Thursday, August 19, 2021

The Forgotten Amway/WWDB Challenge?

Some people may not recall any of this, but sometime about 12+ years ago, then Crown Ambassador Ron Puryear made a challenge to all the WWDB Diamonds. He said that in order to prove that going diamond is possible, he challenged the WWDB diamonds to build a diamond business on top of what they already have. That would prove to downline that going diamond is indeed possible and that "anyone" can do it. Of course the diamonds had the advantage of having already achieved some level of success. They could use their experience and credibility to build an even bigger business and to be an example of what downline should be targeting.

Not a single diamond, as far as I know, was able to achieve this feat. All the same diamonds and whatever, remained the same. The challenge fizzled out after a number of months and WWDB leaders just pretended that nothing ever happened. That seems to be a common tactic of WWDB leaders, to just pretend something never happened or to simply revise history to erase this memory. A good example was how Howie Dnazik built his diamondship as a single, when the truth is, he was married to Susan Danzik and went diamond with her, until their divorce. But ask any WWDB people and they'll deny it or make up some story that the marriage failure was all on Susan, when in fact, nobody has ever heard her side of the story.

There was a time when the Internet was fairly new, and WWDB leaders stood on stage and boldly proclaimed that nobody made a cent of profit on the tools and functions. Later, when the Internet exposed that as a lie, the narrative changed to how WWDB diamonds made a profit on tools and functions, but that their profits were minimal. If anyone can do the math on tools and functions, you can see how much profit is inevitable. The tools and functions have a much higher profit margin than Amway products but the rank and file IBOs don't get any portion of the tools and functions profits. For example, a cd or audio might cost pennies to make but if you pay $50 for WWDB premiere club play $2-3 for a cd or audio, upline makes hefty profits. The same goes for voicemail and books. But the major events such as Dream Night, or family reunion are significant profit makers. You might pay anywhere from $75 to $125 for a function ticket and maybe 10-20 thousand people are in attendance. The IBOs provide a lot of the labor for free (ushers, etc) and the set up is basically mics and some video screens, nothing elaborate.

What many people also don't see is that a city or county gives discounts on venues if you're bringing 10 to 20 thousand visitors to their city. I can only imagine how much actualy profit is made by the diamonds on these functions, not to mention they sell shirts, audios and other materials at these functions. Whatever happened to that WWDB challenge? MOst IBOs or leaders will pretend it never happened or make some excuse as to why they could not meet the challenge. To me, the answer is obvious. 

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Anonymous said...

Everything in Amway is fake, except the brainless enthusiasm of the idiots who join it.