Sunday, March 28, 2010

Amway - Why The Amway Stigma Won't Go Away?

When I was an IBO, I was the recipient of a lot of bad advice. I truly believe that WWDB, the LOS I was a part of, is still teaching the same garbage now as when I was an IBO, which in my opinion, completely discredits what an Amway defender, Bridgett Baron claims. To her credit, I have seen Bridgett tell an IBO that a 2% Amway IBO divorce rate it "pulled out of the air (Poota)", the fact that this WWDB IBO is saying it gives much much credibility to the fact that I heard it about 13 years ago. This same WWDB IBO is also claiming that he will be purchasing a home in cash, something which IBOFightback and Bridgett claims doesn't commonly happen, yet here it is.

IBOFightback isn't interested in the "truth about amway". He recently banned me from his blog without warning, because I made two truthful, but painful points about Amway. That their "average income" figure was derived by disregarding inactive IBOs, and that WWDB leaders were never hald accountable for the lies they told, which they are lying about now, such as paying for homes in cash, and how amway IBOs have a 2% divorce rate.

Because apparently, these LOS leaders have never been held accountable for their teaching and their deception/lies, they have been able to keep defrauding downline IBOs for years and they have been making their living doing so, apparently.

Unless IBO leaders and amway defenders start being honest, recruits and IBOs will see the information on the internet and amway sales in the US will (apparently) continue to shrink until the market collapses. I believe the Amway US sales shrank because Amway said sales were flat overall, but were up in India and China. One can deduce that US sales were down (again).

Bottom line, until Amway leaders and IBOs start to be upfront about what they do, and what they are, the stigma will never go away.

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