Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Amway - My Job Is A Pyramid?

One of ths things I take issue with is how uplines will create an us versus them mentality in the business. Thus friends and family who care about you suddenly become "negative" and association with them should be limited. In some cases, people are discouraged from excellence in their jobs or professions because it takes the focus off of their Amway business. What I was told was to do my job, but my radar should always be on for new prospects. Some crossline IBOs turned down promotions at work because they did not want to have to work longer hours or take the focus off of their Amway businesses.

In some cases, the speaker at open meetings or functions will put down people's jobs. A commonly used acronym was J-O-B = "Just Over Broke". Some leaders also would say that my job was a pyramid because you will never earn more than the boss. A completely ridiculous comparison because someone's job has no relationship with how people view the Amway business (i.e. an Amway pyramid) and in a job, every employee gets paid and has a net gain at the end of the month. Not true in Amway. If IBOs only use KATE for example, an IBO at 100 PV or less will already be at a loss, and that is not considering any other expenses that IBO may have. And while a job may have a hierarchy, or chain of command, the business owner and CEO or manager earns their salary from customers, not directly from the pockets of their employees.

Some uplines will laugh about people's jobs, stating that they wake up at the "crack of noon". What these same uplines may not tell you is that they wake up at noon because they are up at 3:00 in the morning doing nite owls for their groups and looking for recruits. These same uplines possibly can't do much with their downlines since their downlines mostly tend to have 9-5 jobs.

So if you are of the opinion that nobody should criticize the Amway opportunity
or IBO behavior, maybe uplines and IBOs should not criticize family and friends who disagree with or are not interested in the opportunity, and maybe the same uplines and IBOs should not criticize people who choose to work jobs. Don't most IBOs rely on their jobs as their Amway income is not sufficient to even pay for their Amway business related expenses?


Anonymous said...

Everything is a pyramid. Even this blog is a pyramid.

Khan said...


I am currently investigating the Amway opportunity. I am concerned because of rumors that I've heard in the past about Amway being a Christian organization. I do not prescribe to any particular religous beliefs and am worried about whether or not I'll be pressured into converting to Christianity. It's not that I have a problem with Christianity or any other religion. I just choose not to participate. Can anyone provide any feedback regarding the part that religion plays in the post-Quixtar Amway?

Joecool said...

The owners of Amway are Christian and some of the leaders of motivational groups such as BWW or WWDB claim to be Christian.

The problem is that some of the leaders mix in religion and politics into their seminars. I feel that is wrong. Why should you pay good money to attend a meeting, which may include air travel, to attend a meeting where the speaker tells you who to vote for and what you should believe in.

Another issue is using false and out of context Bibical references such as Amway is a ministry, Amway pleases Gor or other false doctrines.

You may or may no be pressured into conforming. It would depend on which group you signed up with. Some groups are more pushy than others.

Anonymous said...

how do you proof that Amway is a fare business?

Anonymous said...

anon #1, that was so funny i forgot to laugh!

anon #2, after all these years, there is no proof. that's the point of this blog.