Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amway - Evidence Of Upline Abuse!

Below is an excerpt from an apparently newbie IBO in Britt Worldwide (BWW). Note how they are taught that they must ask upline before doing their work. This IBO also talks about not having to use his brain, just follow your upline’s advice. Submit to the leaders. Follow the system and success is guaranteed. Right, and Amway apologists have the nerve to deny that this stuff still goes on? I suspect it is more common than Amway defenders will admit.



*3 Cardinal rules

A. never pass negative advises or rumors to your down lines.

B. you must ask to your up lines before going on your first work.

C. never ever go bad with anyone’s self motive, money and family members.

*4 powers

1. Unity: unity is most powerful aspect. Do work in unity.

2. Power of submission to your work, up lines and customers: you must understand that you do not need to use your brain in this business. Just follow your leaders and submit yourself to them.

3. Power of spoken words: try out this simple but effective formula to gain success in your life. Speak out regularly about what you want in your life. It should be for this business, for family, for country or anything you want. This will reduce the negative energy and will create positive energy around you.

Do best and follow this system. Success is guaranteed!


Spiderman said...

I'm a new IBO and I do not agree with some of your articles. I started my own blog to detail my journey as an IBO. My success will be my defense.

Anonymous said...

I am not an IBO and I have to wonder where some IBO's intelligence goes when they sign on to this 'opportunity'...the people I know who have recently started Amway just told us about the 30 year olds they met at the last meeting who are retired.

I really have to call BS on this. Retired means withdrawn from or no longer occupied with one's business or profession, in other words, not working. If these 30 year olds are really retired, why are they attending Amway meetings, trying to convince people that they too can be retired? Are they doing this out of the goodness of the hearts or because its such a good party?

No. They are doing this because someone paid them a speaker's fee for their motivational speech. In other words, they are still working, they've just found a different, more lucrative way to earn money: duping already gullible people into buying more tools.

Why would anyone retire at age 30 when there is a whole lifetime left to earn more money? Do you really think they are out there purchasing cars left and right and taking world tours? I hope they have health insurance and a good financial planner!

The same people I know who are new IBO's have also tried to recruit people by saying that you can earn an extra $500/month. THEY don't even earn an extra $500/month. I guess it's possible...but when I think of an extra $500 a month, I think of money that goes directly in my pocket, not money that my "business" might be generating that I have to use to reinvest in the business or whatnot.

There is obviously a disconnect between fact and fiction here and its observable from someone who is on the outside.

My stepdaughter wanted to know why her mommy is spending less and less time with her and more and more time attending Amway functions. She also wanted to know how long it would take before her mom realized that Amway wasn't really working for them. A ten year old asked me this. So if it's obvious to a ten year old, why isn't it obvious to an adult?

Because their uplines don't want them to leave. They are generating income for their uplines and if they leave their uplines will have to replace them, so they obscure the truth and manipulate. Plus, there's all those great friends everyone has made at the Amway meetings who are in the same predicament - deadend job, tight budget, good people to bond with, every one of them being suckered into this same 'opportunity'. All of them spending more money than they might have available to buy the products, get the tools, attend functions, get hotels for the out of town ones, because in six years they are all going to be millionaires. Riiiiiiiight.

I explained to my stepdaughter that her mom would make more money working three extra days a month at minimum wage, but I also told her to be patient, as there was a possibility that they might achieve success. Maybe.

Look. I don't want to trample on anyone's dreams. We all want to be comfortable and not worry about paychecks, getting up to go to work, putting food on the table. We all want a fat savings account. If you can make it work for you, that's awesome. If you are making it work, that's great too. But if you are making it work because you fed some gullible desperate people a video about someone JUST LIKE THEM who are now retired millionaires (but are incidentally still shilling for Amway) I say, shame on you. FOR SHAME. And if you are someone who just wants a chance, do your research. Don't go in with your heart on your sleave, instead, go in with your mind and eyes open.

