Thursday, August 6, 2009

Amway - A Real Business Or A Joke?

I find it somewhat humorous to see the kinds of stories and justifications that IBOs and Amway apologists use to try and pretend that they are running a legitimate and real business. That is not to say that none exist, but I believe that most IBOs are not truly running a business and I will suggest several bonafide methods of supporting this claim. If your sales are mainly to yourself, you are a customer, not a business owner. I read on a blog where an Amway apologist was claiming that Amway would still be legal even if IBOs never sold a product to a customer.

The issue is not whether Amway is legal or not. The issue is whether you as an IBO, are running a business or whether you are just a glorified customer? And just as importantly, are you also a customer of the tools systems? Some uplines operate in a conflict of interest, claiming they want your success, but what they really want is you to be a loyal customer of their tools system, where they make a significant amount of their income, in some cases, much much more than they earn from Amway.

But getting back on topic. Do IBOs really understand how their businesses run? Do they understand the recruiting plan? I believe most do not and they simply follow their upline or sponsor untio financial losses.

Try this, show your 6-4-2 or 9-4-2 recruiting plan to a loan officer at a bank and see what they have to say. I mean this quite seriously. Most likely, a real business owner who needed a loan would have to present a business plan to a loan officer. I challenge an IBO to do this and report the results. Will you be able to obtain a business loan or will you be laughed out of the bank? Seriously.

Or how about this? Try putting your Amway business up for sale. If you get any inquiries, tell the prospective buyer that your income is none of his business, or that you don't know your income or expenses because you don't track income and expenditures. Tell the prospective buyer that the facts don't matter if you have a dream. See how that conversation goes. Seriously.

So IBOs, Amway apologists and prospects, seriously, are you running a business or a joke? Because some of the answers I get from current IBOs is some humorous stuff. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hey joe you are the real joke here, you really think anyone really cares about your multi personalities blogging here? you put on comment moderation, and then when levi called you out when he said he noticed your posting times on dereks and your site were awful close.
and now you removed email notification. really steve you are losing the fight but you will never admit it. you keep trying to cover your tracks but really we all know the lies you try over and over to cover. you are quite simply a loser and a quitter who is disgruntled at the people who took your money because you were so ignorant to the business world. now you claim you know what is what? you have been exposed and really that is why the IBO's here have left. you are nothing more than a loud mouth rambaling about nonsense, and your loser friends are just followers with nothing more to do in thier lives. oh and Gina is nothing more than a high class bitch. Levi was right, you could read her comments, she was really a snob, and you my friend are an instigating loser.

Joecool said...

LOL - that's a good one. Levi, of all people cannot be calling anyone a liar or a fake after what he did. Why do you keep switching from mudslinger to anonymous?

Gina said...

Ah yes, Levi...the upstanding IBO who lies more than a rug and when caught isn't man enough to buck up and admit it but rather make up another lie to run away with and seemingly be proud of it....yep...upstanding. I would certainly use him as an example for all IBO's!!!!
Anytime any IBO wants to prove how great the biz is and how wrong we critics are they are welcome to post their P/L anytime...the last feeble IBO said "you first" and when I went first he ran away....feel free to redeem that situation anytime now.

Oh and this high class bitch proved she is high class, something IBO's can not do and if being right and being able to provide viable facts to support that means being a bitch, well, then proud to be a bitch too. So hey, thanks for the complement!!!

mrmaximum said...

Gotta love how IBO's spin and continue to spin everything they possibly can. Before Gina posted her P/L, she couldn't possibly know anything about business according to IBO's. How could she be successful without Amway, what would she know about success? Then she did...and now she is either made up, or simply a high class rich snob.

Spin City, just so long as things remain kosher in IBOland. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic

Anonymous said...

Well Said Joecool. You are spot on. Amway is a wicked travesty for gullible and/or vulnerable wanabees. IBO, incidentally, stands for "I'm bending over...." Say no more! said...

Starting a business is a hard decision and you need to get serious when you decided to run a business and focus on your goals and objectives.

Anonymous said...

goes without saying. so what does it have to do with amway? i don't get it.