Friday, March 19, 2010

Amway - IBOs "Think" They Are Nicer People?

Many IBOs "think" they have become nicer people as a result of their association with other IBOs and because a part of the system they are with advises them to read self help books. They are also taught that as a side benefit of the Amway business, that they are nicer people. Of course, many IBOs mistakenly think that they started a business not to make money, but to become "nicer".

I certainly agree that some people can benefit from positive books and association with others, but for many, it is not a genuine "nicer" person, but simply a phony personna that is put on in order to recruit potential Amway downlines. That is how my former sponsor appeared to me. Because I had known him for a long time, the "nicer" looked as phony as phony can be. There are many examples of phony niceness that some IBOs profess. Even Amway's biggest defender was apparently called a "cyber bully" by an Amway corporate blogger and some others for making disparaging comments about those with opposing views. Others have resorted to calling people broke or losers simply because they did not agree that Amway was their savior.

On this very blog, there are comments, I assume by IBOs, that make implied or subtle threats. Some of these comments are not subtle at all. In fact, in my blogging experience, it is usually the IBOs and Amway defenders that resort to name calling. I suspect that is because the facts are on the side of the Amway critics. For example, it is a fact that most IBOs never make a dime, even if you don't count the ones who "do nothing". If you look at system IBOs, then the vast majority never make enough to pay their voicemail expenses.

Even the coveted diamond level appears to be a facade, especially seeing diamonds quit, resign and simply walk away from the business without the lifelong passive income. A recent triple diamond's bankruptcy revealed some financials and it wasn't all that impressive considering the size of his business plus longevity in the business.

So IBOs, are you a nicer person? Is it evident by your words and actions? It doesn't appear to be very clear to me.


Anonymous said...

I can smile while I punch your lights out.

Joecool said...


Will said...

IBOs have a bigger facade than Tiger Woods but at least the golfer has money coming in unlike the phony promises of recruiters. IBOs try to pressure you in front of your friend(s), who invited you to the meeting, into making a second meeting right after they give you the presentation. IBOs say they don't want to peer pressure you but that's what they do by asking to meet again in front of friends. This one girl was asked to meet again on XYZ day and it was so obvious from her reponse how uncomfortable she felt so I jumped in to help b/c I knew what was going on.
I heard the same BS pitch 4 years apart at these meetings about how nice IBOs are.
IBO - "This person was a total stranger to me but he still put in the time and effort to help me become a platinum IBO. He helps me more than my family."
Speaking of facade, they wear cheap watches and bracelets which they try to make you think is real in order to give you an impression that being a platinum IBO is lucrative.
Are IBOS nice? Far from it. Peer pressure, phony personas, stories and promises are what they are about.

Anonymous said...

IBO's don't help people. All they do is run around trying to suck anyone breathing into the business. If you decide not to join Amway, that's the end of any help you'll get from an IBO. It's a joke, when I attended a recruitment meeting once, I saw all these broken down cars with guys in suits getting out. They pretend to be rich. I bet the diamonds are the same way.

Anonymous said...

So true about the phony persona! The IBO lured me to a meeting by not telling me it was Scamway. Then he said they never pressure anyone to join, but they ketp asking you to meet them, to bring home the crap to listen to, even though I told them I did not have a CD player (actually I have a few, I just do not want to waste my time). When I told him I was out of this pyramid scheme, and asked him to come get his crap CD, he said it was too far away from hims office. So I had to send it back to him in the mail. I could have trashed the crap, but I decided to write him a letter exposing his BS.