Thursday, October 21, 2021

Diamond Hypocrisy?

 Now that the internet is so accessible, information flows freely and some of the dark secrets of the Lines Of Sponsorship (LOS) have been exposed. Also, as times passes, it is becoming clear that a bunch of upline leaders are major hypocrites, apparently motivated by greed and personal gain. I believe this trend will continue as well. It appears that these same leaders have managed to get around Amway's accreditation guidelines, which appears to be toothless.

Many upline leaders appeal to their audience by talking about how the Amway business can save marriages. I remember sitting in an audience when some diamonds spoke about how couples who build the business have a less than 2% divorce rate as compared to the national figure of 50% or so. One major reason cited was the financial stress that J-O-B people had (not enough cash). But now we see some upline diamond leaders getting divorced and in some cases, no explanation is offered, as if the missing spouse was beamed up by aliens. Many leaders simply revise history or deny that certain events happened. Some leaders just pretend nothing happened and it seems like IBOs are very forgiving, thus no real accountability has ever been applied to upline leaders.

People also found that some diamonds make a lot of money from tools. When I was an IBO, we were told very clearly, that nobody made profits from tools. That profits went back into the functions to make them better and cheaper. (Has any function gotten cheaper in the last 12 years?) In fact, when I was an IBO, I was told that WWDB was a non-profit entity, which was a bold lie. I will admit that upline later changed their story to WWDB was a for profit company, but nobody kept profits, thus the channeling money to make events better and cheaper. Again, when have events ever been cheaper?  Now I don't think that events should be run pro bono, but the leaders should be transparent about it rather than the lies and shroud of secrecy that often accompanies talk about tools and tool income.

Some upline leaders also spoke of how utterly stupid it was to take out a loan as the banks make so much money off the interest. We now see some of these very leaders having their homes foreclosed! Some of these diamonds were the very ones who said they pay cash for everything, including their homes and cars. It is not in the hopes for these folks to suffer, but it is exposing the lies and deception that leaders used to entice IBOs to join and to purchase tools that were supposed to help IBOs to attain the same lifestyle as the diamonds. However, rather that more diamonds, I believe WWDB and some other LOSs, at least in the US, have fewer diamonds now than 15 years ago. Where's the evidence of success? 

What's even more amazing is how the hypocrisy of some of these leaders are exposed to downline and the downline simply ignores it and continues to follow blindly without an explantion or questioning the leaders after the incidents are exposed. 

IBOs should ask their leaders questions when these kinds of issues arise. And you should think twice if the answer you receive is silence or deflections.

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Anonymous said...

The idea that being in Amway "saves marriages" is utterly irrelevant in a business situation.

Businesses are about making a profit. They are NOT ABOUT SAVING A MARRIAGE!! A business can be very successful and the couple running it can split up. A business can be a complete bust, and the couple running it may be devoted to each other. So why in hell should anyone give a fuck about whether or not Amway "saves marriages"? It has nothing at all to do with whether a business generates a profit or winds up in the red.

The liars in Amway and their corrupt LOS offshoot organizations are always pulling shit like this. They know that IBOs are mostly going to lose money in Amway, so they come up with asinine reasons why you should stay: 1) Amway "makes you a better person" 2) Amway "teaches you leadership skills" 3) Amway "saves your marriage" 4) Amway "is pleasing to God" 5) Amway "builds your character".

All of these idiotic reasons have nothing at all to do with running a business!