Friday, January 4, 2019

Chasing Amway Dreams?

One of the cruel things done by some uplines is to fill starry eyed Amway prospects with dreams that they know will go unfulfilled. I have heard statements from some former platinums and higher who mentioned that some upline actually think of their audience as a bunch of suckers chasing a dream and making them rich by purchasing standing orders and function tickets. A common dream is for folks to retire before the age of 30 and to walk the beaches of the world. Others dream of mansions, sports cars and other trappings of wealth.

Sadly, the cast majority of prospects and IBOs will never get close to achieving anything they dreamed of when they first saw the Amway plan. Most IBOs would have a better chance of attaining wealth by purchasing lottery tickets instead of trying to build an Amway diamondship. Amway defenders like to jump in and squawk that the Amway business is not a game of chance like the lottery. While that is true, that makes things much much worse. Let me explain. In a lottery, you simply purchase the tickets and you wait to see the results. The results are completely out of your control. The vast majority of lottery participants will end up losing money while a few lucky ones will win. The reason I feel that the Amway business is worse is because it is not a game of chance. Many of the steps of CORE, are within the control of an IBO and even with much time and effort spent by many business building IBOs, the end result of all that time and effort is basically the same miserable result as a lottery. Many many people participating but very few end up profitable and happy. The difference is that lottery players generally don't expect to win. Conversely, many Amway IBOs, expecting to win, are motivated and hard working, and will put in a fair effort, only to fail and worse, to be blamed for their failure despite doing everything their upline advised.

There is nothing wrong with having goals and dreams. Everyone should have something they are aiming for. But it seems cruel to promote dreams and goals at other's expenses when you really have no means to help more than a select few out of thousands or possibly millions of people to succeed. Yes, Amway is not a game of chance but the reality that long term and significant Amway success is about as common as someone hitting the power ball lottery. The rest of the IBOs who attempted to build a business end up quitting and fading into the sunset. Most will not complain as it is common to be sponsored by friends and family.

In the end, most people are simply chasing a dream that will never come to be. It's a sad situation because as I said, many prospects and IBOs are nice, motivated and hard working people. But in all walks of society, people can be fooled. I believe the upline leaders are simply getting their downline to chase dreams that will never come to pass. I challenge IBOs to look at their business financials. Do you have a net gain at the end of the month? If not, what dreams can you achieve with a loss of income?

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