Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Amway IBOs Miss The Point?

There are still a handful of Amway defenders who continue to defend Amway as if it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. No doubt that Amway works wonders for their owners, who are billionaires, and a select few leaders who make handsome profits from selling tools (standing orders, functions, voicemail) as well as Amway bonuses. But the main point seems to get lost.

The main point is that, even if the Amway owners and some Amway leaders make a nice income from Amway, it doesn't change the fact that the masses lose a lot of money attempting to build an Amway empire. What's more, many of these leaders earn money directly from the pockets of their trusting and faithful downline. The downline are taught to trust the leaders and to do what is advised. Often, that advice is to buy more and more tools regardless of how an IBO's business is progressing. There is no business analysis or a look at profits and losses and a return on investment. IBOs are taught to be happy, avoid negative, and keep consuming those tools and functions.

Failures in Amway appear to be rampant, but leaders absolve themselves of blame by claiming that the failures are the result of laziness, not enough effort, not doing things right, or lack of follow through on the part of the IBO. Sadly, many IBOs believe this and blame themselves, even if they did work hard and follow upline's sage advice. I believe that over the years, billions of dollars have been lost by millions of IBOs who chase the dream sold by upline. Because many IBOs are sponsored by friends and family, those who quit tend to fade away without much fanfare, leaving Amway and the upline leaders clear of any responsibility.

Too many IBOs miss that point. Hard work and following upline advice doesn't necessarily lead to success, and in fact, more people end up at a loss than those who gain a positive experience in the Amway business. I challenge IBOs to analyze their efforts and their income versus expenses. You are more likely to be expending more on support materials than the amount of income that is received. That's the real point and too many IBOs miss it. Losing money is not success.

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