-Living in the Real World

-Living in the Real World

Joecool said...

Hi Spiderman! I like your movies. LOL. Welcome top my blog. Maybe you could tell me what you don't agree with on my articles?

Anonymous, great post! I agree with everything you wrote!

Gina said...

LOL....do not need to use your brain!!!! Priceless....

Hmmmm...is Spiderman Levi revised???

Joecool said...

No, Gina is Spiderman and Levi. Or is it Joecool is spiderman and Levi? LOL

survivor642 said...

Check Spiderman's profile:

Industry: Non-Profit **

**And likely to stay that way

Joecool said...

LOL - I think most IBOs are "non profit", literally!

Joecool said...

I noticed that IBOFB has already discovered the blog. What does this guy so? Sit there and search Amway on the net 24/7?

MRmaximum said...

Amway needs all the 'positive' help they can get. Only 1% make platinum? Yeah, guaranteed for sure!

Gina said...

No he uses google alerts. He said that in one of the forum's he trolled defending Amway. They asked why he was there and google alerts was his response.

Anonymous said...

Retired means withdrawn from or no longer occupied with one's business or profession

well then I will have to call the bs back on you then, cause being retired is to the person no longer being obligated to report to what they percieve as a job. The business or any other venture they choose to do may be a hobby they enjoy doing. Retirement does not entail becomeing stagnant and doing no work whatsoever. what did you think you would do when you retire? stop all forms of work or movement? clearly you are just another anti-amway pawn brainwashed to belive the critics and their fables.

Joecool said...

Anonynmous coward, why do uplines like to show pictures of their mansions, fancy cars, golfing, vacations and the like? They are implying that they do nothing but leisure and wake up at noon every day, when in fact, there are diamonds struggling to make it and the picture they protray is a fake.

Gina said...

Anon...The definition of retirement is as follows...

"•the state of being retired from one's business or occupation
•withdrawal from your position or occupation "

One can not be retired from their business or occupation, nor withdrawn from their position or occupation while still perfoming it.

Who is brainwashed now?

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with possesion and lifestyle. What's wrong is with you Joecool. You're just jealous and perverse that some people have these things because they chose to have them and yet can't or I should say are willing to comprehend that how they succeeded is open to everyone. You just think that how they did it is wrong. How you came to that conclusion translates into BS mentality. By the way, change you name to BS, sounds more appropiate.

Joecool said...

I'm not jealous of what the "diamonds" have. What I am against is the charade they play. Showing off mansions and jets, telling their downline that they can attain all of this through Amway if only they will buy more cds and attend more functions. In the background, some of these diamonds are renting these homes, or they themselves are in debt even with diamond income. These types are just con men.

You don't know if some of these diamonds are actually successful or maxed out on their credit cards.

Anonymous said...

They can attain it through Amway if and only if they buy more cds and attend more functions? My friend, you apparently have no idea what Amway is about. But that's your problem not someone else's or mine. Keep on barking my friend, being broke and ignorant is a luxury for some it seems.

Joecool said...

Anonymous loser, you are wrong. It is why you joined Amway to chase a dream you wil never attain. Why not debate the points? Because you have no defense. It's true that some diamonds are broke and in debt, but pretend to be wealthy to keep sucking innocent people into the tools scam.

I have no idea of what Amway is about?

Ok smart guy, then enlighten my audience here.... *crickets chipring*

Anonymous said...

I thought that you Joecool being the EXPERT on the Amway subject are the one who enlightens the audience. Since you're asking me to do your task, I'm not so sure about your expertise. Got to go, nice try though!

Joecool said...

Who said I was an expert? I just share my opinions and view points on what I see as the shortfalls of the Amway opportunity.

