Friday, February 26, 2010

Amway - Duplicate Your Way To Success?

One of the things my upline used to teach, and apparently is still taught today, it to duplicate or copy your way to success. In fact, we were told to always check upline because things we did needed to be duplicatable for your group. For example, flying first class to a function was not duplicatable, thus not allowed. I believe this is why some IBOs mistakenly think they are franchise owners. Looking back, it would seem that diamonds are exempt from this rule.

At functions, everyone seemed to have a catalog shirt or suit. Everyone used the products and spoke off the tapes, or standing orders. This is where the term "tapespeak" came from. The recruiting approach was also similar for many, and people in the US became aware of the techniques and I believe this is a contributor to the apparent decline in Amway North America.

While IBOs can certainly duplicate certain things such as dressing alike and using the same tools such as voicemail to run their business, they cannot duplicate the conditions or the market that a higher pin may have had in order to achieve their success. That is why I believe so many IBOs fall short of their business goals. In fact, if duplication was truly the answer to IBO success, then why aren't there more pins breaking? Why do diamonds and other big pins quit the business if the answer was duplication?

I think the answer is clear. Duplication doesn't work. While some Amway supporters claim there aren't many new Amway critics, which may be true, I believe it is because the internet allows easy access to information, thus recruits are aware of the pitfalls and low success rate of IBOs. By the way, there aren't many new advocates around either.


Anonymous said...

Listen buddy, you have a broke mentality because you quit! That's why your broke. Why should anyone listen to someone who quit? What makes you an authority on Amway? Who died and made you boss? It's guys like you that tear down people's dream and hopes. Why don't you post some positive things about Amway once in a while. You need an attitude adjustment and a knuckle sandwich.

Joecool said...

Does that sandwich come with mustard?

Anonymous said...


rocket said...

Anon there thinks he's a hero.

Must mean a hero sandwich.

He's not tearing anything down, he's basically exposing what Amway and Amway's leaders don't want you to know.

Sorry, that's true.

What your upline tells you? Not so much.......