Thursday, February 4, 2010

Amway - Diamond, Possible, But Not Likely?

When I was shown the plan, the plan was to go diamond. I believe that most plans shown result in the ultimate goal of going diamond. That appears to be the pinnacle of success in the Amway business. It certainly is the beginning of the speaking engagements and where you would be doing your own open meetings. You are the sought after person for functions and your faithful downline are your servants. These downline would be willing to chauffeur you around, mow your lawn, etc,. Anything to gain association time because you might say that one thing that propels their business to diamond.

In nearly every meeting I attended, the "diamond" lifestyle was flaunted. I attended a function called "Dream Night", which is still in existence, where some diamonds will present a slide show to display all the trappings of being a diamond. I also believe I have seen ample evidence that this still goes on in WWDB today. Anyway, I saw pictures of mansions, jet skis, jets, boats, ATVs, sports cars, designer clothes, shopping sprees, golf outings and other luxuries. While the diamonds may participate in these outings and may own some of these toys, I highly doubt that a diamond or even an above diamond lifestyle consists of basically dooing nothing, waking up at noon and going golfing and then spending the evening shopping and buying more extravagant items. In light of recent events in WWDB, i would say that hard times are falling on the diamond lifestyle. A prominent triple diamond went bankrupt and a host of other diamonds selling off mansions. While we don't know all the details of what is going on, we can certainly conclude that the economy has affected the diamonds as well.

But getting back onm topic. I understand the salesmanship of someone showing the plan, but for information seekers, just be aware that much of the extarvagance you may see is quite possibly an illusion. Just as in a real business, I sugggest that you see to inquire about business financials as real business owners do when getting involved in a new business venture. A lack of willingness to share and/or a lack of transparency by the person recruting you should set off red flags all over the place. Based on figures provided by Amway, it appears that less than 1 in 240 IBOs ever reach platinum. That is less than one half of one percent. And out of those few who reach platinum, less than one percent of them ever reach diamond. Even if you reach diamond, there's a good chance that attrition will eat away at your business before the shine on your diamond pin wears out.

Going diamond is possible, but highly unlikely. In a business where the evidence suggests that most people never make a single dime of profit, I would just caution prospects from jumping into the business blindly without asking tough questions and demanding answers. It's because Amway recruiters will always show you what is possible, but not what is likely.

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