Anonymous said...

that makes you an expert!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joecool. Love the blogs, they make me laugh. I gotta say, it's difficult to believe that you ran a 4000pv business and didn't make a profit. My son and his friends are IBOs and are giving me updates on their progress. I've also spoken with their uplines because like a lot of people, I was incredibly skeptical. I've learned about the business. From what I've learned, IBOs make no money unless they sell to costumers, as is any business, and the more people they have sponsored or "Downlines" the higher their income. That's when I got really curious. I learned that you make absolutely no profit from Downlines who do nothing, because no "points" move up. ALSO IBOs actually pay the people that they directly sponsor until they reach 7500pv. I believe that anybody who truly tries at this, like anything else, will succeed. Also, for the people on here arguing about the definition of "retirement" that's silly! Stop yelling at each other about a word, it's used as a metaphor. Now before I end this I have a couple last things I need to say. First, my son has introduced me to some of the Amway IBOs. Some successful, some new, some are just kinda their. I find that the main thing that makes people succeed, is the attitude and belief you CAN, without that, you'll just make a blog slandering you own failure. Lastly, just because you make a blog, doesn't mean you're going to change the world and get everyone away from Amway. It's been around since 1959, it's not going anywhere. I apologize for how ever much time you spent creating and keeping up this slander blog. It's a waste of time, just like complaining about an airplane. You may not like flying, but it works for plenty of other people, they like it, and it's not going anywhere any time soon. But hey, if you believe you can change the world with your blogs, I got a book for you; It's called the Magic of Thinking BIG. Okay, I'm done.

Joecool said...

I did have profit but it was completely reinvested into tools as per my "mentor's" advice.

Anonymous said...

hey Joecool, I hope you read this one... This is the 2nd time around for me. After losing a bunch of money from 1989 to 1991, I still decided to join again this past January 15th. My 21 year old son, who already drives a BMW sponsored me. I had a bit of an idea what type of driven personality one needs to have in order to go Diamond and he may have it. 25 years ago I sponsored enough people over the course of about 3 years that I could have had a business meeting in a phone booth. So I knew going in that this IS NOT EASY nor get rich quick. Now to clarify, his BMW came from working hard prior to joining the business. He purchased it about one month after joining. His sponsor was already telling him not to make anymore purchases before checking upline first. (I knew that was coming!) His sponsor just went across stage to get a recognition for 1000 PV. He has been in this for over 15 years. (And he has the audacity to give financial advice?) We ended up in the notorious World Wide Group from Spokane. I was not going to buy any tools or go to any major functions that my business didn't pay for. I did not sign up to lose money again. This alone would save me well over $3000 per year using their literature and pricing for the tools business. Well the only tools I bought were a couple copies of Business of the 21st Century to give out to prospect. It was working, we actually had people attend an open meeting. What a great start we were about to get off to. (no one signed up by the way.) After hearing how much negative was online, Including reading many of your posts all over the place, I realized that I never evaluated this business on a strictly factual basis as to whether this is even a good business model.

In other words, how does MLM compare to other business models and how does Amway compere to other MLM's. All of these posts that are positive or negative are simply opinions. Opinions are where the emotions are. I wanted numbers. I wanted real world documentation. Here is what I found about MLM.

A. 99% of all participants LOSE money
B. Amway pays the least, by far, to the upper levels compared to other MLMs
C. The prices of the vast majority of items are not remotely competitive regardless of claims of buying concentrated amounts or higher quality.

It was my wife's opinion that this was a cult. After reading Merchants of Deception this past weekend, I no longer believe this to be on opinion. It is a fact.

GET OUT NOW and be more successful than 99% of the MLM industry. I make much more money part time on ebay than I will ever likely make on this pyramid scheme.

If is is so great, why have so many Diamonds and even Crowns gotten out. Perhaps their conscious got the better of them?


Joecool said...

Thanks for your comments and I hope all is well. I also thank you for sharing your experience. I hope it will be useful to other people. It looks like you also found what I found, that Amway and the tools organizations can be a scam. Frankly, I don't think much has changed from my IBO days to now.