Friday, February 15, 2019

Amway And Dreams?

One of the things that Amway uplines talk about is fulfilling dreams. They want to show IBOs and prospects "what is possible". But what is possible is like showing off the winners of lotteries because the reality of the Amway business is many will lose so a few can win. A simple analysis of the 6-4-2 plan or whatever version your group uses will reveal that the lower layers of IBOs are losing money, and they lose more if they are subscribing to various tools such as voicemail, standing order, and attending functions and meetings. It is nearly impossible, save for an exceptional sales person who can move Amway products (highly priced, average in quality) who might squeak out a small profit.

So whose dream are fulfilled? Based on projected income from Amway bonuses and income from selling the tools, I would have to say that only the dreams of your upline get fulfilled by your hardcore dedication to the tools system. Even someone at 1000 to 2500 PV will be losing money if they are hardcore sold out to the system. Of course some of this might depend on where you live and how far you must travel to attend functions. But in general, many Amway IBOs are being advised to "reinvest" any of their bonuses into tools and functions. Ironically, reinvesting into the tools is why these IBOs end up with a net loss.

Another sad chain of events is that upline will ask for your trust. That they have your best interest at heart and want your trust. Do as they advise and you are assured of success. Then if you do everything you are told, your upline will blame you for failure or teach you to blame yourself for a lck of effort. Uplines as far as I know have never been accountable for advice that they pass downline. But they are quick to take credit for the limited success that is grinded out of the system. It is puzzling to see shameless apologists like IBOFB continue to defend and promote an opportunity where the vast majority end up with a net loss. In some cases where downline have sold out to the system, the losses can mount into tens of thousands of dollars over a short period of time.

Last month and into this month, there will be a function called Dream Night. A function where you might see slide shows of mansions, yachts, sports cars, exclusive vacations and other trappings of wealth. The diamonds may say do as we say and you can have what we have. What goes unnoticed in all this is that the diamonds may not in fact own or have some or all of the goodies shown in the slide shows. They might not have the income you think. Some may have financial difficulties but one thing seems clear to me. That downline's dedication and tool purchases help the upline diamond's to fulfill their own dreams.

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