire Amway racket (and its silly LOS subsystems) encourages this constantly, in one endless fantasy festival.

Gmoney said...

Who falls for their claims in today's world? You would think with the internet that any adult with an ounce of life experience could see through such nonsensical claims.

Joecool said...

Jeff, they do it through very clever psychology. They get you to agree on various things such as taxes are too high, insurance costs are high, etc. Then when you relate to those things, they say how much could you use an extra $500 a month for example? The diamond will say I have the key to success of whatever you dream of. Just follow the system and you are sure to get there. It's sort of how people get sucked into cults even in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

Amway offers a very simple plan: Believe in us, buy everything we tell you to buy, and sign up other people to do the same. You'll eventually be rich.

Lots of people are hypnotized by simplistic promises of this nature. They like being ordered around and guided.