Thursday, February 28, 2019

Amway Crabs In A Pot?

A funny story told by my Amway uplines, and apparently still told today is the story of the crabs in a pot. That crabs will prevent other crabs who want to escape the pot by pulling them back in or pulling them down. The story goes that people in the working world also do this, by stepping on others to get ahead. I've never actually seen for myself if crabs actually pull each other down if one of them tries to escape a pot, but I suppose it might be true. I do know of some people who will do anything to get ahead and they can be ruthless. Some of the most ruthless are Amway diamonds, who might tell you to spend your last dollar on a cd/audio or to attend a function because your business could benefit. Or to have you family skip a meal because that Amway training material is so vital.

But the people who are willing to sacrifice others to get ahead do not appear to the the majority, but the exception. Many people are willing to work a career job and maybe over time, they move up the corporate ladder. Many people do this without having to "pull people down" in order to succeed. I believe this crab in the pot is just another ploy by uplines to get IBOs to think that their friends and family, by warning them of the potential perils of Amway, are just crabs pulling you back into the pot. It simply isn't true. Think about it, why are there so many negative stories and experiences floating around out there about Amway and the tool systems? Why is there a lack of new success continuously emerging fro Amway? Why do diamonds quit or walk away from the business under unfriendly terms? Where are all the people who retired and walk the beaches of the world? Why do crown ambassadors keep working, seemingly until they pass away?

Maybe the success you think there is in Amway simply doesn't exist. Let me repeat. Maybe the success you were led to believe exists in Amway, just isn't there. Amway's been around more than 50 years. Why can't anyone name a dozen or so people who built their Amway business once, and built it right, then walked away, collecting significant residual income since? I wonder why Amway doesn't advertise this as a benefit of being an IBO?

Speaking of crabs in a pot. Ever wonder why all these virtuous diamonds break away from their beloved mentors to form their own groups? Ever wonder why there are countless issues of diamonds suing diamonds over tool income? If the money coming in is uncountable, why can't these diamonds come to a peaceful agreement? Why use lawyers which many diamonds talk about as evil because lawsuits are often about getting something for nothing.

Maybe it is the diamonds themselves who are crabs in the pot, all pulling each other down whenever one of them is on the verge of success?


Anonymous said...

If these Amway freaks think that "getting something for nothing" is evil, I wonder if they refuse to cash their Social Security checks.

kwaaikat said...

The irony is that in the working world, even in a classic hierarchical (Amway defendents would say pyramid shaped) company, it is possible and quite typical, and generally expected, for all employees to get the financial reward that they signed up for. Whatever wage or salary they agreed to when they joined.

In a scheme like Amway where income is supported from self consumptuon purchases by downline, it is impossible for the majority, let alone everyone in a structure, to get what they signed up for. The ultimate irony, given that it is the certainty of “the plan” that is supposed to set them apart from other financial opportunities, is that in a self consumption paid upward model (like Amway is marketed almost 100% of the time) a system where everyone gets what they signed up for, if it’s a money making business, is impossible by design.

Sure there is stepping upon in the corporate world as well, the difference is in Amway it’s a necessity.

A last point: if Amway defenders have such a cynical generalised view of corporations, they are both ultra negative and anti free market.

Anonymous said...

Kwaaikat has a good point there.

If Amway is so dedicated to "free enterprise" and the capitalist "American Way," then why are they always bad-mouthing big corporations and the jobs that these corporations provide? Why do they denigrate salaried work, which is a prime component of the free market system?

Also, if they have a negative attitude towards big corporations, then why are Amway types always bragging about how they are "partnering" with so many of them? Why would you "partner" with a form of business that you despise and hate?

By the way, Amway doesn't actually "partner" with any big company. Some of these big companies simply allow Amway to sell of a few of their products to Amway members. Big deal. Amway freaks just use the fake verb "partner" as a way to dazzle prospective recruits.

Anonymous said...

Amway just appeals to people that want something for nothing and are prepared to scam friends and family to steal a few cents from them. The fact they are being scammed themselves by upline scammers proves that there are idiots out there that can be scammed. Justifying the racket. These people are not good employees mostly.

The whole mocked up hatred of a J.O.B. and any corporation is really just a hatred of themselves for failing to succeed - greed and envy that is. This is often due to the person being the kind of person that would succumb to the Amway con cult in the first place. The fact that Amway itself is a corporation that employs multitudes of employees in a J.O.B. is an irony too twisted to contemplate fully.

The fact that anyone would continue in it proves they are not the highest quality resource beyond doubt as constant losses and the ridiculous justifications month after month after year after year seem to not be noticed as being a waste of time and a losing cause by the individual.

It is easy to succumb to the dream for a short while, to never wake up though is telling on the stupidity of the person and they fully deserve what they get.