Friday, August 14, 2009

Amway - How To Silence An Amway Critic?

There's been a lot of debate and activity on Joecool's blog lately. IBOs come and go. They make interesting claims, but they never silence any of the criticism because they never prove their case. Or they make ridiculous claims or analogies such as comparing the Amway opportunity to a McDonald's franchise, or silly comparisons to colleges. The owner of Amway, Rich DeVos said in 1983, something to the effect that the tools business was basically an illegal pyramid. If the abuse of downline IBOs had been addressed back then, there might be little criticism of the opportunity today.

I recently had a discussion with an (apparent) IBO who claimed that Amway has created the most millionaires in the world. When asked for the source of this claim, that same IBO disappeared. Now I am certain that Amway has created some millionaires, but the most in the world? Also, based on evidence amd simple math, it appears that most IBOs who participate with the tools systems lose money, so even if Amway did produce many millionaires (which is not verified), then we could also claim that Amway produced many many bakruptcies and failures as well.

Various IBOs have also claimed that because they are successful, that it serves as proof that the system works. But when asked for evidence of that success, or to show that their downline share some of that success, they disappear into the night.
You know what? Sweat shop owners are usually successful. They succeed by taking advantage of their underpaid workers. Basically, greedy tools kingpins diamonds are the same thing, maybe worse because at least sweat shop workers have a net gain, although it may be small. The only difference is that occasionally, an IBO might be able to break through and join the diamond ranks.

Some of the zealous IBOs dared a critic to post a profit/loss statement, and it was produced. After that, not a single IBO came forward to post the same, or to even discuss their business income and expenses. Why do IBOs avoid discussion about their business? Is it because it makes you look bad? I'm sure if it helped to prove their points, they would discuss it. Maybe the IBOs who post on blogs have nothing? It appears that the biggest defenders of Amway, do so without any ammunition?

How to silence an Amway critic? Simple, back up your claims and show mathematically how the business can work for the group. It's easier to silence an Amway defender, simply ask for proof that it works.


Anonymous said...

you dont silence anyone steve. comeon are you serious? I have read your blogs and can obviously see you clearly avoid the truth presented to you and clearly hold firm to just wanting to be right. You have turend on comment moderation when you were close to becoming exposed and then now you removed your email notification. you are slowly retreating and to most of us that is obvious but to you and your multi personalities and blogs you think we are retreating? I have seen many comments where the IBO's have clearly explained something to you and you steadily avoid the truth and blog what you want to blog and point out only the bad points while ignoring the truth in the facts. We are not being silenced we are simily ignored. you dont fight facts with facts you say ours are not facts while yours are. thats pure bs and quite simply I could care less about the Ibo's you say come and go. the reason they do is they thought they could have a conversation here only to find out they are not speaking to any intelligence here.

Joecool said...

Wow, that was a long rant that said nothing. You are the same anonymous coward to likes to drop comments criticizing me without actually bringing up any specific points. You actually make my case stronger.

mrmaximum said...

Remember, if it works, it just isn't that hard to prove. Anyone can say that the company is solvent because Amway itself makes money. This was never the question, does the business work for the IBO?

Hard to prove that one now, isn't it?

Gina said...

Ah, facts...interesting little things. A fact can be substantiated and usually can not be proven to be false. No IBO yet has been able to present "facts". They can make all kinds of "claims" but until they are substantiated, they will remain just that...and clearly, no IBO can substantiate anything they claim.